Prodigy With Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System

Chapter 2

2 <Supreme Order>

[A starter package is available for the host. Will you accept it?]

[Yes] | [No]

With no hesitation, Allen Walker made his decision.

Allen tapped the [Yes] button on the smartphone screen. He had nothing to lose, and even if he died, it was not a problem for him. He was planning to die anyway, so having the system do it for him would just be making his death a lot easier.

[Since the host has been annoyed by the thousands of system notification bells, the system will only use them in times of emergency or announcements.]

Allen had thought that the Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System was heartless towards him, but it seemed that wasn't the case. Or is it? Better to find out later on.

[Host has opened the starter package and has received:

-Administrator Status

-Administrator Privileges

-Supreme Order]

"I know what the administrator status and administrator privileges are, but what is Supreme Order?"

For the time being, Allen asks the smartphone, since the system screen for the Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System had been transferred to the smartphone.

Allen lived in a modern world where talent is everything, so he knew what the <Supreme> title meant.

<Supreme> means that someone reigned supremacy over a particular field, profession, or job.

An example of that was his little brother, who is currently known as the <Supreme Inventor> who can invent almost anything. There is also the <Supreme Programmer> who can program artificial intelligence that had a consciousness like a human and could learn and grow.

Not to mention the <Supreme Martial Artist> who can destroy a mountain with just a punch. There is also the <Supreme Chuunibyou> who could affect reality with his delusion but not so much that it defies the world's laws.

An example of a feat performed by the <Supreme Chuunibyou> was when he deluded himself that he could defeat the <Supreme Martial Artist> in a duel, which he won even though he had little to no training in martial arts nor possessed the strength to defeat the <Supreme Martial Artist>.

A famous saying of the <Supreme Chuunibyou> was: "Believe you can do it and you will do it." and "You could do anything as long as you believe in yourself."

It might be unbelievable, but since the <Supreme Chuunibyou> believed and deluded himself that he can do it, then he could do it.

And as you have already guessed, yes, the modern world that Allen Walker was in is not your ordinary, average world filled with prodigies. It is filled with superhumans who are called the <Supreme>.

Even the <Supreme Hacker> can hack reality itself by perceiving the world as a program and rewriting all the coding within that program. The <Supreme Programmer> is also capable of doing that.

Allen was jealous of those <Supreme> powers, especially his brother, who possessed Nigh Omni-fabrication as his superpower, which gave him the title of <Supreme Inventor>.

[<Supreme Order> is said to be possessed by the one who will put all chaos into order. If those <Supreme> are all labeled as chaos, then the person who possesses <Supreme Order> can put the chaos into order. Therefore, the <Supreme Order> possesses the capability to put all chaos into order.]

"In English, please. I can't understand what you're talking about, system. What's all this about chaos and order stuff?"

[That is for you to find out, host. It is regarding the secrets of your world.]

[In simpler words, <Supreme Order> is the ability to possess all abilities of all the <Supreme> that have existed and will exist. But since all abilities have been integrated into one, the possessor of <Supreme Order> has better abilities than those of <Supreme>.]

"So if I possess <Supreme Order>, I can invent a machine that even my little brother, who is known as the <Supreme Inventor> would be incapable of inventing?"

Allen asks the system with expectation and joy present in his voice. Because of being compared to his little brother almost all the time, Allen's goal was to become a <Supreme> surpassed that of his little brother.

[Of course, host. With the abilities of <Supreme Inventor>, <Supreme Mechanic>, <Supreme Engineer>, <Supreme Programming>, <Supreme Scientist>, <Supreme Theorist>, <Supreme Analyst>, and <Supreme Chuunibyou>, you can easily create a time machine that even your little brother couldn't invent .]

"I need that many <Supreme> abilities just to create a time machine?"

Allen asked, as he was astounded by the number of <Supreme> abilities needed just to create a time machine.

[Did you think that time machines are as easy to make as toothbrushes? But if the host wants to travel at any point in time, you can just use the abilities of <Supreme Time Traveler>. But there are still limits to the time-traveling abilities of <Supreme Time Traveler> because its time-traveling abilities are only at borderline god level.]

[Also, there are only a few of <Supreme> who have improved their abilities to be rated at borderline god-level since most <Supreme> are of intermediate superhuman level.]

After hearing that, Allen suddenly thought of something.

"If I have received the <Supreme Order>, why don't I feel anything? I don't feel any stronger nor smarter."

The system then answered Allen like he was looking at an idiot, even though the system had no eyes.

[The system had only said that it has received and not integrated into the host. Those three rewards are inside the host's inventory.]

"System, open the inventory."

With just a voice command, the screen on the smartphone suddenly changed to that of a table with rows and columns that were shaped like boxes. All of those boxes were empty except for the first three boxes that contained the Administrator Status, Administrator Privilege, and <Supreme Order>.

Allen tapped the box that contained the <Supreme Order> which caused the system screen to zoom into the box that contained the <Supreme Order> and used it as a background. As a message appeared in that very background, which said:

[<Supreme Order> has been chosen. Will the host identify or integrate it?]

[Identify] | [Integrate]

Allen tapped on the [Integrate] button, and in an instant, his body was covered in bright white light, but he suddenly felt tired, which caused him to lose his consciousness.


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