Forced To Marry The Devil : A Crazy Love Saga

Chapter 42 - 42. BOOM

"What?" This time it was Joel who shouted.

"Young Miss please explain everything in detail." Joel requested.

And Kizy explained the entire scene, from her entering on floor, to hearing someone laugh and finally eavesdropping the conversation. She recited every single word, though omitting the part where she was mentioned. .

Afterall right now the biggest worry was Markus's safety, thus she didn't want to pressurize Joel by telling how even she was included in the entire plan along with Markus and Joel.

By the time she finished talking, Joel looked terror stricken.

"We need to inform eldest master!" Joel said before calling grandpa.

He breifly explained grandpa that Markus was in danger and asked him to strengthen the security around him.

Grandpa immediately called Mr. Lee but unfortunately he wasn't recieving the call, which made all the family members including Kizy and Joel worried sick.

On the other side, Markus and his men along with the group of people Mr. Lee had brought were engaged in a deathly fight.

Markus had landed in C City twenty minutes ago. Mr. Lee was there to welcome and escort him with his men.

They exchanged some formal greetings before boarding the cars. Mr. Lee had arranged a total of five cars, with there car being in centre. The security was top notch.

Once Markus was seated in the car, he discussed a little about there schedule with team captain before unlocking his phone.

But the first thing he saw was a voicemail and message from Kizy.

"Stay alert, I got some information saying that we are in danger." Markus informed his men and Mr. Lee before dialing Kizy.

But before the phone could ring, a loud crash diverted his attention. And 'BOOM'...

The first car was blasted and rest of the cars were made to stop in there tracks. The path was deserted one, and they knew that nobody would be there to help them out. There way ahead was blocked by the first car that was enveloped in flames, about to turn into ashes.

Before they could take any actions, bullets were raining down on the remaining four cars and around 30 people dressed in entire black outfits surrounded the road from right, left and behind.

Thus Markus and his group was blocked on all four sides with no way to leave.

"Protect Boss, we have been surrounded." Captain immediately ordered and the two cars following behind them moved a little forward, making a V-shaped barrier from behind.

All members of team A immediately loaded there guns while men following Mr. Lee also prepared themselves for attack.

"Shoot." And with that single order, the team started firing at the enemies.

"Boss what should we do, we have been blocked from all four sides, and are currently being attacked from three sides. If the situation is stretched for a longer time, we will be on the losing end." Captain looked at Markus.

"Markus should I ask my men to step out from cars and fight?" Mr. Lee who was sitting on his right side informed.

"No don't. Can you connect me with one man from each of these remaining three vehicles?" Markus asked captain while removing his gun from hidden pocket.

"Yes boss, wait." And within 10 seconds, he had contacted three men from those vehicles.

"Listen now. At the count of three, all four of our cars will try to move in reverse direction at a speed of 80Km/hr for a distance of about 100 meters. The enemies will think that we are trying to escape from back route.

But the moment I shout forward, I want all of you to accelerate at full speed and charge straight ahead. All this time, I want my men to protect the drivers while try to shoot as much enemies as you can.

Also while racing ahead, enemies will be shooting us from the back, so all of you should be careful and remain alert." Markus ordered quickly.

"Boss they are hardly thirty men, I think our team can end them easily." Captain said and Mr. Lee nodded.

"Thirty is the number they are showing us, what if they have some hidden behind to attack once we exit our vehicles. So just listen what I ordered." Markus said.

"Yes boss." Captain said.

Meanwhile the enemies were trying to get closer, encircling the cars in a smaller circle now, while shooting continously.

"1.. 2.. 3" And suddenly all the cars started moving back at a steady rate. Some enemies directly behind the car tried to dodge it, but were unable to do so and were crushed beneath the wheels. While those on sidelines kept shooting.

Markus was already shooting while captain and Mr. Lee were trying to protect him and shoot enemies at the same time.

"Forward now." And all the cars screeched due to sudden break before racing ahead. But suddenly the first car stopped, making rest of them stop in there tracks.

"Mark, whats wrong? Why did you stop?" Markus shouted at the man from first vehicle.

"Boss we are completely surrounded by enemies." Mark said while gritting his teeth.

Markus asked his driver to move a little forward and thats when he realised how grave the situation was.

"Shit!!" he cursed.

Around ten cars were parked in front of them, while armed men were increasing in number and shooting at them from both sides. Similarly seven to eight cars were now blocking there path from behind as well.

"We have been trapped. Who dares to do this in my territory!!" Mr. Lee shouted from his side.

"Men listen now. Keep shooting till you can. We have to come out alive from this." Markus ordered his last statement before reloading his gun and started shooting like crazy.

He had excellent marksmanship, and along with his trained men, they managed to stop those enemies from stepping forward. Though the condition wasn't improving, but this was the best at moment.

But somehow the number of enemies weren't reducing in the slightest. No matter how many men were killed, more men were joing them.

"Bunch of Moth** fuc****." Markus shouted.

He understood very well that the enemy could have killed them in one go, but they were playing with them, sending a few men at a time, giving them hope that they could still fight, but then crushing that hope when they thought they were about to win.

He also understood that these men and cars surrounding them was not the end, even if his men could take down all of these, there would be more waiting for them.

Three men from his side were already injured out of ten from his team. Mr. Lee had brought around eight men with him, rounding off to a total of twenty when counting him and Mr. Lee with them.

Just when they had managed to kill almost all those on the sides, one of the car from front started moving towards them. The car stopped at a distance of twenty meter and suddenly....

"BOOM" another blast was heard.


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