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Chapter 447 - Relatives and Friends

Chapter 447 - Relatives and Friends

Among the Tianlong Guards here, there was Dragon One, Dragon Three, Dragon Five…and several more for a total of ten members. The strength of each person was at peak Xiantian stage nine.

These Tianlong Guards were exactly the same as Dragon 21 and the others. Their deferential expressions were flushed with fanaticism, and when they looked upon Gongyi Tianheng, it was as if they were beholding a god.

Tianheng brushed his sleeve, and thanked the numerous Tianlong Guards: “Everyone has worked hard these past two years.”

Dragon One said: “How can handling matters for the young master be called hard work?”

Following this, the group of people ascended the mountain.

Along the way, the Tianlong Guards slowly told Tianheng and the others about everything that happened since they left.

First, let’s talk about Gongyi Tianyang. Because he gained that inheritance, his own strength rapidly improved. In two years, his power had already reached Xiantian stage six. Of course, while the effects of the medicinal pills left behind by Gu Zuo were indispensable, if he wasn’t hardworking enough, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve these circumstances. At the same time, his foundation was incomparably sturdy. It was to the point that he consciously slowed down the speed of his own advancements. This was because he knew that, although he could improve even faster, his combat strength would be inferior at equivalent realms if his foundation was unstable. This would’ve been extremely detrimental to his future development.

Meanwhile, Gongyi Mingxia, who had been accepted as an apprentice by Senior Sect Brother Huang Ji, hunted and slew wild beasts with Huang Ji in the wilderness all year round. From the originally delicate and pretty little girl, she became a majestic and awe-inspiring female warrior. Not only was her willpower much more firm and resolute, even her behavior and style were constantly approaching the likeness of Huang Ji. If there was something worth rejoicing, it was that Mingxia’s self-perception had formed early on. She recognized that she was indeed a young lady, and didn’t emulate Huang Ji, who regarded himself as a man. Her figure also hadn’t turned burly and strapping, just tall and straight. Similar to Huang Ji, she appeared heroic and exuberant.

Aside from this, the properties that Tianheng left behind were also taken care of by Tianyang. However, without Gu Zuo, this kind of pharmacist whose medicine refining speeds were extremely fast and whose product grades far exceeded that of ordinary people, these properties had to rely on the several remaining pharmacists. While they were able to support the current Medicine of Life, and preserve the present quality of goods, if the business wanted to expand, it would take a lot of time and slow development.

Among the other few properties, under Tianyang’s management, he accumulated capital, issued reserve funds, and even gradually opened a few more shops. So long as there weren’t any big problems, these could ultimately become one of their sources of capital.

From this, it could be seen that Tianyang had already changed from that originally stubborn youth who had been hidden under the brilliance of his elder brother to a great talent who could assume personal responsibility.

As for the others, the Tianlong Guards were under the command of Dragon One and Dragon Two. Each of them led one side, and the guards were divided into two teams of troops who took turns assisting Tianyang. When one team handled matters, the other team went out adventuring to raise their fighting prowess.

All of the Tianlong Guards followed Tianheng’s orders. Though they diligently and wholeheartedly assisted Tianyang, they put more effort into increasing their own capabilities. They believed there would inevitably come a day when their young master returned to bring them away and to rush headlong into a wider world!

In fact, it was indeed like this. Tianyang also organized some ordinary teams himself. When Tianheng came back from the faraway Central Continent, he would want to take away his devoted death guards.

Once Gu Zuo finished listening to Dragon One’s words, he inwardly nodded.

One had to mention that the Tianlong Guards were the most loyal death guards he had ever seen. Such a force was simply unimaginable in the modern era. It wasn’t surprising that his big brother was unenthusiastic about those battle slaves and servile races, even though their very life and death were supposedly held in his grasp. On the contrary, when Tianheng looked at the Tianlong Guards, his expression was relaxed, and he gave them heartfelt guidance.

When one thought about it, when his family’s big brother was still sickly and weak, he could’ve died at any time. Nevertheless, the Tianlong Guards remained faithful and true. Such subordinates who had been put to the test really made one feel reassured.

It didn’t take long for them to reach the top of the mountain.

At first, this place was arranged simply. But now, through Tianyang’s operations, it had been expanded a lot. Under the pressure created by Tianyang’s constant improvements, Tianyin, Tianxiao, and Tianhe, the three cousins who were brought over back then, had all become Xiantian stage two martial artists.

Such progress was something they never dared to imagine before, and it made them work even harder.

At this moment, the three younger generations were competing in a melee at a Martial Arts Practice Field, which had been set up on the side. The qi and blood of their bodies hung in the air like rising steam. It was a display of extremely bold and powerful strength.

On the other hand, Tianyang was in seclusion at the back of the mountain. Over the past two years, unless it was truly too difficult to withstand, he painstakingly and incessantly cultivated day and night.

Tianheng and Gu Zuo came directly to the Martial Arts Practice Field. As for the three’s brawl, it had just turned white-hot. Tianyin had taken the upper-hand. His punches blasted out like thunder, his imposing aura was vigorous, his footwork was quick-witted, and his speed billowed like the mist and clouds. He soon struck Tianhe, eliminating him from the competition. Tianxiao immediately captured this chance to counter Tianyin, which suddenly caused him to fall to a disadvantage. However, Tianyin quickly adjusted himself, and fought hand-to-hand. As fists struck flesh, the battle became extraordinarily intense.

Tianhe angrily withdrew from the Martial Arts Practice Field. He massaged the places where he was injured, and prepared to take out a medicinal pill to swallow — In martial arts competitions, they never held back against one another. Just as he turned around, he unexpectedly caught sight of two figures he believed he wouldn’t see for a long time. Subconsciously, he rubbed his eyes, thinking that he was mistaken.

Upon seeing this, Gu Zuo couldn’t help finding it funny.

He remembered that Tianhe was the most ambitious and driven among the three. He didn’t expect that Tianhe would do something so foolish and absentminded now.

Off to the side, Tianhe blinked his eyes several times, and noticed that the two hadn’t disappeared. He reacted, and suddenly felt embarrassed. He opened his mouth, wanting to call out to them.

Gu Zuo promptly lifted a hand to stop him.

Tianhe glanced at his cousin, Gongyi Tianheng.

Tianheng smiled, and pointed at the Martial Arts Practice Field.

Tianhe immediately understood that he wanted to watch their performance. After that, Tianhe felt somewhat regretful. Just a while ago, he should’ve been more prudent. As a result, he let Tianheng witness that abysmal display of his…

On the Martial Arts Practice Field, Tianyin and Tianxiao quickly determined who would win and who would lose. In the end, it was still Tianyin who eked out a victory, defeating Tianxiao.

Once they put away their fists, Tianxiao was about to tease Tianyin with a few words of idle chitchat, but then he saw that Tianyin suddenly stiffened. As Tianxiao followed his line of sight, he also revealed an extremely shocked expression.

Shortly thereafter, several people reacted, and uniformly paid their respects: “Cousin! Pharmacist Gu!”

Gu Zuo waved at them.

Tianheng smiled and said: “You guys have made great improvements. This elder cousin is very gratified.”

When those Gongyi Clan youths received Tianheng’s approval, a trace of happiness appeared on their faces. As far as they were concerned, the praise and admiration of other people couldn’t compare to a word of mild appreciation from their older cousin.

After that, several people came to the front.

Tianheng said: “Dragon One, you and the others will disperse to summon back the remaining Tianlong Guards. In addition, send a few people to call out Tianyang and to invite Senior Sect Brother Huang Ji and Mingxia.”

Dragon One and the others accepted this order, and swiftly went out.

Meanwhile, these Gongyi Clan youths crowded around Tianheng. They mentioned several complications with their martial disciplines, and asked Tianheng to explain for them.

What kind of person was Tianheng? In order to create the six paths that he walked along, he had browsed through countless ancient books and records in Ten Ultimates Sect. Now that he was giving pointers to these younger generations, it could be said that it was as easy as lifting a finger or blowing away some dust. Therefore, every piece of guidance went straight to the fundamentals of the martial skill. When he was giving explanations, he unravelled complicated subjects into simpler terms. With just a little bit of advice, Tianyin and the others were cheerfully convinced. All the things they didn’t understand in the past was made clear with a flash of insight. When the underlying points were grasped, the rest would follow with huge improvements.

Later on, these youths couldn’t help practicing and training again. Right away, they whipped up strong winds in their surroundings as they fought.

All of a sudden, a figure rapidly flashed over like a shooting star. Their momentum surged like waves as they rushed over extremely quickly. Accompanying this person’s arrival was a voice that rang out like silver bells: “Big brother! Brother Ah Zuo! You guys came back!”

When that voice fell, this person had already arrived in front of them.

Gu Zuo immediately got a clear look at this person. With bright eyes and white teeth, her countenance was pure and graceful. Compared to before, there was a more lively and brisk air about her. She was filled with vitality, which drew people’s attention. Who was she if not Gongyi Mingxia? The current her was even more outstanding. Like her namesake, her bright and beautiful smile was as resplendent as the rose-tinted sky at sunrise.

Sure enough, a girl changed eighteen times between childhood and womanhood. In the two years he hadn’t seen her, this little girl had already grown up to become a beauty with the bearing and grace of a young lady.

Gu Zuo couldn’t help patting Mingxia’s head. He gave her a bottle of medicinal pills with a smile: “These are flawless Anti-Aging Pills. They can preserve your youthfulness forever.”

Mingxia promptly revealed a glittering smile with neat rows of pearly-white teeth. This kind of smile could bring happiness to onlookers: “Many thanks, Brother Ah Zuo!”

Soon after, Mingxia walked to Tianheng’s side. Only, it wasn’t the same as when she was in front of Gu Zuo. This elder brother’s demeanor had always been different from that of ordinary people. From the start, she didn’t dare act like a spoiled child. Instead, she gave a practiced salute, and showed a filial and respectful gaze: “Big brother.”

Tianheng smiled gently at her: “You’ve grown up. Very good.”

Mingxia was also content.

Following this, a young man flashed out from the back of the mountain with extreme speed. He displayed a heroic and dashing figure. Although his features were still a little young and inexperienced, he already looked quite spirited.

This was Gongyi Tianyang. In the two years they were gone, he had grown at least one foot taller. Now, he was only half a head shorter than Tianheng. However, compared to Gu Zuo, he was much taller.

Gu Zuo’s mood was a bit complicated.

He was one year older than Tianyang, so why did it seem like he was the younger one? When all was said and done, just what did Tianyang eat to grow this much…

It was truly gloomy.

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