Hidden Marriage

Chapter 4: Saved a Little Bun

Chapter 4: Saved a Little Bun

The little bun was so scared of her that his face went pale.

However, Ning Xi just sat down next to the little bun and did nothing, immediately shutting her eyes and going to sleep.

She had been pushed by Chang Li to accompany people in drink the whole night, she had a blinding headache right now.

When Ning Xi finally woke up after a while, she felt that the side of her leg was warm. Lowering her head, she could see that at some point, the little bun had snuggled up to the side of her leg, and his little hand was even holding on to the corner of her shirt.

Ning Xi could not help but laugh.

Previously, when she was still in the countryside, she had owned a cat. It was particularly cowardly and afraid of people, and would run if it saw any person. However, as long as you did not notice it, it would let its guard down and feel like you were not a threat. Once that happened, it would sneakily snuggle up to your side by itself, even climbing into your lap to sleep.

The little bun seemed to have felt her gaze, his little face blushed a bit, but this time, there was no more panic in his eyes. Instead, his big eyes were filled with curiousity.

He was really just like a little pet cat, even his eyes were the same.

Ning Xi’s lips curved up, her hands were itching to pet him; she gave up on resisting and reached out to pet that adorable fluffy little head.

With that one touch, her face immediately changed.

Why was his forehead this hot!

“You’re having a fever?”

Chang Li would keep her locked up until the audition was over tomorrow, at the very least.

If the child continued burning for that long, it would be too dangerous.

While getting anxious over the time, she found that something was not right. The light bulb had blown, why was there still light in the room?

Raising her head, she saw that there was a small skylight, and light was falling from that small window.

Ning Xi looked around the storeroom, and finally moved a ladder over.

“Little bun, come over, I’ll help you get out!”

The little guy finally showed a response to her words, but he shook his head with a resolute gaze.

Ning Xi understood his meaning, but smiled and pinched his cheeks, “You’re quite loyal after all, you want to suffer together with me? Go up, this window is too small, I can’t get out. If you get out first, you can find someone to come save me.”

Seeing that the little guy was still hesitating, Ning Xi carried him and placed him on the ladder, “Quickly, if you’re a man, then don’t hesitate. I’ll protect you from the bottom!”

After finally sending the child out with much difficulty, Ning Xi felt a wave of dizziness. She lost control of her legs, and fell from the ladder in one movement……

From the edge of the window, the little bun saw this scene, and panic rose up on the previously dull and lifeless little face.

Ning Xi held on to the last bits of her strength and said one word, “Go……”

Under the light of the stars, the woman’s face was pale and fragile, but that did not obscure her startling beauty. Especially that pair of moist and lively eyes, that were like a sea filled with endless stars.

She was no longer the ignorant countryside girl and ugly duckling.

However, what use was that now?

Ning Xi smiled bitterly, before she had her revenge, she would fall to her death here…

However, before dying, at least she had done a good deed in saving the little bun.

If her child had not died back then, he would probably be around this age……

After the car accident five years ago, in shame, the Ning family had sent her away to a university specialising in accepting wayward children of the elite in America, leaving her to fend for herself.

She withdrew from that university and reapplied for the University of South California, almost going crazy in her pursuit of all kinds of knowledge.

Because she wanted to defeat Ning Xueluo, and take back everything that was hers!

Most importantly, acting was the biggest dream of her life.

After returning to her homeland, using this face and a solid foundation of acting skill, she was spotted by Chang Li, and successfully entered the industry’s largest company, Starlight Entertainment.

She should have had a bright future from then, but Ning Xueluo followed her into Starlight, and through bribing Chang Li, was suppressing her from all directions……

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