Reincarnated as an Energy with a System

Chapter 44 - Water Filtration


Ning decided to check his status to see if he was prepared for everything. A status screen appeared in his mind. ​​


Name: Ning Ruogong

Energy:, 33,284,584

Skills: Simultaneous Thinking, Beginner's Map, Intermediate Klavis Language, Candle Fire, Yin to Heat conversion technique, Night Vision I, Interdimensional Storage (Stopped Time; 12 KG), Air Cutter, Telekinesis]

'Sh*t. I need to collect more energy. Just the Telekinesis alone took so much energy. I don't know how much more I will be needing. Especially, now that I have decided to make a body that can cultivate.'

He looked around the field and saw that it was ready for the water. So his next task was to find water for the field. He started thinking about the Beginner's Agriculture knowledge he had bought to look for some ideas.

'Hmm… I need crops that can grow without water, but I don't know how useful it can be for those people. Can they even grow them? Let's just find a source for water,' he started thinking again.

'If only I could use seawater for irrigation, but those just destroy the plants with the excessive amounts of salt in them instead. I will never be able to grow anything,' he thought. But then, he thought of something.

'Unless… Unless I can turn that seawater into normal water. I could probably do that with normal evaporation and distillation, but that will take too long. I need to use what I can. Uhh… system, I need a filtration ability. Is there anything in the shop for that?' he asked.


<You can buy Filtration Knowledge to do it on your own>

<You can also buy Water Filtration skill, to filter anything from water>

<You can also buy Liquid Filtration skill to separate anything from any other liquid>

Ning looked at the 3 different choices and thought, 'Hmm… the first one is out of the question. If I had to do it myself, I wouldn't need the system in the first place. Let's see, the second one is appropriate, but it kind of looks like 3rd one is the best option here since it works with more than just water.'

'Wait a second, System, can I even use the 2nd one? Most liquids contain water, so is there a chance that the 2nd one is unusable because most water isn't water, but a different liquid?' he asked.

<Anything with over 95% water content, is considered water>

'Okay, that is quite good. What's the price for the Liquid filtration then,' he asked.

<Liquid filtration costs 18,000,000,000>

'Wha— Why is that more expensive than everything I've bought till now?' he asked. The liquid filtration system was more expensive than even the next cap extension he could buy using heat energy.

'What is the price for Water Filtration then?' he asked.

<Water Filtration costs 36,000,000 Energy>

'That's quite good, but sigh, I will have to collect more energy again. I wish I could up the cap again so that I can collect more energy every single day,' he thought. His next cost for heat energy unlock was 10 Billion heat energy, while the sound energy could still buy things at 10 Million, which was very cheap.

' I wish I could see what amount of sound energy I had. Urh… I should have bought the separated energy when I had the chance. What was the price of it again?' he asked.

<Separated Energy costs 10 Million Energy>

'It's quite cheap too by the current standard. Urghh… let's just stop for today and gather more energy for the next few days,' he decided and went to sleep.

Over the course of the next few days, he did nothing but absorb heat energy when he woke up and immediately went to sleep. About 10 days passed, but to him, it felt like he was an hour at most.

'Alright, system. Buy Separated Energy,' he ordered.

<Separated Energy costs 10 Million energy, are you sure>


<Congratulations, you've bought Separated Energy>

'Nice. How do I check it now?' he wondered. He tried to think about using the skill, but it didn't work. 'System, how does this work?' he asked.

<Separated Energy is attached to Status. Please check Status>

'Oh, alright. Status.'


Name: Ning Ruogong

Energy: 132,954,482

Separated Energy-

Heat Energy: 132,868,027

Sound Energy: 86,455

Skills: Simultaneous Thinking, Beginner's Map, Intermediate Klavis Language, Candle Fire, Yin to Heat conversion technique, Night Vision I, Interdimensional Storage (Stopped Time; 12 KG), Air Cutter, Telekinesis]

'Oh god! I have so little Sound Energy. I should do something about it. Hey, system Is there a way to preserve this?' he asked.


<You can specify which Energy to be used to buy the skills now that you have Separated Energy>

'Nice,' he screamed in happiness. 'Then, use the heat energy to buy Water Filtration.'

<Water Filtration costs 36,000,000 Energy, are you sure>

'Stop asking stupid questions every time and just buy it when I tell you to do,' he got annoyed.


<Congratulations, You have bought the skill Water Filtration>

'Alright, explain. How does this work? Is it mental energy or normal energy?' he asked.

<You use Energy to filter any liquid above 80% in water content and remove the rest of the content from the water. You can select what contents to remove and what to keep>

<Each liter of the water separated costs 20,000 Energy>

<You will have to be in contact with the water to filter it>

'20,000 Energy per liter?' he was shocked at the ridiculous price. He turned to look around the field and slowly looked through the area. From his estimation, this large field would require at least 1000 liters of water if not more.

Moreover, he couldn't just drown the field in the water. That would be detrimental. He would thus need to make water channels as well if he really wanted the farm to be successful. Furthermore, he hadn't even thought of the second problem.

'Sigh, this is going to take longer than I thought.'

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