I Refuse to Become Scumbag in Tokyo

Chapter 568: Nanami is a good maid

Chapter 568: Nanami is a good maid

Love becomes stronger when there is an obstacle.

Like Juliet and Romeo, whose love got stronger as many tried to part them up.

When the word "forbidden" was included in his act with Hana, it made his desire fiery. Yet he knew even though he desired her, it wasn't love. Instead, it was lust.

Still, the time he spent with Hana was unforgettable.

His desire was burning, but it was impossible to be with Hana, so he released it on Hiratsuka. He was so intense that she almost took a break from school since she was tired from last night's rendezvous. She kept asking him to let her go, but he only let her go before he returned to the Sakurasou.

He was in his room, sitting on his bed while sitting on his chair, doing his job. He didn't turn on the air conditioner even if the temperature was hot. Instead, he used an electric fan to cool down the temperature and his computer.

Shiina wasn't with him. Instead, she stayed in his apartment, considering the heat in this country was too intense during the summer.

Shishio didn't stop her since if it wasn't because of his aunt, he would stay in his apartment. Roberta, Misaki Kamiigusa, and Ritsu Kawai were even at his apartment now. The only ones left in this place were Ryuunosuke, Nanami, and Shiro-san.

As for the others, they went to work.

Only Sayaka Watanabe went to her university or went to a party with her new boyfriend or something.

Shishio wasn't interested in Sayaka since this woman was a trap. As for one nightstand, he might think about it since if he slept with her, he would get rewards from the system. The only thing he worried about was that their relationship might turn awkward, considering how they were living in Sakurasou.

While he was working, Nanami was behind him, putting his clothes in his wardrobe neatly. She was like a virtuous wife who helped with the house chores. She hummed, "one more time, one more chance," the song sung by Shishio for his manga with Shiina happily.

Shishio glanced at her, wondering how a sad and forlorn song could become such an upbeat song. However, he felt this might be the influence of her job as a "seiyuu." Unlike before, her cast in Misaki's anime gave her a chance to get various jobs in various anime. It might be a small role, but her career slowly grew.

Still, even if Nanami had a job, she didn't forget about her duty as his maid and kept taking care of him since she felt it was a privilege for her to be able to take care of him, and she didn't want to share it with anyone.

Shishio suddenly stopped working and turned his chair to observe her from behind. She tied her hair in her usual ponytail and wore cool casual clothes since the temperature was hot. Her clothing was quite loose, which allowed him to see her wet armpit and white bra through the gap of the sleeve when she raised her hands to put his clothes in the wardrobe.

The faint scent of her soap and sweat was caught by his enhanced sense of smell, which made it hard for him to work.

Shishio had tried to stay on Sakurasou since he wanted to finish his works first, but he didn't expect that even this woman had tried to tempt him, making him sigh, thinking that a woman was a source of sin.

Yet he loved this sin so much.

However, he didn't bother her since he had just handled her this morning.

Still, he really wondered what was wrong with the relationship between Yui's parents.

If he didn't meet them, he wouldn't be troubled by this matter.

Unfortunately, he met Yui's mother, and it was hard to wipe her existence out of his mind.

Still, he felt it was better to think about the two closest women around him than Yui's mother.

The first one was his aunt, Chihiro Sengoku.

He knew the reason, and it was also why he didn't dare to do anything since their relationship was fairly sensitive.

They were an aunt and a nephew.

Chihiro was different from Hiratsuka or Hina. If she was only a normal teacher, he might not hesitate, but when an "aunt" word was plastered on her name, he hesitated to jump forward.

If Chihiro married someone, it would be great, and they could forget each other's feelings.

Unfortunately, searching for someone to stay with forever was harder than one thought, especially when one was in a hurry.

Marriage was wonderful, but it was horrible when you stayed with someone you weren't in love with.

This might be strange to marry someone you didn't feel in love with, but it is something common in today's society.

For a reason, there were countless of them, and he was too lazy to list them.

However, it was impossible for him to settle his relationship with Chihiro.

'If there's a plot that she is the adopted daughter of my grandparents...'

He sighed since if there were such a plot, everything would be so smooth.

On the other hand, the matter of Kamiigusa Misaki was easier.

While Misaki hadn't said anything about her rendezvous, which happened during his trip to Izu, h knew that many things happened, especially with her previous crush, Mitaka Jin.

Shishio had almost forgotten Mitaka's figure since even if they had stayed in the same dorm, their relationship wasn't close, and he also didn't like Mitaka.

Mitaka was in love with Misaki, but he didn't dare to openly express his feelings since he didn't feel he was worthy of Misaki, yet he didn't want anyone to approach her while he moved from one girl to another, playing with Misaki's feelings.

Like how Mitaka was tormented by his inferior feeling toward Misaki, he also wanted to torment Misaki by playing with her feeling. He knew that Misaki was in love with him, and he was also in love with her, but he made an excuse that he wasn't worthy enough.

If so, then what about the other women he had seduced?

Many of them were older, and some of them were working, or many others.

Were they different from Misaki?


However, the fact that Mitaka played with Misaki's feelings didn't change.

Shishio even heard the story of how Mitaka even seduced her sister from Misaki. He was sure Mitaka didn't love her sister, yet Mitaka confessed to Misaki's sister, turning their relationship into a couple.

It was also that time when Misaki realized her feeling toward Mitaka and made her distressed when she found out how they dated each other.

By then, Mitaka realized his advantage, which was his handsome face, and he kept tailing Misaki like a stalker, playing with her feeling until Shishio came into their relationship.

Misaki was no longer crazy about Mitaka.

Yet while Misaki was alright, it was different for Mitaka since Misaki was his whole world.

Shishio wondered what Mitaka was going to do, but he knew he had to prepare something in case something happened.

"Shishio-kun, you're going to the camp for the service club, right?" Nanami suddenly asked.

"Yes." Shishio turned and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Should I prepare clothes for you?" Nanami asked.

"Is that okay?"

"I am your maid." Nanami smiled and said, "What are you being reserved about?" Unlike before, her girliness had disappeared and what was left was the charm of a woman. Shishio had done many things to her, and there was no need for him to hesitate in telling her to do anything. However, this gentleness and politeness were also parts that made her love him.

When they communicated, he was a gentleman, but when they were on the bed, he was a beast.

This was what made her love him even more.


"It's okay. You should continue your work. I won't bother you."

"Then, I'll do that."

Shishio continued with his work, and Nanami quietly helped him to prepare his clothes and items for his trip to the camp for the Service Club.

"Now that you mention it, how many days will you be at the camp?"

"Two or three days?" Shishio didn't turn and asked, "Don't you want to go back to Osaka?" A picture of Nanami's mother suddenly emerged in his mind, making his expression subtle.

"No, I will stay."


"Um." Nanami nodded, saying, "I have a job, after all."

"I'll send it to you that day. When are you going to work?"

Nanami smiled and told him when she was going to work. Still, he might be tired when he accompanied her to work, so she thought they might need to rest at the nearby hotel.

After she was done putting his clothes in the duffel bag, she didn't move away and sat on his bed while reading the script of her anime that she was going to work on. She didn't bother him, but the fact that she sat while presenting her plump white thighs toward his direction made him restless.

"Say, Nanami, can you help me again?"

"What's wrong, Shishio-kun?"

"I can't concentrate on work. Come here. Help me a little."

"....." Nanami was speechless and blushed, but she naively came in his direction. "What should I do?"

Shishio locked the door and closed the window before he turned on the air conditioner. The cool breeze started to spread into his room, but even so, his body was sweating since it was quite hot. However, before he said anything, he suddenly saw Nanami under the table, squatting down.

"What are you doing there?"

"I am helping you, master~."

"...." Shishio wanted to ask her to give him a massage, but she pulled his shorts. "It's the smell of sweat. Is that okay?" Still, he must admit that her job as a "seiyuu" gave her many possibilities.

"I think this smell is better." Her voice was so low, and she almost had a heat stroke. The long rod almost slapped her cheek, but because this wasn't her first time, she handled it skillfully, holding it with her slender hand before she started to help him.


Shishio patted Nanami's head gently and was glad to have her as a maid since she could help him concentrate on his work.

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