My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires.

Chapter 486: A Battle For 'D'ominance. 2

Chapter 486: A Battle For 'D'ominance. 2

The heavy breathing of two lovers was heard in a destroyed room whose only intact furniture was the mattress, which in a way, proved the quality of the mattress. It managed to withstand a 'battle' of two Vampire Counts and didn't give in.

A power of resistance that would make Werewolves blush with embarrassment!

Scathach was on cloud nine.

'This feeling…' She focused her attention inside.

She could clearly feel the shape of her lover's cock inside her, filling her completely.

She could feel the heat coming from him, she could feel a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

It was something more primitive, a feeling of happiness in being a woman and having a partner, not just any partner, but an ideal man.

The sensation started from the entrance of her womb and spread throughout her body like a fire that burned away all her defenses, but it wasn't a fire that damaged her body.

It was a gentle fire that was changing her, shaping her feelings, her motivations. She was transforming in this moment and understood that, after this session, she wouldn't be the same anymore.


She's going through this right now.

It all started when she understood her feelings towards Victor. She knew from that point on, even if Victor wanted to run away from her, she wouldn't let him go. But she also understood that her prior feelings weren't as strong as they were now.

Even if he died, she would wreak chaos and destruction throughout Hell to bring him back.

Even if he wanted to stay away from her, she wouldn't let him. He couldn't run away from her anymore.

For Scathach, Victor was the first man she was willing to be with forever, the first man she could fully accept, body and soul.

The man she'd given her body to, the man she'd willingly let inside her and paint her insides with his color.

She could feel his seed, which had completely filled her insides and was leaking onto the bed. He was the man she really didn't care about having her child with right now.

He was not an experiment like her ex-husband was, a man who only served to create her precious treasure, Ruby.

He was much more than that... Much more than an experiment, much more than a curiosity, he was much more than that.

So. Much. More...!

For Scathach, he had become an irreplaceable existence now.

Unfortunately, she still hadn't given him her heart... She couldn't...

Not completely...

Even though this man who was in her arms now held an important place in her heart, even though she gave her body to him, he still hadn't completely conquered her.

He still needed to defeat her... That was her pride, something that made her what she was today; the pride of a warrior that made up her core.

And she wouldn't let it go for anyone, not even Victor.

'And to think this all started with an arrogant brat who dared to be with my daughter…' Remembering the first time she'd met Victor, she couldn't help but display a gentle smile. It was a very good memory.

'Huh... Before I knew it, ever since that day... He'd always been around, huh...'

'Victor... My son-in-law, my disciple, the man who gained my interest for the way he was... A man who was very similar to me, but at the same time different...' The memories she'd made with Victor began to flood her entire being.

And that was changing her. This whole situation was changing her.

Her eyes were pure blood red, but unlike usual, those red eyes were empty as if she were lifeless, but at the same time not.

For any being, their first true love was always an explosion of feelings. Regardless of the result that the fruit of this first love bore, it couldn't be denied. It was an immutable truth.

And for a woman... The first time with their first love was like a volcano erupting.

But for Scathach? An Elder Vampire who felt everything more intensely? A woman who had never experienced this before in the past?

Her feelings were like a cosmic event that created the Universe.

A big bang of emotions!


It all started with a simple name, a single, simple name, and suddenly…

Victor, Victor, Victor, Victor, Victor, Victor, Victor, Victor...

She broke.

Not even she knew how many times she'd called that name internally. The count went past thousands easily.

'My ViCtOr'

'My Darling'

Her feelings were running amok, and she squeezed him even tighter as if she was afraid he would run away.

Her mind implanted Victor's face in her brain, her nose took in his scent, to never forget, and her insides shifted to completely suit Victor's cock.

Her body memorized his heat so that in the times he wasn't around, she would still feel him.

Her hand gently stroked the man's hair, feeling the texture, remembering how it felt as it gently flowed through her fingers.

Scathach was implanting within her being all of Victor's existence.

Victor looked up, and when he saw Scathach's gaze,

That beautiful look, his smile couldn't help but genuinely grow.

He could finally let go... let go of all his bottled-up feelings.

"My Scathach..." As he looked into the eyes of the woman in front of him, Victor gently touched her cheek.

'She's finally mine... Not completely, but she's still mine. I'll make it happen.' Victor was happy with his progress, but it still wasn't enough. He wanted her completely, body and soul. He wanted her entire existence for himself.

And he knew he would only earn that when he defeated her.

"...." Scathach smiled, a big smile that showed her sharp teeth.

To others, it would look like a predatory smile that would cause fear.

But for Victor?

It was one of the most beautiful smiles he'd ever seen.

The reason?

He understood that that smile came from the bottom of her heart. That was her 'true form', something he was always after.

Her nature, her being, Victor accepted it completely.

Victor had left his mark on Scathach's being in many ways, both emotionally making the woman accept his feelings and physically by claiming all of her insides and painting her with his seed.

Victor brought his face closer to Scathach, and naturally, he kissed her.

Scathach closed her eyes, touched his face gently, and kissed him back.

The kiss had several meanings that only the two of them knew. Their feelings were combining like the spheres of Yin and Yang, merging, changing, evolving.

When Scathach and Victor stopped kissing, the two looked at each other, their two red eyes staring at each other, implanting each other's faces throughout their entire being.

No thoughts were on their minds, and they were acting on instinct. They wanted to get closer to each other and wanted to bond even more!

Scathach wanted her insides to be devastated.

Victor wanted to paint Scathach's entire being with his color.

And this synergy of feelings accumulated.

"Hmmpf." It all started with a passionate kiss from Victor and quickly began to escalate.

Scathach threw Victor and straddled him, but Victor wasted no time, grabbed her voluptuous ass, used it as support, and made a move!

"!!!" Scathach opened her eyes wide as she felt her entire insides being ravaged, as a mad smile appeared on her face. Even if she was acting on instinct, she wouldn't let herself be dominated.

She leaned on Victor's chest and started to go up and down.

Meaty slapping sounds echoed through the desolated room.

It all started slowly, as if she had just learned it, but as expected of a Master, she soon got the hang of it and rhythmically went up and down, always targeting her weak points.

She felt her body twitch when his cock hit certain spots, and she wanted more!

More, More, MORE!

The red aura of her body started to get stronger, and a crazy look was seen on her face.

These fierce and repeated attacks would make any member not strong enough to break the tight, wet shape of Scathach's entrance, come.

But not Victor. It still wasn't enough for him, and he wouldn't end up with just that. Unlike his wife Natashia, Scathach was still inexperienced, but Scathach was a Master for a reason.

She learned fast and applied that knowledge at an even faster rate, and her body was often superior to his base form. Even though she was careful with Victor, sometimes her attacks had broken his bones.

It hurt like hell, but he didn't care. He was in Heaven and Hell at the same time with this woman.

Victor held Scathach's waist even tighter for a moment and prevented the woman from moving.

"Oh?" Thinking she started to win, she flashed an even bigger smile, but when she was going to tease Victor, she heard something.

Rumble, Rumble.

Electricity covered Victor's body in a way that was harmless to Scathach, and the only reason Victor did this was for a technique.

He smiled widely as he leaned on Scathach's waist and, with a hip movement…

"AHHH~" Scathach went to the clouds.

In a few simple moments, he took more than 50 thrusts inside her.

If Scathach wasn't strong enough and tough, this move would have destroyed her, literally speaking of course.

Scathach's eyes clouded over, and saliva was coming out of her mouth. She couldn't keep sane and realized that maybe Victor had the high ground in this kind of battle.

Before she knew it, she was lying on the bed, and Victor was on top again, having regained the lead.

"Ahh~" Scathach's moan was heard, she was still sensitive from that sneak attack, and to make matters worse Victor didn't just attack her uterus. He attacked her breasts, her clit, her collarbone.

All her erogenous zones were being attacked, and she had no choice but to moan like an ordinary woman.

But would she give up?

HER? Scathach Scarlett!?


Scathach, with a sudden forceful movement, took Victor's hand, smiled widely, and pushed him away. Victor crossed the room and found himself implanted in the wall of the room.

'Ugh, ridiculous strength.' Victor laughed in amusement.

After Victor's member came out of her, liquids began to leak from Scathach's entrance, but she didn't care. Even though for a moment she felt unhappy about it, she quickly fought to undo this unhappiness caused by herself.

She appeared on the wall and mounted Victor again.

Her insides screamed in ecstasy as she was filled again, and she opened her mouth wide and bit Victor's collarbone!

"!!!" Victor opened his eyes wide.

Not satisfied, she began to move her hips in an up and down rhythm, as she was determined to wring him completely dry in every way possible.

With this unexpected attack, Victor couldn't help but release all the seed he was desperately holding onto, into her womb.

"!!!" Scathach's eyes gleamed in ecstasy as she felt her insides filled again. That hot, addictive sensation. She was starting to love it!

Victor growled in annoyance, and as soon as he made a move, he brought his mouth to Scathach's ear and bit gently.

"HMMPPFFF?" Scathach's body visibly shook, and, for a moment, she almost stopped sucking his blood.

Victor's hand went to Scathach's waist, and he delivered a harmless electric shock to her waist.

Scathach unconsciously tightened her waist, causing Victor's cock to harden even further.

Victor moaned a little, but he still didn't finish his combo, as he used his vacant hand and pulled Scathach's hard nipples and squeezed.

"Ahhhn~" At that moment, Scathach stopped biting Victor and moaned uncontrollably.

Her mouth was completely bloody, blood that was Victor's, and she couldn't drink it because she groaned unexpectedly.

Deciding not to miss the chance he's been given, Victor leaned against the wall and threw himself back on the bed with Scathach beneath him.

He gripped both of Scathach's legs tightly, and began his relentless attack!

Once again Scathach's groans were heard throughout the room.

Scathach tried to compose herself, but it was impossible. Victor didn't give her a break, and with a repetitive effort and wild movement, Scathach was completely at his mercy.

She had no choice but to moan as she squeezed her insides that were being ravaged.

God! She loved that feeling!

10 minutes of constant attacks while all that was heard was the couple's moaning, the loudest being Scathach's, and the sound of flesh pounding. Scathach felt that numbing sensation coming from her womb.

'It's coming~!' The moment she thought that.

She squirted.


Seeing that this was his chance, Victor grinned widely and stopped moving as he turned Scathach and positioned her doggy style.

He wrapped both his arms around Scathach, his right hand cupped the woman's voluptuous breasts, and his left hand cupped her clit.

Scathach was so absorbed in her release that she didn't even notice the position she was in.

She only noticed something when her neck was bitten by Victor.

"AHHH~." Unconsciously, she wrapped both her arms around Victor's head.

At that moment, Victor began to rock his hips while caressing the woman's breasts and her clit.

Of course, he didn't forget to suck her blood either.

... And the result of this terrifying combo for any female Vampire was obvious. Once again, Scathach was at Victor's mercy, moaning uncontrollably as she came due to how sensitive her insides were.

2 x 1, Victor was winning this war that promised to last a long time...

The question was, would the room hold up?


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