Forced To Marry The Devil : A Crazy Love Saga

Chapter 29 - 29. Negative Impression

"This is the worst drawing i have ever seen in my entire life. Even a kid from kindergarden could do better." Markus ruthlessly mocked her.

"You are even worse than this drawing. Give me my phone back." Kizy said a little flustered.

Though she was good at almost all the things, there were few exceptions. Drawing being the top one amongst those exceptions.

"I am worried whether they will bake an exact same cake. If yes then its better to cancel now than embarass ourselves in front of all guests." Markus continued his teasing. .

"You just wait. Once they actually present the cake,then we will see." With that Kizy jumped to snatch her phone back, which Markus was holding high up in the air.

"Urghhh.. give me... my phone... give it." Kizy spoke in between her jumps, trying hard to get her phone.

Though Kizy was tall enough, when standing in front of this devil, she still looked much shorter than usual. And....

"Aarrgghhhh!!!" Kizy suddenly shouted as she experienced a sharp pain from her sprained ankle.

Fortunately the extraordinarily tall Markus was facing her, which helped her in not falling down on the ground again, especially in a public place like this.

But she ended up bumping her face on his wide chest. Markus immediately encircled her in his arms.

"Love, if you wanted a hug, you should have told me. Why to sneak attack for it like this?" Markus said a little loudly.

Kizy was all red and forgot her pain. She pushed him away while balancing herself.

"Who wants your hug. Hmmpphh!!" With that she turned around towards the worker of bakery.

"This is my contact number. I will text you the address for delivery afterwards. Send me the photo of cake once it done. Also if you have some doubts for the design of cake, you can call me for the same." Kizy said before limping away towards the car.

Markus shook his head at backview of limping Kizy before signalling Joel to pay and went back home.

Next days were relatively busier for Markus thus he had no time to tease Kizy.

Finally the banquet day arrived!

"We should leave earlier so that we can welcome the guests. How about 4pm? Grandpa said that the banquet will begin at 7 and guests would start arriving by 5." Kizy said eating her breakfast.

"I will leave earlier not you. For now, lets not give any hint to public for suspecting that you are anything more than a chidhood friend and my current secretary." Markus replied.

"Yeah. Your fans are total crackheads, let's not do this." Kizy paused.

"But that would look rude. And i haven't met grandma and your mom yet. Won't they have a negative impression of me?" Kizy asked.

"Ohh. So can I say that my family opinion matters to you? That means I matter to you as well?" Markus said with a cocky expression.

"It has nothing to do with you. Anyways now that i am already married to you, I should accept them as my family and wish they will do the same." Kizy said.

"Look let me tell you one thing. Even if you do not attend the banquet today, my family will still accept you with warm hearts." Markus said with a genuine smile.

Kizy was a bit mesmerized by his smile as it wasn't often when Markus smiled at her, that too a genuine smile. Usually it would be devilish smirk or grin or sometimes an arrogant expression as well. But not a smile

"I look handsome right?" Markus once again reverted back to his cocky face.

"Any random man on this earth will look better than you." Kizy argued a little flustered as she was caught red handed.

"Fine I will leave early. Also later on my people will help you out with the outfit and whatever make up and hairstyle you women do. Just co-operate with them." Markus said before standing up.

"I don't need all that. I already chose a dress from the closet you have prepared. About the makeup and hairstyle, i prefer it simple. So i don't think I will be needing it." Kizy said.

"Those dresses in your closet are for daily use. Also about your preference for simple look, i bet you will regret it once you enter the banquet. And most importantly, though others don't know about our relation, I don't want anyone else to outshine you wifey." Markus said with his devilish grin.

"Okay." Kizy replied after some thought.

"Be ready by 6 pm. I have already arranged your driver. I want you to arrive when almost all the guests are already present but there is still some time left for banquet to start." Markus said.

"Whatever you feel right." Kizy said.

Markus left after finishing breakfast while Kizy organized some of the documents which would be required in the coming days for business.

Since she had nothing much to do, she decided to give a call to the bakery, asking about the cake.

"Hello this is Kizy, i made an order for custom made three tier chocolate and vanilla cake. I wanted to know if the cake is ready?" Kizy asked.

"Yes Miss Kizy its almost done. I will send you the photo in half an hour. Also please send us the address for delivery." The person replied.

"Okay i will send it after recieving the photo." Kizy said before hanging up.

At 4pm sharp, a maid knocked on the bedroom door notifying Kizy about arrival of people responisble for her look today.

"Hello Miss Kizy. Though i have already thought of a dress for you but do you have any preferences about it? May be a color or some style that you think you want to try." A woman who was around age of mid thirties asked.

"No I have no such preferences. You can continue with your planned dress. I believe in your choice." Kizy said sincerely.

Afterall these people were arranged by Markus. Though he usually never supported her, but he never crossed his line, especially in public events like this one.

"Thank you for your praise Miss Kizy. I will try my best." The woman replied.

"Then about your make up and hairstyle, should i go with the plan as wellor do you have some other choice in your mind?" A man standing beside the woman asked.

"Yes you can surely do that. I will leave that to you." Kizy said with a smile.

"Thank you Miss Kizy. Then lets begin with your hairs first as we need to set them, then with the makeup and we will help you with the dress and accessories." The man said.

"But won't my makeup spoil if i do that before wearing a dress?" Kizy asked with confusion.

The pair of woman and man immediately laughed at Kizy's cute question.

"Did I ask something wrong?" Kizy asked a bit embarassedly.


Have a great day ahead!!

- Kizy.

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