My World Traveling System: The Harbinger of Death

Chapter 402 - Planning To Go Meet Harumi


Today Frank decided to check his stat progression after all the time that has gone by. His leveling was slow, but he was still managing to level up passively every now and then by all the shared EXP from everyone…

Name: [Frank James]

[Race(s): [Ancient Dracolich Progenitor (Human/Dragon)], [Stargazer], [Vampire], [Adult Tree of Life and Death], [World's Origin Core]

[Titles: World Traveler, Legendary Farmer, Merciless Murderer, Assassin, Undead Progenitor, Hades Successor, Necromancer, Dungeon Conqueror, Gray Wizard, Dragon, Dungeon Explorer, Monster Slayer, Necromancy Master, Beginner Creator, Overseer Successor, God Slayer, The One that Defy the Gods, Soul Breaker, Dracolich Death Overlord, Zenith of Fate and Chaos, Ancient Sage Slayer, God-Devouring Abyssal Dragon, Abyssal Vampire of Shadows, Fate & Chaos God, Hero Slayer, Horseman of War and Conquest, Abyssal Miasma Origin World Core, Fate and Chaos-Devouring Uroboros]

[App Points: [28.448.772]

[Origin Cores: [Eclipsing Miasma Origin Core (Terra)]

[Existence Rank: [Demi-Deity Realm (7/9): Middle Stage]

[Divinities: [Divinity of Fate & Chaos]

[Mana Core Cultivation: [Rank 10] [Divine Mana Soul Realm]

[Soul Cultivation: [Divine Soul Core and Primeval Vein Fusion Realm: Upper Stage]

[Primordial Divine Soul Tree of Life and Death: [Young Adult Tree Realm: Middle Stage]

[Job: [Space & Time God]

[Job History: Farmer, Gray Magician, Hades Necromancer, Creator, Overseer Successor, Aberrant Netherworld Spectral Void Dracolich Death Overlord, Abyssal Chaos and Divine Fate Guider, God-Devouring Abyssal Elder Dragon Lord, Ancient Dracula Vampire Sage of Abyssal Blood, Fate & Chaos God, Chaotic Horseman of War and Conquest, Abyssal Miasma World Origin Core, Fate and Chaos-Devouring Uroboros]

[Level: [135/140] > [137/140]

[Divine Energy: [6.670.000]{+2.920.000}

[Aether: [3.230.000]{+1.350.000}

[Ki: [3.370.000]{+1.230.000}

[Fate: [2.410.000]{+850.000}

[Basic Attributes: [Earth: 3.000], [Fire: 2.500], [Water: 2.500], [Wind: 2.500], [Space: 6.500], [Time: 6.000], [Life: 9.000], [Death: 9.300], [Dark: 4.100], [Light: 4.100]

[Diverged Attributes: [Illusion/Emotions: 2.600], [Dream/Nightmare: 2.600], [Phantom: 4.500], [Blood: 5.200], [Poison: 1.800], [Soul: 11.500], [Nature: 6.000], [Thunder: 2.900], [Ice: 1.500], [War/Strength: 7.100]

[Greater Attributes: [Chaos: 25.227], [Fate: 13.050]

This was indeed quite a nice substantial increase since the last time he watched at his own stats. Frank felt a bit proud of his own progression in strength and more, as he smiled a bit confidently this morning. His Space and Time Magic were getting better the more he leveled up as well, so he couldn't wait to reach max level one of the days.

After taking three days of break where Frank just relaxed inside his house in Japan and also went out into Tokyo with his family, Frank decided to go back to the Monk Clan territory, where he was greeted by most people.

In just three days, many clan members had leveled up quite a nice amount and the vast majority had already reached Upper Stage in their Mana Core Cultivation. The requirement was getting bigger and bigger in terms of mana cores, but the power each Stage increase gave was very satisfactory, many couldn't wait to actually reach even higher, so they were doing their best.

Matsuo also diligently hunted monsters without stopping and leveled up while also enhancing his Mana Core Cultivation, due to his constant efforts, he was perhaps the only one that got to Peak Stage.

Meanwhile, Kaguya had also begun to move around out of her throne, where she stayed meditating for whole months. Being very active around the entire clan, she entered the Tower Dungeon and massacred monsters with her Flames and Light, leveling up frenetically and also even finding a way to enhance her mana core cultivation through the use of he own energies, she had figured out Mana Cultivation on her own.

Of course, she still absorbed the Mana Cores, so she was progressing gradually anyways. Although she had already reached Rank 2 and received yet another % boost to her Mana and Magic.

However, Frank had not come here to originally check out their power progression, no he had come here to talk about other matters.

Now that he had conquered the Monk Clan, he wanted to move further through Tokyo and see if he could do anything with the Vampire Clan and the Werewolf Clans, two clans of outsiders who had long ago made a pact of coexistence with the Monk Clan, although their relationship was still fishy.

"The Vampire and the Werewolf Clan. Right, after you went away, Harumi and Erika didn't stopped bothering me at school asking me where you were. I lied to them and told them you were assigned into a branch of our family, another clan far away. I haven't spoken with the girls for some time. Probably since a week ago when classes finished for the winter break," said Matsuo.

"I see… How are they? Those two?" asked Frank.

"Harumi has been doing fine. She is practicing her skills a bit, last time I saw her she was definitely stronger than before. And Erika… no idea, I am not that close to her. She's a lost bullet most of the time and comes to tease Harumi. She is the one that ask me about you the most. She's always asking for your phone number. Even after months, she's still interested… Even Harumi had stopped asking and seems to be patiently waiting," said Matsuo.

"I-Is that so? She's just as crazy as I remember her," said Frank.

"Yeah… I don't know what they're up to, but it would be worth a try to go meet them if you want to, I could accompany you to meet with Harumi to her territory of Vampires, but about Erika… I don't know, though I know where she lives, she lives inside a giant tower in Akihabara," said Matsuo.

"I see how it is… Well, let's go meet Harumi," said Frank.

At the end, Frank wanted to meet Harumi before anything and also investigate her territory in the meantime. The rest of his family was left inside the clan doing some activities, although Gwendolyn and Orb ended sticking to Frank at the end. Matsuo began to pity him instead of being jealous, having so many clingy women might prove to be a difficult life, perhaps…

Or was it?

Frank didn't felt like they were annoying nor that they ruined his life, so there was nothing wrong.


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