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Chapter 616 - Heaven and Earth Are the Furnace; His Copper, All Things of Creation (1)

Chapter 616: Heaven and Earth Are the Furnace; His Copper, All Things of Creation (1)

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Zhou Shu’s provocation didn’t work this time.

Shi Changsheng was unmoved and continued, “It’s not that I’m not conscientious, but surnamed Diao placed that thing in Yuheng Valley. If I still had my strength from back then, it would have been fine. But now, I’m just a sword.

“You can’t expect too much from a sword. I really can’t protect you.”

Shi Changsheng said helplessly, “If there’s really no other way, I’ll just return what I just swallowed to you.

“But then again, it’s useless even if I return them to you. You might even die here this time. At that time, it would be a waste to leave them with you. You might as well give them to me—”

“Then, do you want to kill me now, loot my corpse, and take everything from me?” Zhou Shu said angrily. “In any case, I’m injured now, so I can’t resist.”

“Am I that kind of person?” Shi Changsheng said embarrassedly. “If you really die, I’ll have nothing to say, but I definitely won’t attack you. I’ve never harmed a friend in my life.”

“Am I your friend, Elder Shi?” Zhou Shu said.

“We’re comrades, at least,” Shi Changsheng said.

“In that case, Elder Shi, can you make yourself clear? What exactly did the master of the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain put in Yuheng Valley to scare you to this extent?” Zhou Shu was really curious.

He had once heard from Shi Changsheng that the intrinsic divine weapon of the master of the Red Water Heaven of Dan Mountain was the Heavenly Hub Armory, a nine-heavens divine weapon.

Even when he entered the Heavenly Hub Armory, Shi Changsheng didn’t react like this.

If Zhou Shu hadn’t heard wrongly, the sound just now was like the clang of an unsheathed weapon.

Shi Changsheng, who didn’t even react like this in the Heavenly Hub Armory, actually had this reaction when he heard this sound. What kind of weapon could make him so afraid?

One had to know that Shi Changsheng’s Longevity Sword was an extremely impressive divine weapon.

Sometimes, Zhou Shu even suspected that the Longevity Sword might not be much inferior to the Heavenly Hub Armory.

“I’m not afraid.” This time, Shi Changsheng was abnormally calm. He wasn’t provoked by Zhou Shu at all. He shook his head and said seriously, “I’ve lived for so many years. What scene have I not seen? Even if surnamed Diao comes back to life and stands here, I have nothing to be afraid of.

“I’m being rational,” Shi Changsheng continued. “I’m just stating a fact.

“Young fellow, when you live to be my age, you’ll know. Sometimes, we have to face reality. There’s no point in lying to ourselves when we know we’re no match.

“I know very well how strong I am now. I can’t protect you.”

Shi Changsheng said seriously, “After taking your things, I have to be responsible. If I can’t protect you, I can’t. If you have no other way, then wait for death. At worst, I can guarantee that I can collect your corpse.”

Zhou Shu looked at Shi Changsheng and said in a deep voice, “Elder Shi, you’ve said so much, but you still haven’t told me what surnamed Diao placed in Yuheng Valley.”

Wait for death?

That wasn’t his style!

He was alive and well. Whoever wanted him dead would die first!

Although the aftereffects of using his divine ability Total Annihilation had temporarily caused his cultivation to disappear, it wasn’t so easy to take his life!

“Is it useful to know?” Shi Changsheng asked. “If you know, you’ll only feel even more despair.

“I was a little harsh just now. Actually, you might not die. It might not have discovered you. You just have to think of a way to leave Yuheng Valley.”

Zhou Shu could now see the fear in Shi Changsheng’s heart. He was still unwilling to mention what made him so afraid. This had never happened before.

In the past, he would either say nothing or everything. This was the first time something like this had happened.

The matter was clearly in front of him, but Shi Changsheng still did this. This could only mean that the thing in Yuheng Valley really made Shi Changsheng extremely afraid. He was so afraid that he didn’t even dare to say its name.

“In that case, I won’t make things difficult for you. Elder Shi, do as you please.”

Zhou Shu closed his eyes and tried to circulate his energy to adjust his breathing. Unfortunately, unless the cooldown time for Total Annihilation passed, he wouldn’t be able to recover his cultivation. Even if he circulated his energy, it was a waste of his effort.

The Longevity Sword quietly floated in front of Zhou Shu. On the sword, Shi Changsheng sat cross-legged and kept looking into the depths of Yuheng Valley.

He looked as though he was ready to escape at any moment.


After an unknown period of time, another clang sounded from the depths of Yuheng Valley. At the same time, a sharp aura rose in the valley.

The sharpness didn’t seem powerful, but it was incomparably tenacious, giving off an endless feeling.

Shi Changsheng’s expression changed again.

Zhou Shu suddenly opened his eyes. He felt as if he was being targeted by something, and the hair on his back instantly stood on end.

“Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, it can’t be avoided.” Shi Changsheng’s voice sounded in Zhou Shu’s ear. “I knew it. It’s impossible for a living person to hide from it.

“Young fellow, I’ll give it a try, but I can’t guarantee that I can protect you.

“If you can’t, then don’t blame me for being disloyal. In that case, you’re on your own.”

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