Second World

Chapter 1035 1035. Another Goes Into A Cocoon State

Chapter 1035 1035. Another Goes Into A Cocoon State

"Miss Peniel," Theridan gestured at the fairy floating beside Jack. Since he knew everything happening within this palace, he also knew about Peniel.

"Your Majesty," Peniel made a curtsy for a reply.

"You know everything happening inside? What about outside?" Jack asked.

"My perception is only limited to this palace. What happens outside I know through the conversation of the people inside this palace," Theridan answered.

"Wow, spooky. I don't know that this palace is haunted," Jack said, which earned him Theridan's glare. "Are you alone here?"

"My other descendants who have been crowned king are here as well," Theridan said.

"So, what's the afterlife like?" Jack asked.

"Hm… Nothing much. We just watch over this place."

"… But you can't interfere."

"No," Theridan answered. "No one can even see me unless they come down here, which is normally only accessible to the king. I can only nod or give simple gestures while listening to them. They can't hear me, anyway."

"Wow! Sounds boring… Wait a minute. If I die, will my soul be trapped under here as well?" Jack asked. If that were the case, he would prefer to not be a king.

"I don't know. This is the first time we have an outworlder for a king. Do you even have a soul?" Theridan asked back.

"Of course, I have a soul," Jack said. But then realized, the Theridan here was originally a part of a program. Maybe he was scripted to be a part of a storyline. That's why he could interact with players while unable to with the other natives.

"So, normally what did the past kings do when they came down here?" Jack asked.

"They basically shared the problems that troubled them," Theridan answered.

"And you just listened?"

"They couldn't hear even if I talked back."

'Great. He is a silent ghost shrink,' Jack thought.

"You know, Themos came down here when that accursed vampire came and made him the offer. I, of course, tried to persuade him to not do it. Although he couldn't hear me, I think he understood my gestures, but he still accepted the offer. Bastard! Our entire noble line ends just because he is too fearful of death!"

"That is indeed a pity… Hey, wait! You saw the vampire that made Themos the offer? So, can you recognize that vampire?"

"I don't recognize that punk, but I heard Themos call him Marcus."

"Marcus? Marcus Maxius? The emperor of the Sangrod Empire?" Jack uttered.

"I can't be sure. As I said, I didn't recognize him. Marcus was already an emperor of Sangrod when I defeated the past dynasty and built the Themisphere kingdom. At that time, he only sent a representative to congratulate me, so I never lay eyes on that vampire emperor. He was well-known for his secrecy. I heard he also rarely showed himself to his court officials. If he was indeed the same Marcus, then damn that Sangrod! Here I thought that they are allies."

"This is good info. Luckily, we can speak to each other," Jack said.

"You should tell Duchess Isabelle about this," Peniel said. "Her spies might be able to gain more evidence if they know whom to look for."

Jack nodded. He then said to Theridan, "Ghost king, while we are talking about the secrets within this palace. Do you mind telling me if there is anyone in this palace that speaks badly about me?"

Theridan gave Jack a side-eye. Peniel slapped Jack's head.

"Let me give you a piece of advice, young king. No matter what you do, some people will always speak badly of you. What you need to do is be faithful to yourself. As long as you believe your actions are for the good of the country and its people, you don't need to worry about what others think of you."

"Thank you, ghost king. I will carve this advice into my heart," Jack said.

"Can you please stop using the ghost word, and what are you doing down here anyway?" It's Theridan who asked the question now.

"I'm just curious. I found this key from Themos and was just trying to see what kind of a place it led to," Jack showed the Themisphere Legacy Key.

"Oh, that key. The entrance to this place originally didn't have a door. The third king added it, to make this place more exclusive to the royal line. Not like it makes any difference since those who are not kings can't see us anyway."

"Well, you must be glad that I came down here to chat with you then. So, we can only talk down here? Or can I summon you and we talk somewhere else in this palace?"

"No. Other than here, you won't be able to see me," Theridan replied.

Jack nodded. His attention was back to the large statue of the therras beast again.

"Impressive therras beast you have," Jack said.

"Yeah. Its name is Terraxx. It truly helped me back then. We are like brothers," Theridan said.

"Did Terraxx come with those wing things on its back right from the start? Or did you do something to make it grow those wings?"

"It's already like that from the start," Theridan answered. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh, I see. A pity. I thought there is a way for me to have my therras grow those wings too."

"Oh, yes! I remember you summoned one at the beginning of your fight with Themos," Theridan uttered. "It got unsummon too fast that I didn't get a good look. Show me your Therras beast, please."

"Okay," Jack complied. Therras soon appeared next to him.

"An armored therras beast. Impressive!" Theridan exclaimed.

When Therras appeared, the therras beast statue behind Theridan's statue seemed to move. Except it was not truly moving. A spirit copy of the therras beast came out of the statue. It had a ghostly appearance just like the ghostly Theridan.

It floated toward Jack's Therras.

"Terraxx, you are awake! I miss you, brother!" Theridan called excitedly.

Terraxx turned to Theridan and acknowledged him, but he soon returned his attention to Therras, who stared back with equal fascination.

As the two therras beasts stared at one another, Jack chuckled. "Well, I guess your therras beast is as bored as you. It needed someone to chat with."

Suddenly, Terraxx lunged forward without a warning. Its spirit self went through Therras. It then quickly circled Therras. Therras roared loudly. Jack sensed agitation in its roar.

"Hey! What is your therras beast doing?!" Jack asked Theridan, but Theridan's expression showed that he was equally baffled.

The speed by which Terraxx circled Therras became so fast that it was a blur.

Jack was in a quandary. He didn't know if he should attack? Therras seemed agitated but it didn't lose any HP. Would his attack even affect the spirit form of Terraxx?

He decided to just try unsummoning Therras. However, it failed. He received a notification that Therras can't be unsummoned.

Terraxx finally stopped spinning. They could no longer see both therras beasts, though. In its place was instead a large and white-silvery thing like a cocoon. Jack had seen something like this not long ago.

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