Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 645 - 645 Chapter 425: The Undying Naga, the Mysterious Lifeform Sleeping in the Crystal Coffin [2/2]

645 Chapter 425: The Undying Naga, the Mysterious Lifeform Sleeping in the Crystal Coffin [2/2]

The eight-armed naga waved its weapons wildly.

It swore to tear everything apart.

But the king of the imperial troop didn’t show any weakness and charged forward.


Sparks exploded, and the sound of metal colliding resounded in the sky.

The battle was brutal.

The eight-armed naga attacked crazily. It relied on its confidence it would not die.

Even the king of the imperial troop didn’t panic in the face of such an enemy. It continued to surround and kill.

The battle between the two sides was so intense that no one could take their eyes off it.

It was as if the next second would be the turning point.

The sandstorm around the king of the imperial troop suddenly emitted a dazzling light as the eight-armed naga approached.

In the next moment.

All of the kings of the imperial troop flew into the air.

[Taboo Sandstorm: It increases all attributes by 300%. It is immune to all crowd control and instant death skills. At the same time, it can control sand to fly into the sky. The cooldown of all skills will be reduced to 10 seconds for 20 minutes.]

At the same time.

The sword in the air attacked the eight-armed naga crazily like a meat grinder.

However, under the terrifying characteristic of immunity to death, the opponent has incessantly strangled the eight-armed naga but could not die.

It would have already died if it were an ordinary life form, even if it had 100 lives.

Richard narrowed his eyes.

The king of the imperial troop was satisfied with its explosive fighting strength.

It could feel the power of this troop.

As expected of a radiant moon troop.

At this moment.

The ground suddenly trembled.

Sel watched the battle and subconsciously turned his head to look.

A terrifying shadow covered him.

The god’s ancient tree.

Sel subconsciously lowered his head. He did not dare to look directly at the ancient tree.

The other party emitted an aura more terrifying than that of a god.


“Treebeard, imprison that naga.”

“As you wish.”

The god’s ancient tree rumbled and directly stepped forward afterward.

The terrifying roots smashed the surrounding mummy statues.

This behemoth existed in myths and legends.

The six squads of kings of the imperial troop retreated.

The god’s ancient rushed up to the eight-armed naga.

An 80-meter-tall body was so insignificant before a 5-meter-tall creature.

The eight-armed naga was not afraid at all. The aura on its body soared. It attacked the god’s ancient tree.


The long saber slashed at the wrinkled bark crazily. That created the sound of metal colliding with metal.

It left a deep mark on it.

However, the god’s ancient tree’s body was too broad. These marks were like mosquito bites. One could ignore the damage.

The eight-armed naga attacked intensively. Suddenly, the surrounding roots enveloped the surrounding space.

Then, it quickly shrank. The eight-armed naga sensed that something was wrong and immediately roared and attacked. However, the long saber slashed at the tree roots and did not leave a mark.

That sealed the surrounding space and energy.

Tree root cage. That was even more terrifying.

There was no way to deal with it if one could not slay the other party.

The eight-armed naga looked at the god’s ancient tree. The giant twisted human-faced tree forcefully imprisoned the opponent as its roots shrank.

The corners of Richard’s mouth curled up slightly.

Enemies would all have weaknesses, no matter how strong they were.

They could just lock it up if they couldn’t kill it. Richard wanted only the treasure vault of the Dune Lord, not to kill this naga.

Richard looked at the treasury door.

“Sel, go and open up the channel.”

The burly Sel immediately agreed. He brought two squadrons of dungeon barbarians closer to the door of the treasure vault.

He wanted to push it away.

However, a wave of mana fluctuations suddenly flashed on the giant door that was more than ten meters tall.

He couldn’t use violence to push it away.

Sel felt the magic power, and his expression turned ugly.

He turned around and said in a clear voice.

“Lord Richard, there’s a magic array on the door. There’s a secret code on it, and you need a secret order to enter…”

Richard frowned.

“Secret code?”

The corners of his mouth curled up coldly.

“Treebeard, open it.”

The roots of the god’s ancient tree tied the eight-armed naga and rushed to the front of the treasury.

The building still seemed small in front of the boss.

The twisted human-faced tree branch waved violently and smashed down.


The supremely sturdy door of the treasure vault cracked. Several cracks appeared on it.

Then, the god’s ancient tree forcefully tore the solid treasury door down like a battering ram before Sel’s dumbfounded eyes…

“What kind of bullsh*t magic was that? Strength was the only thing!”

The violence of the god’s ancient tree made this dungeon hero firm in its path…

Richard was excited when Treebeard was able to tear the door of the treasure vault down.

Several people in the sand appeared out of nowhere with a wave of his hand.

He charged straight into the treasure vault.

Sel led the dungeon troops into it after he ensured the enemy had not triggered traps.

Richard entered on the second exploration.

He stepped the huge spatial rift. He entered the treasury vault of the Dune Lord.

The moment he stepped into it, a slightly moldy smell mixed with dust rushed into his nose.

Richard raised an eyebrow and looked around.

In an instant, his breathing became odd.

A hundred meters away, in a vast spatial rift.

It was dazzling.

One has piled the gemstones up on the ground like rocks, and he could not see the end of them.

It was like one had stuck all the gemstones in the world here.

They reflected dazzling light under the illumination of the light outside.

In the depths, an eight-armed naga statue made of pure gold stood in the center. At the same time, it raised a crystal coffin above the eight-armed naga statue’s head.

Richard looked through the crystal coffin. His eyes froze.

He could not see the face of the figure inside the coffin.

What made his expression solemn was that the figure’s chest still heaved.

The other party was still alive!


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