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Chapter 45: Blood lineage secret ability

Chapter 45: Blood lineage secret ability

Hearing the explanation of Yun Leixiao on combat skills, within his heart, Ren Tianyou was endlessly surprised learning about the might of the combat skills. He didn’t expect that the power of the high level combat skills were this great.

If the explanation of Yun Leixiao regarding to combat skills were true, then the attacking and destructive power of that mid-heaven grade combat skill ‘Angry howl of Wind god’ of Supreme light academy’s dean is comparable to the Asa Kujaku (Morning Peacock) of Maito Guy after opening 6th gate.

Asa Kujaku (Morning Peacock) is one of the profound taijutsu under Hachimon Tonkou (The 8 inner gates). To use this taijutsu, one needs to open 6th gate ‘Keimon’ (gate of joy) of Hachimon Tonkou (The 8 inner gates). Maito Guy had once used this technique to quickly dispatch the double of Kisame, who possessed 1/3 strength of Kisame. For this technique, first the opponent is kicked into the air, then the user jumps and appears before the opponent. Then begins punching the opponent repeatedly in a high speed. The speed of the punches are so fast that due to the friction with the air, flames appears. These flames resembles just like the scattered tail of peacock. Due to this resemblance with the peacock tail, it was named so. Once the attack is finished, the enemy would be sent crashing back to the ground, covered with the attack’s aura.

According to the description of Yun Leixiao, the might of ‘Angry howl of Wind god’ can catch up with the might of Morning peacock. And that was just a mid-heaven grade combat skill, if it is like that then the top-heaven grade combat skills, compared to the Hirudora (Afternoon Tiger) won’t be any worse. You should know that only by using this Afternoon Tiger after opening 7th gate ‘Kyomon’ (The gate of shock) of 8 inner gates, Maito Guy was able to defeated Kisame who was in completely advantageous position in their battle, and the shock wave of that attack was so powerful that it covered the entire tortoise island where they were battling. This was the might of the Afternoon Tiger, so how big would it be the might of the top-heaven grade combat skill whose might is not any worse?

“It seems I shouldn’t underestimate the experts of this world, otherwise it will cost me dearly.” Ren Tianyou decided not to look down upon the experts of this world.


“It goes without saying that cultivating combat skills are very important, but higher grade combat skills are extremely difficult to obtain. Actually you can easily find yellow grade combat skills manuals at any big auction houses. But all the combat skill manuals of black grade is extremely rare. As for earth grade, they are something that can only be found by accident. And as for heaven grade combat skills, all are in the hands of those major power. And outsider wanting to obtain these heaven grade combat skills is harder than climbing to heaven.” Looking at everyone in the audience, Yun Leixiao spoke slowly. “The combat ability ‘Sky dividing sea wave’ used by Sun Chuqian is low-earth grade combat skill. And ‘Wind spirit 1000 sword dance’ of Wang Haiqing is high-black grade combat skill. As for the combat sklii used by newly-arrived students Yan Xinluo and Ren Tianyou, I am not quite sure. If I have to guess then, it should be at least earth grade combat skill.”

Hearing the evaluation of Yun Leixiao on his Hell Stab Three-Finger Spear Hand, he secretly laughed within his heart. The might of Ippon Nukite (One Fingered Assault), compared to the Morning peacock, is far more powerful. It is known that 3rd Raikage had used this to cut off all the tails of the 8 tailed beast, this skill is very fierce and cruel to the extreme. But since the firepower of Jigokuzuki (Thrust of Hell) is concentrated to a single point, compared to other common ninjutsu, the attack range is smaller.

But concerning to the combat skill of Yan Xinluo, Ren Tianyou too wasn’t quite clear, after all he had only read the brief introduction about their clan in an old book. So he didn’t know any concrete details about their combat skills.

“In addition to this 4 grade with its sub ranks, there is still secret combat skills. These secret skills are called Blood lineage secret abilities.” Yun Leixiao said in imposing manner.

“Blood lineage secret abilities are formed on based of our power of Blood lineage. There are many varieties of this type of skill, there is no lack of assisting type, fleeing type, defense type, and so on. But the characteristics of these skills couldn’t be duplicated.”

“As long as you put a great effort on training repetitively according to manual, almost all the other combat skills can be learn successfully. But Blood lineage secret abilities are different. This Blood lineage secret abilities are different from person to person of different clans, so only those having the same blood lineage could learn same Blood lineage secret abilities. And is impossible for other person not sharing the same blood to learn.”

“Just like in the match, to dodge the ‘Undead shock wave’ attack of Yan Xinluo, Wang Haiqing had used his Blood lineage secret ability ‘wind spirit flash’. If no one shared the blood with him, even if he tells you the method to cultivate this ‘wind spirit flash’, it will be useless.”


“I never expected that this blood lineage secret ability of Divine wind continent is similar to the Kekkei Genkai (bloodline limit) abilities in the Naruto world, which couldn’t be copied. It seems like my Sharingan couldn’t copy these blood lineage secret ability of this world.” Ren Tian You sighed in his heart. “But it is clear that everyone here possess their own blood linage secret ability, unlike in Naruto world, only few clans or individuals possess bloodline limit abilities. However I think the might of bloodline limit of Naruto world is far more powerful than the blood lineage secret abilities of this world.”

Ren Tianyou felt such because the blood lineage ‘7 star broken bones’ of Luo Tianxing and the bloodline limit ‘Shikotsumyaku’ (Macabre Bone Pulse) of Kaguya Clan in the Naruto world are very alike. But the might of Shikotsumyaku bloodline limit is many times powerful than 7 star broken bones. In Naruto world, Kimimaro had relied on Shikotsumyaku to withstand the Suna Shigure (sand sower), Sabaku Soso (Sand Burial), and the 2 big moves ‘Ryuusa bakuryuu (Quicksand cataract) + Sabaku taisou (Desert Imperial Mourning)’ of Garra without dyeing. Also using Sawarabi no Mai (Bracken Dance) of Shikotsumyaku, he almost stabbed Garra and Rock Lee to death. If not for the disease of Kimimaro, maybe both Garra and Rock Lee would have been defeated.

Similarly if one succeed in cultivating the vajra body of 7 star broken bone blood lineage, boldly speaking it could also withstand those two big moves. This 7 star broken blood lineage is a high ranked blood lineage and is almost as powerful as some Saint ranked blood lineage.


“With regards to blood lineage secret abilities, we can explore by only ourselves, all others are powerless to help. Power of blood lineage of each and every one is extremely profound. Till this date no one is bold enough to say confidently that he completely understands the power of blood lineage. So everyone should exert great efforts to successfully cultivate their power of blood lineage.”

“But for some people, they have their clan heritage. And they possess the same blood lineage as their ancestor of clan. In this case, they can cultivate the blood lineage secret abilities left behind by their ancestors. But you should know, since those secret abilities were created by your ancestor for themselves, so it may not necessarily be suitable for you. Only those ability that suits for you is best.”

“So if everyone wants to become a real expert, you should never give up to realize your own blood lineage secret ability. Because power of blood lineage provides extremely big help.”

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