Forced To Marry The Devil : A Crazy Love Saga

Chapter 32 - 32. Suspect Kizy?

"Markus i didn't do anything?" Kizy said a little fearfully.

"Explain how you knew about the poison in cake." Markus said while applying more pressure to pinch her chin.

"I didn't know what exactly happened. When the cake was brought in, i was away from it. When grandma was cutting the cake, i came forwards to congratulate her. But I could faintly smell light fragrance of white peril grass from cake. Thus I stopped them immediately from eating that." Kizy winced a little from pain.

"But all the process from booking till delivery was handled by you. So how did this happen?" Markus asked with a cold tone. .

"I don't know how it happened but i didn't do it. If i wanted to do something, why would i stop them from eating." Kizy shouted.

"Though we are not on friendly terms, but i won't harm anyone, especially not my family members." with that Kizy forcefully pushed Markus away and left the room.

In the begining she was frightened by his sudden anger but now after listening to him, she understood that he was suspecting her. Kizy could tolerate anything but would never accept someone doubting her.

In the room Markus was a little shocked at this sudden turn of events. He had recieved Joel's call who had informed him that cake was poisoned. And anyone close to Markus knew that he won't leave those who tried to harm his family.

Thus in the moment of anger, he did all that to Kizy. But now that she explained everything, he realised that Kizy was not at fault. He was in the wrong for not trusting her.

He called Joel.

"Joel, Kizy had left the second floor angrily, please keep a watch on her and protect her. She is not in right state of mind." Markus said before hanging up.

On the other hand, Kizy left the mansion from backdoor while avoiding all eyes. She somehow ran till the corner of street before kneeling down.

"How can he suspect me?" She said in a barely audible voice and started sobbing.

She didn't understand why she was feeling more hurt than anger. Even when Markus had questioned her, all she felt was a weirdly lonely and sad feeling instead of hatred and rage.

She sat there sobbing for almost fifteen minutes before sorting her thoughts. She wiped away her tears before standing up.

'I needed to find the culprit who is trying to harm my family now and for that I need to remain level headed' She thought to herself.

She walked a little before realising how inconvinient her outfit was. She removed her heels and tore away the hem of dress so that she could walk comfortably with speed.

She knew that Joel was following her and she needed to trick him so that she could leave for her task alone.

Thus she quickly went towards the highway and stopped a cab. She entered and asked the driver to speed up and turn left at the next road. She looked behind and saw that Joel had entered another cab and was about to catch up behind them.

"Please stop here." She asked him to stop after turning into an alley.

"Please continue driving this lane for another two minutes. After that you can go wherever you want." She said while paying him more than needed.

The driver nodded and followed her order while Kizy went running inside the gate of a building. After she confirmed that Joel had went behind the cab, she came out from the gate and ran towards a telephone booth.

She dialled in a string of numbers and soon the other side picked up the all after few rings.

"How are you doing black swordsman?" She said.

"Who is this?" The person on the other side asked non chalantly.

"Black diamond." Kizy replied with two words.

"Who black... wait black diamond?? Second sister how are you?? I was so sad. How can you leave me without a word?" The person immediately changed his tone and said dramatically.

"Harry can you speak a little softly. You will damage my ear at this rate." Kizy said while placing the telephone a little away from her ear.

"Second sister you are still complaining. Do you not want this little brother anymore? How can you abandon me? And now that you finally called, you are only scolding me?" Harry continued with his drama.

"Fine i will explain everything to you properly. But I need your help right now." Kizy said.

"I will help only on one condition. You have to meet me personally and explain whatever happened. Will that do?" Harry spoke seriously this time.

"Yes." Kizy replied.

"Ok tell me what do you want?" Harry asked.

"I had ordered a cake from Blue Dream Bakery of city A branch. But someone had poisoned the cake. I had booked it on wedenesday. I want to know details of all the people involved along with there bank transactions." Kizy said.

"You always give this hard labour task to me. I want an expensive treat in returns for this." Harry went back to his drama.

"I want the information by day after tomorrow." Kizy said.

"Ok you are always so bossy second sister." Harry said.

"Ok i will hang up now. You mail the information to my previous email. I will inform you about our meeting via email as well." Kizy said.

"Second sister how can you hang up already?". Harry said in a wronged voice.

"Its been one minute already. After this the call could be traced so I am hanging. Bye meet you soon." with that Kizy ended the call without giving Harry another chance to speak.

"Hmmphh!! She is always so cold to me." Harry said on the other side.

"Anyways lets start with the work." He said to himself before turning his laptop on.

In the Evans mansion, guests were leaving the hall as banquet came to an end.

Markus who was standing at the gate recieved a call.

"Boss I lost Miss Kizy. I think she knew that i was following her and thus she decieved me." Joel reported.

"Ok you can come back. I will send team B to search for her." Markus said and ended the call.

"She could dodge away Joel! Little lamb you are definitely not simple." Markus said to himself.

"Markus how dare you accuse Kizy?" An enraged voice was heard behind him.


Have a wonderful day!!

- Kizy

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