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Chapter 40 - The Strange Cauldron, the Intense Reaction of the God-Slaying Body

Chapter 40: The Strange Cauldron, the Intense Reaction of the God-Slaying Body

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Lin Mo was extremely disappointed. Suddenly, Wang Qing said, “Father, you have forgotten about that strange cauldron!”

Wang Zhong’s expression slightly changed. On the other hand, Lin Mo’s interest was piqued.

“Strange cauldron?”

Wang Qing immediately answered, “That’s right. Owner Lin, we have a very strange cauldron.”

Wang Zhong had no choice and could only ask someone to bring the cauldron.

A huge dark cauldron appeared in front of them. It looked ordinary on the outside and was a little heavy, unlike the cauldrons which were overflowing with light and colors that Lin Mo had seen earlier. This cauldron did not even have any characteristics.

From afar, it looked like a big black furnace.

Lin Mo subconsciously stretched out his hand. His fingertips trembled slightly as if there was an electric current flowing through them. At the same time, there seemed to be a wave of hot air that was slowly rising from within his body. The god-slaying body was reacting intensely with this cauldron.

Then, Lin Mo calmly retracted his hand and suppressed the boiling spiritual energy within his body. There was a voice telling him to obtain that cauldron at all cost.

Lin Mo’s eyes deepened as he probed, “Is this cauldron forged by the Wang family?”

Wang Zhong shook his head.

“I obtained it by accident. It was very strange, so I decided to keep it.”

He continued, “I didn’t take it out earlier because this cauldron can’t be used for refining.”

Lin Mo thought that it was odd.

“Can’t be used for refining? Why is that? Is this cauldron broken?”

Wang Zhong had a complicated expression on his face.

“The moment someone attempts to refine something, this cauldron will erupt. Then, the mysterious power will devour all the energy of the item, turning it into nothing but trash. Medicinal pills or anything else, the results were always the same.”

A cauldron was supposed to turn trash into treasure, but this thing was doing the exact opposite.

Wang Zhong had been studying this mysterious cauldron’s power for quite some time but to no avail. There had to be a hidden secret. Nothing else could explain the peculiar phenomenon.

However, after spending countless resources, Wang Zhong still could not figure out the mystery. As time passed, he gradually gave up.

Wang Zhong sighed and said, “I’ve tried all kinds of methods, but nothing worked. Owner Lin, you seemed to be very interested in this cauldron.”

Naturally, Lin Mo could not tell the actual truth. There were very few god-slaying bodies and even fewer people who knew about them.

“I want to study this mysterious cauldron’s power.”

Lin Mo had a serious expression on his face. It did not seem like he was lying. However, Wang Zhong was a sharp person. He knew that things were not so simple.

“I think this cauldron is quite compatible with me. Could you sell it to me for 10,000 low-grade spirit stones?”

Wang Zhong was a little hesitant. He looked at the cauldron and then at Lin Mo. Although he may not understand the profound meaning behind this cauldron, he did not want to sell it just like that either. On the other hand, Lin Mo’s offer was very tempting.

For a moment, he was caught in a dilemma.

“Owner Lin, why would you spend so many spirit stones on such a cauldron? Isn’t it a waste?”

Wang Zhong probed again to see if he could get more information out of Lin Mo.

If Wang Zhong found out that Lin Mo and the cauldron had formed a connection, it would be even harder for the latter to obtain it.

“Clan Leader Wang, I’m an auctioneer so I like to collect strange things. That’s why I value this cauldron.”

It was a solid response with no room for argument.

“Moreover, you’ve already researched the cauldron and there were no results, right? Let me give it a try instead.”

Wang Qing spoke from the side again. It looked like he could not wait to sell the cauldron.

“Father, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and sell this strange cauldron to Owner Lin. It’s just a waste of space for us. Almost no one would spend such a huge amount of money to buy it. Personally, I wouldn’t even pay 1,000 spirit stones.”


Wang Zhong was speechless. His son was incomparably honest. He was so angry that he rolled his eyes several times.

However, after thinking about it, Wang Qing’s words made sense. This cauldron would only collect dust if he kept it. Selling it to Lin Mo would be way better. It would even earn him quite a lot of spirit stones.


The two parties quickly came to an agreement. Once everything was settled, Lin Mo prepared to leave.

“If there’s an opportunity next time, I’ll visit again. Thank you for your time today.”

Wang Zhong did not know why, but he felt a little disappointed in his heart as he looked at Lin Mo’s departing figure.

“Father, you’ve earned 10,000 low-grade spirit stones. Why do you look unhappy?”

Upon hearing these words, Wang Zhong immediately felt a burst of anger. He recalled all the times his son had pushed him into a corner. Since Lin Mo was present earlier, he could not say anything.

“Did you think you could control my actions?”

Wang Qing was totally confused. He scratched his head and said, “Father, I think you’ve misunderstood me.”

Wang Zhong sighed. The cauldron had already been sold. There was no point in arguing now.

“Lin Mo must know how to use that cauldron. I’m sure he wasn’t telling the truth and I don’t know how many tricks he has up his sleeve. Originally, I wanted to get more information out of him, but you completely messed up my plan.


His son was silly and sweet. Sometimes, Wang Zhong wished that he was a little more like Lin Mo.

Wang Qing did not mind.

“No matter how rare and precious a treasure is, it’s useless in the wrong hands. I think that selling the cauldron to Lin Mo was the right decision.”

These words made Wang Zhong proud. What his son had said was completely reasonable.

“Finally, you have said something sensible. Still, Lin Mo is quite sly. Don’t provoke him. We better not get involved with the matter between him and the Miao family.”

Wang Zhong was not a busybody and he knew his son’s characteristics very well. That was why he gave Wang Qing a reminder.

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