Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3804 One Punch Annihilates Shi Yang

Chapter 3804 One Punch Annihilates Shi Yang

“It’s useless! No matter how strong you are, you can’t break a barrier made out of the lives of millions of people!” roared Shi Yang furiously.


His response was Long Chen’s starry fist. This fist was one that could destroy the heavens. It smashed into the blood-colored shield, tearing through it like paper. It had almost no effect.

After that, it didn’t actually end up striking Shi Yang. Instead, the divine might of the stars directly shattered Shi Yang’s body and blew him up into chunks of flesh that flew through the air.

The fist continued, striking through the void and tearing through the wall of this world. A giant black hole then appeared. Cracks appeared within this black hole.

It was as if even the spatial wall within the black hole was also broken by this fist. When those cracks appeared, the purest form of aura came from the black hole.

This aura contained a desolate flavor. It cleansed the soul and nourished the body. When this aura appeared, Long Chen felt like a dry riverbed that was finally being rained on.

It wasn’t a powerful aura. It was just like the slightest breeze. But when this aura appeared, the broken laws of space instantly healed and the scars on the earth vanished.

This aura seemed to possess a supreme magical power. The scars to heaven and earth were instantly healed by it. That aura was the most ancient, primeval power of heaven and earth.

“Primal chaos qi?”

Long Chen was shocked. He hastily circulated his divine ring to absorb this aura.

Behind him, Xia Chen, Guo Ran, and Yue Xiaoqian also sensed it. Without him having to say anything, they also crazily sucked in that primal chaos qi.

In the distance, the Sacred Pill Hall, Bloodkill Hall, Nine Underworld Hall, and the other forces’ experts turned red-eyed. This was primal chaos qi, something that everyone who had gone to the three thousand worlds had come for. Absorbing this primal chaos qi was a huge opportunity. It would allow them to directly condense a Heavenly Dao Crown.

Condensing a Heavenly Dao Crown was equivalent to gaining the recognition of heaven and earth or possessing an authority pass to go anywhere. As long as they unleashed the Heavenly Dao Crown, the laws of the Heavenly Daos would obey them. That was something that every Immortal King dreamed of obtaining.

Regretfully, the cracks in the black hole healed quickly, and the primal chaos qi faded with it. The black hole also healed as if nothing had happened.

“No! I just got that feeling! How can it be gone now?!” cried out Guo Ran.

Xia Chen and Yue Xiaoqian looked at him and jumped. Both of them cried out in shock. A dim halo of light had appeared behind Guo Ran’s head. Although it wasn’t particularly clear, it was definitely there.

“A Heavenly Dao Crown?! No way!” Xia Chen’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw this halo. Wasn’t this fellow too strong?

It had to be known that Guo Ran had only absorbed the tiniest bit of primal chaos qi. Xia Chen and Yue Xiaoqian had also only absorbed the tiniest bit. They felt their bodies and souls be nourished, as if a new kind of energy had appeared in their bodies.

However, other than that, they didn’t feel much else. But Guo Ran had directly summoned the legendary Heavenly Dao Crown? How could this fellow be so lucky?

“Long Chen!”

Suddenly, Yue Xiaoqian cried out and rushed to Long Chen’s side. He was as pale as paper. Blood was pouring out of his ears, nose, and eyes. It was a frightening sight.

Yue Xiaoqian pressed her hands on his back, about to share her energy with him.

“No need. Call over Mo Nian. We have to leave, quickly…” Long Chen was in immense pain. He even felt dizzy and did his best to remain clear-headed.

Just then, Mo Nian came flying back. His aura was a bit weaker now. Clearly, his battle with Yin Changsheng had also been very intense.

“Mo Nian, your belt…!” Guo Ran’s sharp eyes suddenly noticed the jade belt around Mo Nian’s waist. That belt was a bit familiar.

“When Daddy Mo makes his move, how can he leave with no benefits? Let’s go. There’s a large group of experts coming. What the?! What happened to you?!” Mo Nian jumped in shock when he saw Long Chen, thinking that he was seriously injured.

Xia Chen then activated his formation disc, and the five of them instantly vanished.


A flame spear pierced through the space that they had just been in. Yin Changsheng appeared.

He was surrounded by flames, and his eyes were full of chilly killing intent. His aura had also weakened just like Mo Nian’s.

The Sacred Pill Hall’s disciples noticed that his jade belt was gone, and they instantly thought of how Mo Nian hadn’t been wearing a belt before. Mo Nian had actually taken Yin Changsheng’s belt.


Yin Changsheng cursed furiously, smashing his spear in the air to vent. The berserk power caused the void to shudder, but Long Chen and the others had long since vanished.

Just then, a flame qilin appeared beside him and roared.

Yin Changsheng furiously shouted, “He wasn’t a match for me, or why would he run?! If we joined forces, even if we killed him, it would be an absolute humiliation!”

When he had fought Mo Nian, he had done so by himself, not summoning his flame qilin to assist him. Yin Changsheng had his own pride. After losing out because of Long Chen, he decided that he wanted to beat Long Chen on his own.

However, he hadn’t expected Mo Nian to be so terrifying. Mo Nian wasn’t just skilled in running away but was also extremely powerful. Hence, the two of them had fought all-out for so long without determining a victor.

But the most infuriating thing was that his World Domain divine item, the divine flame jade belt, had been taken by Mo Nian. Even disregarding the value of the belt, losing it was an indescribable humiliation.

Most hateful of all, Mo Nian’s mouth was too treacherous. He had constantly talked while fighting. The two had originally been fighting evenly, but due to his rage, Yin Changsheng’s aura ended up in disarray, resulting in Mo Nian suppressing him. He almost coughed up blood from rage.

After that, Mo Nian intentionally showed off his waist as they fought, showing off his spoils of battle. That infuriating appearance of his made Yin Changsheng fume.

Just then, countless experts came rushing over from all directions. They were clearly drawn over by the disturbance, but they came too late. Everything was already over.

“Long Chen, Mo Nian, I swear that I will tear you into a million pieces!” Yin Changsheng roared, his voice filled with killing intent. He had never hated two people so much in his life.


At this moment, the void quivered. Long Chen and the others reappeared.

“Long Chen, what happened to you?!” Yue Xiaoqian held Long Chen worriedly.

“I’m fine. I injured my own meridians with my power. Help guard me. I’ll use that new primal chaos qi to heal.” Long Chen smiled comfortingly and sat on the ground, forming hand seals. Primal chaos aura then circulated within his body.

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