Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

Chapter 50 - Operation Border Hopping Part Two

"I understand. I will do my best not to hinder you. If things get too bad, just leave me behind." Princess Tilia knew she had dragged these two into her own mess. And even though they do not like humans much, they were still willing to call her a friend and were also willing to help her.

"Alright, Kana, we need to figure out a way to get past the border with… Kana?" Ceilie looked around her and did not see Kana anywhere in sight.

"Ceilie above!" Princess Tilia pointed above them. They had already reached the border wall and were standing far away from the checkpoint leading into the Rural Kingdom. This was the only way in unless you could somehow fly over the wall undetected.

Ceilie looked up in the direction that Princess Tilia was pointing, and her jaw almost hit the floor, seeing the red figure slowly climbing the wall! "Yosh, Yosh, Yosh… Eh..."

"Kana, what are you doing!?" Ceilie yelled out in a hushed voice when she saw Kana scaling the wall.

Kana ignored Ceilie's question and moved her head closer to the stone in front of her, and looked at it curiously. It had a red 'X' mark on it. A mark that would draw in anyone with a curious personality. Kana reached out with her claw wanting to poke the red 'X' mark…

"Wait, Kana, don't touch that you will be!" Lysairth tried to warn Kana, but it was too late….

"ZZzz WWwaaazzzzz Haaaaappppppeeeennzzzzinngg" Kana's whole body started jolting as electricity shot through it. She ended up losing her grip on the wall and fell backward, slamming into the ground below.

"What, Kana!?" Ceilie ran forward where Kana had landed to find Kana lying there with black marks on her skin and a few sparks of electricity arcing off her horns.

"Okay, so touching the red 'X' was bad..." Kana mumbled to herself as she laid there staring up at the sky. Every once in a while, twitching. Lysarith was also affected by the shock and couldn't help but curse Kana in her mind. She cursed even more when she heard what Kana had said. 'What do you mean the red 'X' was bad!? Of course, it is bad!'

"Kana, hold on, I will heal you!" Princess Tilia also came running over and started healing Kana. A stream of green light enveloped Kana and began to heal the dark spots on her scales. After a few minutes, she was fully healed.

"I am never doing that again!" Kana shot up and shook her entire body to get the dirt. "Thank you, Tilia."

"What were you thinking!? The border walls are all full of traps. You are lucky that didn't kill you!" Ceilie reprimanded. She had no idea why Kana would even try to scale the wall!

"I figured it was worth a try, and if I did not touch the stone with a red 'X' marked on it, I would have made it up to the top..." Kana complained. She felt stupid for touching the stone with the red 'X', but now she knew that they were not to be touched.

"Forget it; we will figure something else out..." Ceilie did not want to risk another mishap. Ceilie knew that if it was Princess Tilia or herself that had touched that trap, they would have been dead.

"But how are we going to get past the wall if we can't go through the gate.?" Kana asked.

"This I am still not sure about. We just need a way to hide ourselves in order to..." Ceilie looked over and saw a long line of wagons coming through. They were merchants who had just finished their trade route. With the number of wagons, they more than likely had met up and were banded together to stop any threats that may occur along the way. "Kana, go catch a horned rabbit and cut off its ears and tail! Since they would be looking for a human princess, we just need to make Tilia a beastman is all."

"On it!" Kana ran off to do as Ceilie asked. She quickly came back with a set of rabbit ears and tail, both dripping in blood.

"Pass them over to me." Ceilie rummaged through her bag and pulled out a small sewing kit. She first ran her hands down the rabbit ears to make as much blood as possible come out before going to work sewing the ends. She then took some long grass blades and a thin bendable branch and made a headband before attaching the rabbit ears to them. "Tilia put this on."

Tilia took the rabbit ears with tears in her eyes and put them on her head. The ears flopped over, smacking her forehead, which made Tilia want to cry even more. But she knew this was all for the sake of getting across the border. While she was feeling depressed, Ceilie went behind her and sewed the horned rabbit tail to her pants and underwear so that it will move properly as she walked. "Okay, now you just need to keep this cloak on to cover your head. Let the ears be semi visible from the front."

Ceilie went to work adjusting Tilia's hood, and when she was finally satisfied, Ceilie nodded her head in approval of her own work. "Okay, this should do it. Come, let's go. Oh, also Tilia, if anyone speaks to you, do not speak. Only nod your head in recognition, okay? I will take care of the rest. "

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