Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: I Told You, This Is The Family Rule!

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“Luo Chenxin, what are you looking at?”

Luo Chenxi was abruptly jolted back to reality. She hastily coughed forcibly. “Cough, cough. I was looking at your chin. You have such a nice chin. Aren’t you tired of keeping it tense all the time?”

Even though he knew that the wicked woman was only making blind conjectures, Mu Yichen’s expression became much more relaxed after hearing her compliment his good looks. “Stop telling me your honeyed words. Listen to me closely. You’re not allowed to come home so late from tomorrow onward. You must be home before dinner. That’s the Mu family rule. Can you remember that clearly?”

Luo Chenxi was stunned for a moment. “Be home before dinner? How’s that possible? What if I have some matters to attend to such that I need to have my dinner elsewhere?”

“Then, you must call me and report to me in advance!”

Luo Chenxi widened her eyes in surprise. She refuted subconsciously, “I thought you were asking me to stay further away from you and not disturb you!” He was ordering her to call him and report to him. Was that even appropriate?

Mu Yichen’s face darkened. “Shut up. I told you, this is the family rule!”

He had already given this woman permission to call him. Should she not have agreed to him in delight? She even had the courage to argue with him! No, this woman was always up to something. She must be feigning it. Perhaps, she would use the excuse of reporting to him tomorrow to call him three times a day at every meal.

At the thought of this, Mu Yichen immediately added, “You can call me if you really have something going on at night. You’re not allowed to disturb me on normal days. Even if you were to call, I won’t answer it. Do you understand me?”

Luo Chenxi nodded repeatedly. “Understood, understood. You don’t want to see me, so you won’t want to take my call either, of course. Don’t worry, I won’t call you for sure. Even if I have to update you, I’ll report by sending you a text!”

In reality, there was no need for Mu Yichen to warn her. She would never do it to allow herself to feel rejected anyway. In fact, she wished that she could stay as far as she could from Mu Yichen!

Luo Chenxi thought that she was being rather sincere, so he should be satisfied with her answer. As a result, she raised her head to look up. What happened? She felt that Mu Yichen’s face had darkened even further.

“Very well!” Mu Yichen squeezed out those words from his clenched teeth. “Remember your promise!”

“Mm-hmm. I’ll bear that in mind for sure!” Luo Chenxi could see Mu Yichen’s unpleasant expression and she was afraid that she might provoke him even more. As a result, she made sure that she was even more polite and obedient.

Luo Chenxi blinked her huge eyes at him with her innocent expression. His pent-up anger was choked within his chest and he felt exceptionally frustrated for not being able to express himself!

“Mu Yichen, you’re done, aren’t you? I’m going to rest in the room if you are.” Luo Chenxi nudged him and was about to get up.

However, the man before her refused to budge at all despite being nudged by her for a few times. His tall, muscular, and fit body remained firmly unmoving above her body while he studied her with a deep glance.

“Why…why are you looking at me like that?” Luo Chenxi had goosebumps just from his stare.

Mu Yichen parted his delicate lips and said something that struck terror into her heart, “Luo Chenxin, you seem different from before.”

Luo Chenxi felt like her heart rose to her throat instantaneously. What did he mean? Could he have found out something already? That could not be, could it?

The document Luo Anguo passed her obviously stated that the relationship between Mu Yichen and Luo Chenxi was cold. They barely met each other after the engagement and Mu Yichen treated her like a stranger.

Luo Chenxi let out a forced chuckle. “How am I different? It’s because we barely spend time learning about each other. Now that we are living together, we’ll discover that the other person is slightly different from our imagination, of course. That’s normal!” she came up with a forced explanation. When she was done, she widened her huge cat-like eyes and stared at Mu Yichen eagerly. She truly hoped that he would let go of her soon.

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