Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2475 - 2475 Avoid As Much As You Can

2475 Avoid As Much As You Can

Principal Chen was worried about Ye Jian. Even if Ye Zhifan and his family went to prison, they wouldn’t know their place. They might have other tricks up their sleeves.

“Wait for me at the hotel. Commissioner Cai came over last time to bring your mother’s things from the military unit. There’s also an old military uniform that your mother wore. I’ll bring it over to you.”

Ye Jian couldn’t reject Principal Chen.

Her closest family would always know where her soft spot was. And she wasn’t afraid of that fact because they would never use her ‘soft spot’ to hurt her.

Principal Chen only arrived at the hotel at 5:00 pm. After entering the hotel, he asked Ye Jian to tell him about her conversation with Ye Zhifan today.


In a 15-story building in the Southern Province Science and Technology Park, Li Chuhai called Madam Li, who was far away in the capital city.

“You’ve already told her, right? That’s all, then.” Madam Li was preparing desserts for dinner later. She rarely cooked, but the guests today had different identities. She needed to put in some effort. She held the phone in one hand and took out butter from the fridge before placing it on the kitchen counter.

Li Chuhai rubbed his eyebrows. He didn’t like Madam Li’s relaxed tone. “Sister, Ye Zhifan would’ve definitely said things that are disastrous for Sun Ying to Ye Jian. Why aren’t you worried at all? In my opinion, we shouldn’t have let them meet.”

“So be it. What’s wrong with that?” Madam Li smiled calmly. “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. At this time, everyone who knew Ye Zhifan in the past will avoid him. From what I know, no one has visited him.

“Their entire family did so many things to hurt Ye Jian, but Ye Jian still went over. This means that the girl still cares about family.”

Madam Li had already investigated the relationship between Ye Jian and Ye Zhifan. That was why she said this.

“From your tone, you seem to like Ye Jian?”

“How can I admire a member of the Ye family?” Madam Li sneered as if she had heard a joke. Ye Jian… She was getting old, so her memory wasn’t good. She couldn’t remember the results of the investigation for a moment. It was only when Old Du reminded her that a face flashed past her mind… She remembered that it was the cadet who quarreled with Sun Ying last time.

That girl was quite well-proportioned and had a good temperament. However, her gaze was too strong, and she looked unruly. She lacked the gentleness that a woman should have.

She was also a girl who wasn’t afraid of trouble and could stand up on her own.

Madam Li didn’t have a good or bad impression of Ye Jian. It was just average.

“She went to visit him. She’s a young lady. I heard that she doesn’t even have parents anymore. She was raised by the military unit. In the end, she got into military school. She has her own opinions, and she doesn’t have a good relationship with Ye Zhifan and his family. It’s not a big deal for the two to meet. If she hadn’t gone to see Ye Zhifan, I wouldn’t have been able to send her a message.

“By the way, when your subordinate came back, did he say if she said anything else after listening to him? Or did she reveal an unhappy expression?”

The servant who was working for Madam Li’s family came in. When she saw that the madam was on the phone, she left the kitchen quietly.

The Li family had many rules. The servants knew what they should do.

When she left the kitchen, she closed the sliding door to prevent other servants from hearing the madam.

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