My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2379 Lian's Terror

Chapter 2379 Lian's Terror

Elderly Mister Mu couldn't help but sigh. "It's a long story. Please follow me."

They were all talisman practitioners, which meant more people to contribute to the collective effort. Elderly Mister Mu also hoped that these people could discern something.

He especially hoped that those two disciples from the Taiji Sect would be able to give a different opinion.

The group followed Elderly Mister Mu into the backyard and through the defensive barrier, arriving at the entrance to a row of rooms.

Tung was guarding outside. He merely glanced at them indifferently when he saw people coming.

Elderly Mister Mu cupped his hands and said, "Would you please pass on the word of our visit."

Tung flashed inside the room without a word. He soon flashed back out and told Elderly Mister Mu coldly, "You can all come in."

The room was extremely big. There was a row of decorative carved cabinets when they walked in, and then several double-sided embroidered screens of bamboo when they turned the corner.

Shen Jue focused her gaze and saw a large bed made from rosewood in the interior. She could faintly make out two figures, one sitting and one lying down.

This whole time, Mo Lian had been feeding the little fellow spiritual fluid every day. He also ordered maidservants to change her clothes regularly.

That was why even though she had been lying there with closed eyes for seven days, she still looked clean and neat. Her petite face was also rosy and glowing.

She looked just like a person who was sleeping normally.

Only Mo Lian was incredibly worried. He was clear that the little fellow had already been lying there for seven days.

In these seven days, he could only hear her faint breathing and feel her strong heartbeat. Aside from that, she did not move, jump, or smile.

What a joke, he couldn't even see the stoic face that he would normally see every day anymore!


Nothing else showed on the little fellow's face beside her peaceful sleeping countenance. He did not know what had happened to her at all. He did not know what had happened to her soul, nor did he know why he couldn't even contact the sapling.

As each day passed, he got more panicked and terrified.

No matter how he consoled himself, he could not persuade himself that Qiaoqiao was fineโ€ฆ

Mo Lian lifted the curtain and walked out gravely. He nodded toward Elderly Mister Mu, who had cupped his hands in greeting.

"Greetings to Your Highness the Crown Prince." Elderly Mister Mu's words startled the two Daoist priests and Shen Jue. They thought: So this extremely elegant and outstanding man standing in front of them was actually that crown prince who had not returned to the Divine Province for a long time?

"Your Highness, these two people are disciples of the Taiji Sect, and also this young friend Shen, are talisman practitioners who got drawn over by the ghost spirits outside. What does Your Highness think of letting these three people examine the crown prince consort's situation?"

So the people lying there inside is the crown prince consort. Shen Jue thought.

After getting the crown prince's permission, Elderly Mister Mu led these three people past the screen and to the young girl lying there peacefully on the bed.

The young girl was tucked in with a gold velvet blanket. Even though her eyes were closed, her facial features still looked extremely exquisite and beautiful.

Shen Jue could guarantee that in all the years she had traveled through the Divine Province, she had not seen anyone whose features were more outstanding than this person in front of them.

Elderly Mister Mu sighed and informed the three people of the crown prince consort's situation.

The two Taiji Sect disciples first activated two rousing talismans, and then used several other types of talismans. In the end, they knitted their brows and remarked, "How could this be?"

"Could it be that those ghost spirits have gathered outside because they covet the crown prince consort's body?"

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