Is it wrong to become a scumbag?

Chapter 357

The sound of the steps became faint because of the train.

They were also out of focus since they had just finished their activity.

However, their enemy wouldn’t give them mercy even if they knew what they had just done.

The wooden bungalow was destroyed, and nothing left remained.

By then, a giant, around ten meters made from earth, mud, stone, and many others from the ground, slammed the wooden bungalow.

However, even if the giant had destroyed the bungalow, it wouldn’t have hit or destroyed Tsukasa.

Tsukasa had already moved tens of meters away with Kanata in his arms, watching the giant.

“…That is..?” While Kanata was dumbfounded by Tsukasa’s physical ability, she quickly calmed down since she knew how amazing he was, especially on the bed. What was important at that moment was that she didn’t expect the rumor about a giant on this mountain to be real.

On the other hand, while Tsukasa didn’t see this giant as a threat, he continued to observe it from how it was made, its material, capabilities, and any other things he could collect. His eyes moved so fast, his nose twitched from time to time, and his telekinesis had spread to the entire forest, trying to detect any living beings.

Nothing escaped from him yet…


Tsukasa looked at the distance and thought this opponent was more careful than he had thought.

“Fufufu… it’s amazing that you can dodge my attack when you don’t see it—” The giant let out laughter and a male voice, which quickly attracted them. This voice seemed to joke around and didn’t seem to think what he was doing previously was harmful. Instead, whether it was Tsukasa or Kanata could tell that this person thought what he was doing was just a game, which made them frown.

However, when the giant was about to say something, his voice stopped abruptly.

Tsukasa noticed a glint on the chest of the giant.

‘It’s a camera, huh?’

Tsukasa understood his opponent’s reaction, and he felt it was normal.

“So handsome…”

The giant muttered in a daze before he let out a long sigh since it was his first time to see someone as handsome as Tsukasa.

“…….” Kanata.

“Ahhh…” The man who controlled the giant seemed to appreciate Tsukasa’s appearance so much.


“I want to kill you, make you my doll.”

The tone of the man didn’t change. It was the same full of joking as if he was saying that he was going to the toilet.

However, it brought a shiver to Kanata.

On the other hand, Tsukasa frowned and labeled this man as a death.

In this world, there are many psychopaths and lunatics, especially those in developed countries. Many people, villages, and even cities were destroyed by Blazers because it was their hobby.

The existence of Blazer gave many people a powerful ability, but not all of them would use their power to protect themselves or the people in their surroundings. Some of them, if not many, also used it to destroy many things.

The criminal was a regular thing, especially those with great power, since a rule couldn’t bind them.

Tsukasa had seen many of these types of people in his life because of his appearance. He was often targeted. In the beginning, he didn’t kill them. Instead, he let them. However, it changed when they kept approaching him, so he made a heavy decision to kill them.

After all, the law in this country was extremely lax since no matter how psychopathic the criminal was, they wouldn’t have the death penalty. Instead, they would just be put in jail.

Tsukasa wasn’t rich, and he was just a child back then, and the world was cruel to him, so in the end, he could only kill them since they threatened him.

This person. This man. The person who controlled the giant should be a similar type of person that Tsukasa had killed in the place.

This type of person was extremely narcissistic, and they had confidence in their strength and didn’t think they could lose, making them believe they could do whatever they wanted.

This was the type of person that he hated the most.

Tsukasa might not be much different since he was quite narcissistic, but he wouldn’t use his ability for a crime. If no one bothered him, he was also too lazy to bother anyone, so to answer this provocation, he made a clenched motion.

This not only made his opponent confused, but Kanata also confused.

However, they quickly understood what was happening.

The giant felt as if an invisible force trapped him in a place, and slowly the space started to get tighter and twisted before its body cracked and compressed steadily into a small piece of debris.

Tsukasa used his telekinesis without hesitation since he was too lazy to move.

“Ah-Ah, what’s happening? Hey, isn’t this power different from the information?”

However, no one answered his question about whether it was the camera and the giant destroyed into nothing.


With that last sound, the giant disappeared.


Kanata was dumbfounded, then asked, “Is it done?”

“Well, probably not yet.”

“Fufufu… so amazing. You’re so strong!”

As his voice fell, a burst of laughter sounded again.

A giant was quickly born from the sand, stone, and anything on the ground. However, unlike before, the numbers had increased.

From one to two, from two to four, then it kept expanding until they became 32 giants.

Those giants moved toward them and surrounded them, so they wouldn’t be able to escape.

“You’re strong, right? Then try this one.”

The laughter from the giant continued, and this person seemed to enjoy this situation so much.


Even Kanata also knew this situation was dangerous, especially when they

“Don’t worry.” Tsukasa changed Kanata’s position and held her with one hand while his other hand held a Drying Pole. He looked at his Drying Pole and felt this sword was quite tasteless. After all, it was just a sword that was longer than a usual sword.

If it was before, Tsukasa might not think too much.

However, at this moment, Tsukasa just wanted to destroy them with overwhelming power!

“Fufufu… let’s see, can you handle this?”

While Tsukasa wasn’t sure how this man could see the situation since he had destroyed the camera. Still, he wondered where this man’s confidence came from. After all, even if the number had increased, they were just creatures made from mud.

Tsukasa was too lazy to talk and just swung his sword after he increased its efficiency.

By then, a blade of compressed air shot out from his blade at the top of the giants, and suddenly all the mud giants crumbled and turned into debris.

“…….” Kanata.

It wasn’t the sound of a click and his sword re-sheathed that Kanata woke up.

“Done?” Kanata asked speechlessly since she felt Tsukasa was too strong, right?

“It’s done.” Frankly, Tsukasa didn’t think his opponent was strong. Instead, it was fairly weak, which made him so bored.

Kanata wanted to ask how Tsukasa was able to defeat the enemies with ease, especially with her on his arm. However, before she asked, the sound of clapping hands sounded.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Kanata and Tsukasa turned and saw a figure that approached them.

“Wow, so amazing!”

Tsukasa thought this matter hadn’t ended, which made him helpless.

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