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Chapter 818 - Chapter 818: The Confrontation of the World Tree

Chapter 818: The Confrontation of the World Tree

The only thing Lin Mo could do was to persevere and take away his luck to avoid being devoured by the Spirit Devouring Bugs.

At the same time, a world-shaking battle broke out outside the Demon State. Even the neighboring states were affected.

An ancient tree rose from the ground. Every leaf was like a star, as if it carried a world.

That was the World Tree, the World Tree that existed in the Central Continent…

Its enemy was a pitch-black ancient tree, which was also a World Tree. It seemed to have turned black.

The power they had unleashed during the war in the Demon State was something that even an Emperor-to-be didn’t dare to touch.

In the sky battlefield, the pitch-black tree branch that Lin Mo was facing was this blackened World Tree.

It was the one that had released countless Spirit Devouring Bugs in order to devour the fate of the Demon State.

Unfortunately, they had encountered Lin MO, who had absorbed the luck of the previous few spaces.

As for others who were behind, they were also absorbed by the will of the Great Path, so not many of them were devoured.

As Lin Mo’s realm continued to increase, the fate of the Demon State would eventually be taken away by him.

Of course, the prerequisite was that everything had to go smoothly.

The battle lasted for a long time. This was the first time countless creatures had seen a battle between World Trees.

Moreover, it was because all living beings were in this world, no matter where they were.

They were able to sense the existence of the World Tree and know the enemy it was facing. They were able to observe such a battle.

“If the luck of a prefecture is stolen, it will have a great impact on the Northern


Time flew by as everyone nervously watched.

The war in the Demon State continued. Outside, the World Tree was fighting. In the sky battlefield, Lin MO was also facing swarms of countless insects.

By this time, more than nine days had already passed, and he was already at the peak of the Great Saint realm. He was only one step away from becoming an Absolute Saint.

The cultivation of luck was nearing its end, and Lin MO was dispirited after nearly ten days of high-intensity battles.

It was at this moment that he had the urge to fall asleep.

It was extremely tiring. The attack from the Spirit Devouring Bugs did not stop for a moment.

He had been unleashing his peak combat strength all this while. The Four Immortal Slaying Swords had killed countless people, and the more he fought, the braver he became.

However, he was very tired. With the support of his Inner World and luck, the spiritual qi in his body remained full.

During this period of time, only by breaking through to the next realm could the explosive power cleanse his soul and prevent him from collapsing.

As if knowing that Lin MO was about to succeed, the branch of the World Tree in the sky trembled a little.

Streams of ink-black Divine Chains of Order hung down, wanting to kill Lin Mo.


The Four Immortal Slaying Swords attacked. The four Immortal swords erupted with dazzling sword light and a large amount of scarlet sword qi fell.

The Divine Chains of Order were shattered and were unable to get close to Lin Mo.

However, the Four Immortal Slaying Swords were also repelled. They were restricted, and Lin Mo’s realm was insufficient.

He couldn’t unleash his strongest sword qi and was restricted here.


The attacks did not stop, be it from the Spirit Devouring Bugs or the World


One after another, Divine Chains of Order continued to fall down and surged toward Lin MO like snakes, sealing the void and isolating all auras.

At the same time, Lin Mot s aura surged.

The barrier of the Absolute Saint Realm was broken through, and the fate of this world was completely cultivated and absorbed.

“That was close…”

Spreading the wings on his back, Lin MO narrowly avoided the attack. He broke through his realm, and the power of the Four Immortal Slaying Swords increased again.

The scarlet sword aura was like a red line that destroyed all of the Divine Chains of Order. Even the branch of the World Tree was shaken.

A pitch-black leaf fell from the sky, cut off by the sword qi.

[ Mission completed. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the twelfth-grade Red Karmic Fire Lotus. The quality of the Broken Moon Sword has increased. I

The system’s voice sounded in his mind, and a scorching flame shot out from his eyes.

A red lotus flower slowly formed under his feet. In the next moment, a monstrous flame erupted.

The Spirit Devouring Bugs seemed to be very afraid of the karmic fire. After being burned, their combat strength decreased drastically.

The power contained in the twelfth-grade Red Karmic Fire Lotus was very terrifying, and it did not rely much on Lin Mot s spiritual qi cultivation.

It was capable of unleashing the power of an Innate treasure.

With an explosion, the black fog around Lin MO dissipated completely. The karmic fire burned half the sky, and countless Spirit Devouring Bugs died.

“Chi chi!”

After becoming an Absolute Saint, the suppression of this space had decreased.

The Four Immortal Slaying Swords attacked again, working together with the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. In addition, Lin MO also brandished the Broken Moon Sword.

Naturally, the target was the pitch-black World Tree branch. It was the one who had released the Spirit Devouring Bug.

Today, no matter what, he had to cut it off and burn it completely with karmic



As if sensing a threat, the branches shook slightly, and the leaves on them made a crisp sound.

Following that, countless Spirit Devouring Bugs appeared. The black fog transformed into a twelfth-grade Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

Unfortunately, it failed this time.

How could such an Innate treasure be easily imitated?

Even those who were proficient in the Great Dao of Fire could not replicate it. This was the Red Karmic Fire Lotus, which could burn all karma. Only one flower could exist in each world.

“Immortal Slaying, Evil Slaying!”

“Kill!” Lin MO shouted. The Broken Moon Sword and the Four Immortal Slaying Swords attacked at the same time. All five Immortal swords moved downwards and slashed at the thick branch.

“Karmic fire, please suppress the demons and burn everything.”

The twelfth-grade Red Karmic Fire Lotus under his feet released endless flames. The dark red sea of fire enveloped the entire sky.

The leaves of the World Tree were also ignited. The karmic fire was difficult to extinguish.

Countless Divine Chains of Order appeared, wanting to attack Lin MO, but it was difficult for them to move forward in the sea of fire.


The burning flames and the slashes of the sword aura finally damaged the indestructible World Tree.

It had been suppressed by the will of heaven here, so it was difficult for it to unleash the true power of the World Tree.

Lin MO held an Innate treasure in his hands as he did something heaven-defying.

Cracks began to appear, and the thick branches began to burn with karmic fire. The Immortal Slaying Sword also left sword marks on his body.

Numerous laws appeared, healing his injuries and extinguishing his karmic fire.

“I’m coming.”

Seeing that it was effective, Lin Mot s fighting spirit rose. He continued to transmit spiritual qi, allowing the Red Karmic Fire Lotus to maintain its maximum circulation.

“Not bad, but your time is precious. Go on to the next space.”

A familiar voice sounded in his ears, and Lin MO turned his head excitedly.

A man walked out of the space with a smile on his face.


Lin MO was delighted. He was finally meeting the Rainbow-Winged Bird again. He had been alone and helpless all this while after such a huge incident.

At the beginning of the King’s battlefield, the Qilin could have come to help, but he had quickly ended the battle.

After that, the Spirit Devouring Bugs would invade. What was going on in the Demon State? Or had they only attacked the sky battlefield?

Lin MO asked this question in his heart. He was eager to know the answer.

“It’s chaotic outside. This is your chance to rise. The Qilin has been taken away by the Bai Clan,” chuckled the Rainbow-Winged Bird.

The World Tree had sensed the anomaly when the sky battlefield had appeared. It had alerted the powerful creatures on every continent.

The Bai Clan had immediately sent people over. They had originally planned to take Lin MO and the Qilin away.

In the end, Lin MO entered the sky battlefield, so they had only managed to take the Qilin away first and had contacted him to protect Lin Mo…

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