Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2240 - Doting On The Demon King

Chapter 2240: Doting On The Demon King

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The fact that Old Master Fu could survive adversity after adversity had a lot to do with his open-minded personality. Now, the famous old man was using his lifetime of understanding to tell Ye Jian and the others how to live proper lives and face adversities calmly.

The topic around Ye Jian gradually turned from heavy to relaxed. Two hours later, the old man, who was in a bad mood, was a little tired. Ye Jian, who was meticulous, held the old man’s arm gently. “Grandpa, I’ll accompany you back to your room to rest for a while. When you wake up, I’ll chat with you.”

“Okay, okay, okay. You don’t have to accompany me. Go chat with your cousin.” The old man, who received his granddaughter’s concern, felt especially comfortable. Even his dispirited mood was swept away. “Later, you can tell me about your childhood and your mother. Also, write a letter to your father and let him know the happy news.”

Ye Jian nodded obediently. “Okay, I’ll listen to you. Get up slowly. Don’t be in too much of a hurry.”

With her taking care of the old man, Li Jinnian didn’t have to interfere. Seeing Ye Jian carefully and safely help the old man back to his room, he said to Xia Jinyuan, “My cousin will definitely stay here when she comes back in the future. Grandpa won’t agree to her staying over at your place.”


Xia Jinyuan had already expected this. Hearing this, he took it calmly and said, “Of course. I have to accompany my old man as well. I’ll accompany her to visit Grandpa.”

“Before you make your relationship completely public, it’s more appropriate for you to call my grandfather ‘Old Master’.” As the older cousin, Li Jinnian began to protect and dote on his younger sister openly. “My sister is young, and it’s all thanks to you for helping her in the past. Our entire family is very grateful to you. However, since she’s back, as her older cousin, I naturally have to help her with some things.

“Until your relationship with my sister is fully public, don’t worry too much about it in case it gets out and affects her. After all, she’s still a cadet.”

There was a clear rule that military school students were forbidden from dating. Once they were discovered, they would be severely punished!

The words ‘before your relationship is made completely public…’ made Xia Jinyuan feel depressed.

Of course, he knew that military school students were not allowed to date. Therefore, his current identity was still that of an underground boyfriend. It was only known to only a few comrades on his team.

He had guessed correctly. Demon King Li was a cousin who would meddle in everything. In the future, as long as he thought that he had wronged Ye Jian, he would definitely stand up and teach him a lesson.

It was good for Ye Jian to have a cousin who doted on her, but it was not good for him to have a ‘cousin-in-law’ managing her.

“What I’m saying now doesn’t carry much weight in front of you. After all, you’ve helped Ye Jian too much. You’re far better than me, the ‘cousin’ she has just recognized.

“But now that you’ve become my cousin’s boyfriend, as her cousin, I have to be stricter. I don’t want my cousin to suffer any grievances, nor do I want to see you hugging my cousin in front of me!” Li Jinnian, who doted on his cousin, had a serious expression. His voice was so cold that it sent chills down her spine. “She’s an unmarried young lady. You have to be careful!”

At this moment, Xia Jinyuan completely subverted his understanding of the Demon King.

The Demon King he knew was cold and taciturn. If there was anything he could say in five words, he would definitely not say it in six words. If he could express it with his eyes, he would definitely not say it!

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