Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Exposing the Scam

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The dark and skinny man could not help but grit his teeth. He looked at Huo Tian’s fair face, which had never been exposed to harsh winds and sun, then at the stack of money in her hands. His thoughts started to move.

His small business could only earn him about a thousand yuan from all the winnings and losses in the day. If he could get the money from this young lady, wouldn’t he be able to rest for two days?

Moreover, she was obviously a little girl with little experience in the world. It would be a waste not to earn her money.

Thinking up to this point, the dark and skinny man said, “Why wouldn’t I dare to open it? But little girl, you can’t regret it after you’ve placed your bet.”

Ding Chen anxiously wanted to snatch the money from Huo Tian’s hands. “Tiantian, give me the money! If we lose all the money, your mother will definitely beat me to death!”

Huo Tian pushed Ding Chen’s hand away and handed the money to the dark and skinny man. She did not forget to argue with Ding Chen, “Even if we lose, it’s my fault. Why would my mother beat you?”

Seeing that there was no turning back, Ding Chen lamented, “How could your mother bear to hit you? She would definitely hit me, the uncle who led you astray.”

The dark and skinny man smiled very brightly. “The two of you don’t have to say such depressing things. Who knows, you might win this round?”

With that, he opened the bowl and started counting the melon seeds on the ground. “One, two, three… Ah, what a pity. The young lady guessed wrongly. There are only eight melon seeds in this round.”

Ding Chen seemed to have suffered a huge blow. “It’s over, it’s over. I’m really going to be beaten up this time…”

However, Huo Tian smiled. “Uncle, you didn’t count carefully enough.”

She held the man’s wrist and snatched the bowl from his hand with a skillful move. Then, she flipped the bowl over and displayed it in front of everyone. She removed the melon seeds from the bottom of the bowl one by one. “Look, aren’t there five more here? Five plus eight, exactly 13. I’ve won.”

She stretched her hand out in front of the man and said, “Uncle, since you’ve agreed to the bet, you must be willing to accept losses.”

The surrounding people started to react to things, all of them wearing grim expressions on their faces. The ones who had lost the most previously were even more furious.

“So that’s how it is! There were a few times when I clearly saw it right, but I still lost money! Turns out that you’re cheating!”

Seeing that everyone was about to hit him, the dark and skinny man was so anxious that he wanted to run away. However, he realized that as a man, he could not break free from Huo Tian’s grip.

Cold sweat broke out on his forehead. “Let go of me!”

Huo Tian gave Ding Chen a look. “Uncle, count the money we should take and then go home.”

Ding Chen said excitedly, “Tiantian, you’re amazing. As expected of my niece!”

He quickly counted 3,500 yuan and put it into his pocket, casually placing the rest of the money on the ground. He then said to the people around him, “Brothers, come and take back the money you got cheated. In the future, you’ll have to be more careful when you see such small betting stations involving melon seeds.”

Ding Chen ran far away with Huo Tian but they could still hear the swindler begging for mercy and wailing.

“Haha, they did well to beat him up!” Ding Chen took out the money and swung it happily. He looked at Huo Tian with admiration. “Tiantian, how did you see through his trick?”

Huo Tian said, “The bottom of that person’s bowl has an electromagnet hidden under it. Some melon seeds have metal pieces in their shells and with just a slight movement, he can change the number of melon seeds. That’s how he can deceive everyone so accurately.”

Ding Chen’s expression darkened again. “Hmph, these scumbags actually lied to me. If it’s not because I have to protect you, I’d have beaten him up!”

Huo Tian glanced at her uncle, who was definitely not considered strong. “But if I wasn’t here, you wouldn’t have been able to see through the other party’s scam.”

Looking at Ding Chen’s choked expression, Huo Tian said without any mercy, “Besides, they have more than one person with them. Other than the swindler, there should be two other people around him. Can you take on the three of them by yourself?”

“Uh…” Ding Chen guiltily changed the topic. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Uncle is rich now. Let’s go buy some barbeque back for dinner!”

However, Huo Tian took the money from Ding Chen’s hands and left only five notes in his hands. “Uncle, the capital was from my mother. The rest were won by me. Therefore, this is my money now. I can only give you 500 yuan as pocket money.

Ding Chen knew that he wasn’t on the side of reason and could only hold onto the 500 yuan, looking like he was on the brink of tears. “Hey, I’m your uncle after all. Give me more pocket money!”

“I’m only giving you this 500 yuan because you said you wanted to treat me to barbecue.” Huo Tian rejected coldly. “Don’t think about it. I’m going to save up this money to buy a computer. I won’t let you squander it.”

“I still have to pay for tonight’s barbecue? I’m so poor…”

Although Ding Chen complained that he was poor, he did not hold back when ordering. He flipped through the menu on the barbecue stall and generously ordered everything that Huo Tian was interested in.

They ordered a little too much, so they sat by the roadside and waited. After a while, they heard a commotion nearby.

“It was those two people over there who exposed my scam! Brothers, come with me! We must let them have a taste of suffering today!”

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