Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 22 - The Report of the Scout. Someone Wants to Confer Himself the Title of King

Chapter 22: The Report of the Scout. Someone Wants to Confer Himself the Title of King

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“What’s going on? What a powerful aura!”

“This pressure is too awesome!”

Looking at the system notification.

Ye Feng was in disbelief. While the pressure was attached, his spiritual power had also increased.

“What’s the use of this pressure?” Ye Feng asked.

[Ding! The leader’s pressure has increased. The host can have greater control over creatures of the same species!]

‘Not bad!’

‘This way, I won’t be so afraid even if I face strong opponents in the future,’ Ye Feng thought to himself. Through this devour, he could feel that his evolution progress bar had also increased tremendously.

Then, he summoned his attribute panel.

[Ye Feng ]

[Symbiosis Body: Slime]

[Body Size: 20%]

[Subsidiary Bodies: 30]

[Attributes: Strength 40, Agility 120, Vitality 170, Spirit 190]

[Special Attributes: Poison Immunity, Poison, Swift Walk, Stickiness]

[Sequence: Perception, Split, Devour, Regeneration, Mimicry, Evolution]

[Skills: Goddess Scattering Flowers, Severed Tail, Stench, Leader’s Oppression]

[Evolution: 95%]

[Current level: E-]

“Eh? I’m still a little short.” Ye Feng smiled bitterly when he saw the progress bar that was only 5% short.

However, he should be able to break through this progress bar after another round of devouring.

At that time, there would be another round of evolution!

Ye Feng was already beginning to look forward to it.

Putting away his interface, Ye Feng walked out.

A day had already passed since he entered the swamp. It was time to go back.

Ye Feng glanced at the leaderboard. He was still ranked first, with 198 points.

However, Chen Hao, who was ranked second, was also closely chasing after him. The points were very close, only two points away from him.

‘There are less than 20 days until the end of the training match, but for me, there is enough time!’ Ye Feng thought to himself. As long as he was in the top three, it would be fine. Being first or second was no longer important.

Walking to the exit of the spider web, Ye Feng was surprised to find a huge sawtooth.

“This is…” Ye Feng was curious, so he walked over to take a look.

“As expected!”

Looking at the very familiar sawtooth hook, Ye Feng immediately thought of the ferocious Giant Saber Mantis that he had explored earlier!

And the sawtooth hook in front of him was one of the mantis blades of the Giant Saber Mantis!

“There’s actually a mantis blade here. That also means that the Giant Saber Mantis must have been heavily injured to the point that it lost its arm!”

“Judging from the aura above, this mantis blade must have been broken not too long ago.”

Ye Feng touched the flesh where the mantis blade was broken. It was still very fresh, so he could preliminarily determine that this mantis blade was also broken in the past few days.

“I wonder if it’s a human or a creature that can cause damage to the mantis blade…”

The mantis blade was broken.

Ye Feng couldn’t tell whose method it was.

But it didn’t matter. At least, the Giant Saber Mantis was weakened.

Ye Feng also planned to seize this opportunity and kill it.

Putting away the mantis blade, Ye Feng left the place.


Ye Feng returned to the ant nest. As an advance scout, he had to report the situation in the swamp.

According to the vanguard general’s instructions, Ye Feng arrived at the Ant Queen’s location.

Ye Feng told the Ant Queen everything that had happened.

Of course, Ye Feng naturally did not reveal the news of the Demonized Spider King’s resources being plundered.

When they heard that Ye Feng had single-handedly defeated the Demonized Spider King…

The Ant Queen and all the leaders present were shocked on the spot.

One had to know that even though they were Army Ants, their levels were not too weak.

However, they would not act rashly when facing a creature alone, and it was an F+ level monster.

Usually, they would first report back to the tribe and then gather their army to march towards this place.

The biggest advantage of ants was that they fought as a team.

In their creed, it was impossible to win in a one-on-one battle.

For a time, the entire ant colony heard of Ye Feng’s deeds.

Countless ants viewed Ye Feng as the ant colony’s bravest hero.

“Very good! From today onwards, you will be allowed to lead an army and enjoy all the privileges of a great general!”

When the Ant Queen heard of Ye Feng’s deeds, she was also very appreciative and immediately promoted Ye Feng to the position of great generals.

Ye Feng smiled. He did not expect the ant colony to have such a complicated social system.

But when he thought of how the ants were a matriarchal society and had to listen to the Supreme Ant Queen, who was also their queen, all of this could be explained.

Ye Feng roughly understood that in the entire ant colony, including him, there were only six great generals.

Each great general could lead up to 1000 Soldier Ants.

Ye Feng knew that these Soldier Ants were not to be trifled with. Thinking back to Brother Dachui’s tragic state, it was enough to know just how strong these Soldier Ants were.

One Soldier Ant might not represent anything, but there were up to 1000 of them. The strength of unity was great. This was also the creed that the ant tribe had always followed.

Along with obtaining the identity of great general,?Ye Feng’s position in the ant nest had also obtained a further promotion. Now, he was on par with the previous vanguard general.

This was because among the six great generals, his previous team leader was also one of them.

Above that was the Supreme Ant Queen.

Ye Feng did not think that he would be able to experience the feeling of being below one person and above ten thousand people in the ant colony.

Although it was child’s play, to the ants, this was all they had.

Ye Feng noticed that the Ant Queen had a large number of offspring in her body and was about to enter the reproductive stage.

Hence, the Ant Queen at this time was also the time when she needed food the most.

Hence, storing a large amount of food became the biggest task of the ant colony at the moment.

And now, the greatly weakened Giant Saber Mantis had undoubtedly become the most suitable target.

Moreover, after killing the Giant Saber Mantis, Ye Feng believed that his [Evolution] sequence would also be able to break through!

Ye Feng thought for a moment and decided to use the other party as an excuse to kill.

“Queen, when I went to investigate this time, I also discovered the Giant Saber Mantis’s severed arm. In other words, its current strength has been greatly weakened…”

Hearing this, the Ant Queen thought for a moment.

Very quickly, the development of the matter was just as Ye Feng had thought.

“Since that’s the case, then we must take this opportunity to exterminate it!”

“Now, I appoint you to take full responsibility for this arduous crusade mission!”

“After the victorious return, you will become the greatest general of our tribe. You can choose any item you want!”

There was such a good thing?!

There were all sorts of hidden resources in the ant nest. There were countless storage rooms of all sizes.

Just the storage room that Ye Feng went to was able to receive a huge upgrade. This also meant that there were quite a few good items here.

Randomly choosing an item?

Did this also mean that there was not only a storage room for food, but also a storage room for resources?

No matter what, Ye Feng naturally would not miss this opportunity.

After the Ant Queen finished speaking, another voice immediately came out.

“Queen, I want to follow along and protect our great hero!”

Ye Feng turned his head and looked over.

So it was the leader who had brought him before.

Because of Ye Feng’s rapid rise in status, this made the vanguard general very dissatisfied.

One had to know that in the tribe, there were some ants who couldn’t become a team leader even if they spent their entire lives.

As for great general, it was even harder to ascend to heaven. If he didn’t have any special battle achievements, he wouldn’t have a chance at all.

But Ye Feng’s appearance seemed to have broken all of this.

The leader didn’t know where he came from. What he knew was that this guy had already seriously affected his interests!

Thus, the leader took the initiative to volunteer and set out together with Ye Feng.

The name was protection, but in reality, it was just to keep an eye on Ye Feng’s every move.

In fact, the leader even had the idea of taking advantage of the chaos to kill Ye Feng.

The Ant Queen’s breeding period was also the time when it was at its weakest. As long as it joined hands with the remaining great generals, it was also possible for it to be crowned King!

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