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Infinity: Rising of the Soul Weavers

Infinity: Rising of the Soul Weavers





Infinity: Rising of the Soul Weavers

Rating: 8.7/10 from 17 ratings

Peace is such a wonderful illusion, but it is just that... an illusion.

Planet Earth had just recently recovered from a devastating invasion attempt where countless portals were mysteriously created out of thin air, spawning monsters and aliens alike.

Even though humans had various superpowers, so did the monsters. The clash between the two sides was brutal, leading to a global crisis that was the end of many.

Raven O'Bannon, a sixteen year old girl, was trying to overcome the incident, just like any other. But unfortunately for her, the cage of lies holding her reality together was all shattered apart the moment her little sister died.

As if triggering a chain reaction, Maya's death was followed by many tragedies and that kept on flipping Raven's world upside down.

First, she had to learn that she's no human, but rather, an alien. She belonged to a race that preyed on souls and could barely survive otherwise, hence the name given to them: The Soul Weavers.

Secondly, she was then exposed to the fact that she was the young princess of her race. However, being royalty wasn't good in her case since that meant her subjects wanted her head on a stick.

After some investigations, it became apparent that her father, the king, was responsible for destroying their planet and wasting many lives. Obviously, this didn't set well with the elders that now wanted the royal blood as a smoothie.

Lastly... no wait, of course it doesn't stop here...

One after the other, tragedies just keep on attempting to break poor Raven who was only trying to live her life normally.

Follow her along her journey to learn of her thoughts, emotions, and goals. How will she defend against an entire race wanting her dead? What will she do as a demon war threatens to destroy what's left of her sanity? Will she survive the journey with her heart pure white, or will it be dyed black as she let the darkness within take control?


Arc 0 - The Beginning of a New Era: Countless portals suddenly explode in the air, releasing monsters all around the globe. They wreak havoc, spill blood, and destroy everything like there is no tomorrow!

Arc 1 - The Aftermath (Nemesis): The story of two girls who are bound by hatred and envy. One has everything while the other has nothing but a broken mind and a shattered heart!

Arc 2 - An Angel's Sin (Heaven's Fall): While diving into the depth of a war between the ancient rulers of the Demon Realm, our protagonist is met with an unknown enemy that has quite the grudge against sinners!

Arc 3 - (coming soon)

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