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Human Binary: The Unrivalled King of Technology

Human Binary: The Unrivalled King of Technology









Human Binary: The Unrivalled King of Technology

Rating: 8.1/10 from 78 ratings

Ha! Ha! Ha!

"I'm giving a second chance... But wait! Where I am!?"
[.....System Synchronizing complete....]
[What are you?]
"...I'm a human being..."
[I know, but you’re just an empty vessel. Your brain is empty except for some basic instinctual needs. Nothing’s there. You’re not worth spending resources on. You should be killed to save valuable resources.]

Follow the adventure of a young man and his narcissist system. A competition who can be the King of Narcissists between them. While they invented groundbreaking technology.

During the darkest hour, their wit and technology were put to test...

Can they overcome.....?

Who would bend?.... Technology or Absolute Strength?...

Would mankind.... Destroy...Subjugated...


[Shush! it was I who made you the best. You're trash before I joined your life. Shush! Worship me.]

'Oh-Common! You'll be a pile of junk without me. My gene is one of a kind. Without it, you will be nothing. Accept me as your lord and I will treat you better.'

[Shut the Fvck up!]

'Shut the Fvck down!'