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Chapter 404 - 404 Absolutely Not Permitting Her Grandfather To Be Bullied! (2)

404 Absolutely Not Permitting Her Grandfather To Be Bullied! (2)

Shen Yuansong and his butler had been heading out to look for Shen Ruojing as they were worried that she might be impulsive and reveal her identity.

They hadn’t expected to run into the two of them at the entrance.

Now, Shen Jiayi was so frightened by his words that she shivered.

“Scram, don’t let me see you again.” Shen Yuansong’s tone was filled with emotions, but it was weak.

Hearing this, Shen Jiayi didn’t even dare to take the car. She directly clutched her face as she ran to the Shen Manor.

After that, she charged into Shen Chong’s room and cried very loudly, “Father, he actually doesn’t give me any face at all for the sake of his little lover! As expected, since I’m not his biological granddaughter, he feels no closeness to me!”

Shen Chong stared at his daughter with heartache. As he got someone to come and apply medicine for her, he also spoke ruthlessly, “Don’t worry, he won’t be able to proclaim his innocence now that something like this has happened. In the future, I want to see what cheek he has to return to the company!”

At the other location, Shen Ruojing supported Shen Yuansong and went to Shen Yuansong’s room.

After the butler closed the door, Shen Ruojing anxiously asked, “You are not angry, right?”

At the same time, her finger pressed onto his pulse.

Shen Yuansong laughed. “An old man like me has lived for close to eighty years. So what if some people scold me online? I won’t care about them at all.”

Shen Ruojing sighed in relief. “That’s good then.”

As they chatted, the butler pushed the door open and entered. His expression was unsightly and his eyes were red. “Old Master, earlier the scientific world gave me a call and s…said that…”

Shen Yuansong’s heart sank. “What did they say?”

The butler angrily replied, “They said that this matter has affected your reputation too much. You most probably won’t be selected for the special contribution award this year.”

The special contribution award was only given to very few people.

It had not been given out for the past few years, and this year when Shen Yuansong was nominated, everyone was very convinced. But now that there were so many comments against him online, if they still gave him the award, the public would probably not be happy…

Shen Yuansong’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he was merely silent for two seconds before he laughed. “How can a minor thing like this be worthy of mention?”

The butler immediately grumbled, “What minor thing? This award is only given to a few people in the country, and it is a symbol that the country has acknowledged your painstaking effort. This is the highest award in the scientific world!”

However, Shen Yuansong’s tone was calm. “I did so many things not because I wanted the award.”

The butler wanted to speak but hesitated. “But…”

“There are no buts. Alright, you can head out first.”

After Shen Yuansong told the butler to go out, Shen Ruojing looked at him. “Is this award very important to you?”

Shen Yuansong laughed. “There’s nothing more important to me compared to you. Jingjing, right now, I only hope that you and your mother can live happily for the rest of your lives. Do you understand my meaning?”

Shen Ruojing knew that her grandfather was still worried about that unknown danger. He would rather be scolded and misunderstood by others than acknowledge her and her mother.

She lowered her eyes. “I understand.”

“It’s good that you can understand. Don’t be so impulsive in the future.” Shen Yuansong smiled after he said this. “In addition, since there are scandalous rumors between us, why don’t we temporarily not meet for now?”

Shen Ruojing stood up. “Hmm, I won’t be coming to the Shen Manor for the next few days then.”

She and Shen Yuansong bade farewell to each other and she walked out.

The butler personally sent her out. When he returned again, he opened the door, only to see Shen Yuansong lying on the sofa with trembling fingers.

The butler hurriedly rushed over. “Sir, I knew you would definitely feel unsettled about this! This award is something you fought to gain for the sake of your father. How can it not be important to you?”

Back then, before Shen Yuansong’s father passed away, he got Shen Yuansong to come back and take over the family business.

However, Shen Yuansong was completely unwilling.

His father said that even if Shen Yuansong devoted his entire life to research, he wouldn’t be able to get the contribution award. Since that was the case, he might as well become a businessman.

Back then, Shen Yuansong felt extremely angry and felt that his father had insulted all scientists.

He vowed he would get that award no matter what.

However, his father had long since passed away.

And recently, Shen Yuansong’s condition wasn’t very good. He originally wanted to get this award so that when he met his father in the underworld, he could flaunt it and say that his father was wrong in the past. But now, it was probably too late.

This award was usually only given to dead scientists.

If Shen Yuansong wanted to get it while alive, it was impossibly difficult.

This year, he revealed to everyone that his body was on the verge of breaking down, which was why the scientific world decided to give him the award.

Shen Yuansong then patted the butler’s hand after hearing this. “No worries, everything would be gone once someone died. Back then, the argument between me and my father was just a childish one to prove who was right…”

However, the butler said, “It wasn’t a childish one. Rather, your ideologies were different. You feel that science can benefit the country, while he felt that commerce could benefit the country and science was rubbish. You wanted to use this award to prove your ideology…”

Men would always be kids even if they were on the verge of death.

Although Shen Yuansong was close to reaching eighty years old, he was still adamant that he was correct.

However, how could these things be more important than his granddaughter leading a stable life?

Shen Yuansong took a deep breath and suppressed the sweetness in his throat. He laughed. “Just let things conclude like this.”

The butler disagreed. “I don’t think the little young miss will let things rest like that.”

Shen Yuansong actually smiled. “She is indeed very intelligent. But even if she publishes a Weibo post or summons a reporters’ conference to explain our relationship, it is already too late. Unless she could participate in the scientific world’s award ceremony this year and say it out loud in public…but… wouldn’t that be making things difficult for her? The scientific world is filled with stubborn old people like me. No one would be convinced by each other, and they would only be convinced by actual scientific results. I’ve already said this to her earlier…”

The butler fell silent and sighed.

Shen Ruojing rode her motorbike and turned her head back to glance at the Shen Manor.

Shen Yuansong had casually said that it didn’t matter and his expression didn’t change.

He, who was nearing his eighties, had long since learned how to remain expressionless.

However, when the bad news was told to him, his pulse did quicken. This was sufficient to say that he minded this award very much. So, although Shen Ruojing didn’t know the reason, she wasn’t willing to allow her maternal grandfather to feel aggrieved!

Hence, she took out her phone and made a call to Lu Hui. “Send me the invitation card that the scientific world issued to Professor Z, the one for the award ceremony.”

Lu Hui was very surprised. “Boss, what do you want to do? You have never shown any interest in attending in the past.”

Shen Ruojing lowered her eyelids and wore her helmet as she turned her gaze into the distance. Her eyes were resolute as she spoke, “To acknowledge a family member.”

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