My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1065 - The Price of Being Youthful?

Chapter 1065: The Price of Being Youthful?

Ever since Lu Zhou’s ten disciples returned to the Evil Sky Pavilion, apart from having to train them, the system rarely gave out quests. Now that his cultivation speed had increased slightly, it could be considered that he had gained some benefits. What was the point in seeking answers now?

Nevertheless, Lu Zhou could not help but wonder as he closed the system interface, ‘What’s the price of youth?’

Knock! Knock!

“Senior, your clothes are here,” a female disciple said from outside.

“Come in.”

The Cloud Mountain female disciple walked in and placed the long robe in front of Lu Zhou.

When Lu Zhou glanced at her, she hurriedly lowered her head and retreated.

Lu Zhou changed into his long robe. It fit him better than the previous one. Although the size difference was not very big, the previous robe was rather old after being worn for such a long time. With his new robe, he was able to accentuate his otherworldly air.

Following that, Lu Zhou went to the main peak.

Lu Zhou learned that after the Black Tower Council stopped monopolizing the Birth Chart Beasts, Great Tang’s cultivators had been fighting and competing to kill Birth Chart Beasts. He thought it would be the same in the future in the golden lotus domain. Apart from that, he also learned that the fierce beasts seemed to have gotten stronger and more cunning. It was within his expectations; when humans progressed, there would be no lack of obstacles.

Lu Zhou did not stay on Cloud Mountain for too long.

When Nie Qingyun was respectfully seeing Lu Zhou off, he suddenly asked, “Nie Qingyun, how long has the Cold Pond on the snowy mountain peak existed?”

Nie Qingyun shook his head. “I don’t know. It’s been there since the founding of Cloud Mountain.”

“There’s nothing unusual about it?”

“No. Moreover, ordinary cultivators can’t go up there so even if there were anything unusual, no one would notice it. However, a month ago, a meteorite fell into the Cold Pond,” Nie Qingyun replied.

“I entrust a matter to you. If you notice anything unusual, notify the Evil Sky Pavilion immediately,” Lu Zhou said.


Since Lu Zhou had destroyed one of Qin Moshang’s Birth Charts, he was sure Qin Moshang would not let the matter rest. If Qin Moshang was going to return, it was likely he would appear at the snowy peak. However, since he had destroyed that runic passage, it would take some time for it to be repaired. It was most appropriate to let someone monitor the place.

In the capital.

To the outside world, Lu Zhou had disappeared for a month, which was rather long. Fortunately, his reputation had spread far and wide now so it had been peaceful while he was gone.

Conch asked, “Seventh Senior Brother, master has been away for a month… If this continues, will there be a problem?”

Si Wuya replied, “Yes. Although master’s whereabouts are unknown, there’s no need to worry.”

Jiang Aijian, who was holding a blade of grass in his mouth, jumped down from the roof and said, “The people from the White Tower Council have sent the obsidian essences here, but they still refuse to leave. They said they want to personally Old Senior Ji. How are you going to deal with them?”

“Do they deserve to see master?” Si Wuya shook his head.

“You’re right. How about I drive them away…”

“There’s no need to rush. Since they want to wait, let them wait,” Si Wuya replied.

On the tenth day after Lu Zhou disappeared, the White Tower Council had sent ten obsidian essences to the royal palace. They claimed they had something important to tell Lu Zhou face to face. Si Wuya could have insisted they leave, but since it seemed like they really had something important to say, he did not drive them away.

At this moment, Shen Xi, who came from the Political Announcement Hall, said, “Mister Seventh, the people from the White Tower Council said again that the matter is important and they need to speak to the Pavilion Master in person.”

“Let them wait,” Si Wuya said, clearly not worried.

“They look very anxious, and it doesn’t seem like they’re harboring ulterior motives,” Shen Xi said. Then, he asked, “The Pavilion Master hasn’t returned yet?”

Si Wuya shook his head and said, “I know it seems like they’re not harboring ulterior motives. However, since master hasn’t returned, this matter is difficult to handle. Let’s stall for time first. If it’s necessary, I’ll deal with them…”


When Shen Xi was about to leave, three white figures flew over from the Political Announcement Hall. Three Thousand Realms Whirling avatars flew at their backs. Two had six Birth Charts while the remaining one had eight Birth Charts. As soon as they landed, Bi Shuo, the leader and the Eight Chart cultivator, cupped his hands together and greeted Si Wuya. “Mister Seventh!”

Everyone’s expression changed slightly when they saw Bi Shuo, the White Tower Council’s judge.

Si Wuya maintained his composure. “You’re quite bold. I didn’t drive you away because I think highly of you. However, you dare trespass into the Preservation Hall? Are you tired of living?”

Bi Shuo quickly waved his hand and said, “Mister Seventh, you misunderstand me. I really have something important to say…”

“You can tell it to me,” Si Wuya said, “I’ll convey your words to my master.”

Jiang Aijian discreetly gave Si Wuya a thumbs-up while he wore a ‘You’re so awesome’ expression on his face.

Bi Shuo, naturally, did not dare to force his way in. He brought a brocade box out and said, “The Tower Master has repeatedly instructed me to hand this thing over to the Pavilion Master personally.”

“Open it,” Si Wuya said expressionlessly.


Inside the box lay a crystal that emitted a faint blue light. A ring light could be seen around it.

“We don’t know what this is either. The Tower Master said only the Pavilion Master knows what it is,” Bi Shuo said. After he finished speaking, he closed the box. With that, the blue light disappeared as well.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Si Wuya asked curiously.

Bi Shuo sighed and said, “To tell you the truth, ever since the Tower Master and Pavilion Master Lu sparred, news of the Tower Master’s defeat has spread. Great Ming and Great Yuan’s royal families are secretly colluding and sending experts to pressure the White Tower Council. With every day that we spend here, the Tower Master will fall into a more disadvantageous position.”

Si Wuya chuckled and said carelessly, “I thought it was something important.”


“Your Tower Master’s wellbeing has nothing to do with my master,” Si Wuya said.

Jiang Aijian spat out the blade of grass in her mouth and smacked his thigh. Si Wuya’s words were irrefutable and cool!

Bi Shuo said with a troubled expression, “I believe Pavilion Master Lu will definitely change his mind after seeing this crystal.”

This time, Bi Shuo spoke using a sound technique. For this reason, his voice naturally resounded everywhere. He was, after all, a judge of the White Tower Council. He had deliberately used the sound technique so Lu Zhou would hear him.

Si Wuya was about to drive Bi Shuo and the others away when a voice rang from the Preservation Hall.

“Who dares to cause a commotion outside?”

Everyone bowed.

Now that Lu Zhou had returned, Si Wuya and Shen Xi sighed in relief inwardly.

Bi Shuo said in a clear voice, “This junior, Bi Shuo from the White Tower Council, requests an audience with Pavilion Master Lu.”

“Come in.”

“Thank you, Pavilion Master Lu.”

“From now on, if you have anything to say, you can say it to Si Wuya. He represents me.”

Bi Shuo replied, “Understood.” His eyelids twitched as he looked at Si Wuya, who was standing respectfully, with a complex expression on his face. Si Wuya was expressionless so he could not tell what Si Wuya was thinking at all.

When everyone entered the Preservation Hall, they did not even see Lu Zhou’s shadow.

There was only an opaque screen.

Bi Shuo held the brocade box with both hands and said, “Pavilion Master, I have been ordered by the Tower Master to personally hand this item to you.”


The box disappeared from Bi Shuo’s hands and flew to the back of the screen in just a blink of an eye.

Lu Zhou, who was sitting behind the screen, opened the brocade box that contained the crystal that emitted a dazzling blue light.

“Ding! Obtained from the blue crystal formed from the mysterious soil in the Great Void.”

‘Soil? How did soil turn into a crystal? Which part of it looks like it’s made of soil?’

At this moment, Bi Shuo said again, “The Tower Master had repeatedly instructed me to personally hand this over to Pavilion Master Lu.”

“What else did she say?”

“This item came from Great Yuan’s royal court. That’s all,” Bi Shuo replied.

Lu Zhou held the blue crystal in his hand. He could feel a strange energy from it, hence, he silently chanted the incantation for the Heavenly Writing’s power of sight.

With that, he saw the incredibly rare Great Void energy in the blue crystal. It was to be expected that the soil from the Great Void contained the Great Void energy. However, how did something like this end up in Great Yuan’s royal court?

Lu Zhou finally said, “Tower Master Lan is really kind to toss this hot potato to me.”

Bi Shuo immediately fell to the knees with a loud thud. “This isn’t the White Tower Council’s intention. Rather than letting something so valuable fall into the hands of others, it’s better to give it to Pavilion Master Lu.”

There was just a trace amount of the Great Void energy in the crystal; it was basically useless and could not be considered valuable. However, this probably explained the Great Void energy that Lan Xihe possessed.

“You may return and tell Tower Master Lan that I appreciate her good intentions.”

“Understood.” Bi Shuo left respectfully.

Following that, Si Wuya, Conch, Shen Xi, and the others bowed in unison and said, “We’ll take our leave as well.”

“Si Wuya, stay.”

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