Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System

Chapter 1097: The Past Of The Vampire Venerable

Chapter 1097: The Past Of The Vampire Venerable



Ruby felt like she was drowning in an endless sea of blood. All while chains chained her entire body to the bottom. No matter how hard she tried to swim to the surface, she was only able to take little breaths of air before being submerged again, desperately trying to grasp her life.     

This wasn’t a battle for life and death though, this was a representation of her own will fighting against the endless and indestructible will of her ancestor. It was the true representation of a hopeless struggle.     

She would only last as long as she could muster the strength, before ultimately drowning into the blood and being taken over by him, her ancestor.     

Her soul was already being eroded and corrupted, parasitized by his own, in the little time she spent encapsulated inside the bubble with the three Accessories, the three crystalized soul fragments have imbued their soul into her own, slowly due to the seal, yet steadily.     

Eventually, her soul grew weaker and weaker, hopelessly trying to fight back against the eternal and indestructible will of the Venerable of Blood, the bringer of Eternal Night, her ancestor himself, Alucard.     

However, not only did she heard his words while drowning, not only did she remembered her past sorrowfully either, but she also saw through the very soul that was trying to take over her.     

Through him, the Vampire Venerable.     

A being feared by everyone, a monster that devoured the world and drank every single lifeform’s blood, a demon with an endless gluttony.     

She saw through his memories due to the act of her soul merging with his own through the corruption of it…     

But it wasn’t as her ancestor stopped her either, he allowed her to see his past, so she could better understand his motives.     

Ruby saw the Venerable’s memories rapidly yet with great detail.     

A world covered by enormous skyscrapers, things she had never seen before.     

Devices known as computers which people used to work with, as they caged themselves inside offices for hours and hours without rest.     

A young man, whose life in his eyes was lost.     

A traumatic past that left him without parents.     

A school life filled with bullying and abuse.     

A world that always trampled over him and his efforts.     

No way to escape this hell.     

Endless suffering within a supposed utopia of a world compared to the one of Yggdrasil.     

“I am tired of living…”     

Ruby saw him, standing atop a skyscraper, looking down into the abyss that lead to his demise.     

Nobody was there to stop him.     

Nobody cared if he would die or not.     

But he wanted to end his suffering, he wanted to stop living.     

Carelessly stepping into the empty air.         


A clash into the floor.     



The last things he saw before darkness shrouded his consciousness.     

And then… a voice emerged, as his last wishes were filled with the regret of never being the one trampling over others, and always at the receiving end, never truly experiencing what it felt like to crush others instead.     

“What a damned world… I wish I could have trampled over others instead…”     

[Request Confirmed. Generating [Tyranny]… Success.]     

“I wish I could had been the one that sucked away the lives of these bastards…”     

[Request Confirmed. Generating [Vampire]… Success.]     

“I want to experience being that kind of person… It is so frustrating… To have always been in the receiving end… I want to trample, to reign… ah… so much blood…”     

[Request Confirmed. [Tyranny] and [Vampire] have converged into [Unique Skill: Vampire Progenitor]     

“What… is this soothing voice…?”     

As his consciousness was transferred through space and time to a new world, when he opened his eyes, he found himself being born.     

The first thing he saw were the horrified faces of his parents.     

“What is this child?!”     

“His skin is so pale, is he dead?!”     

“Why are his ears so long and strangely shaped?”     

“His hair is as white as the snow…”     

“His eyes… they’re red?!”     

“He’s so cold…”     

He felt confused, he didn’t knew what was happening.     

“What is happening?! Where am I?! W-Who are these people?!” He thought.     

On his own confusion, he bite through his mother’s arm with his sharp teeth.     

“Ah… T-This… this sweet… sweet… sweet flavor… So… incomprehensibly tasty…”     

The delicious flavor of blood reached his mind, as his instincts, even as a newborn, took over his mind, viciously trying to drink more blood from his own mother, even without these being his true intentions.         


“More… Give me more of that…! This pleasure, the pleasure I’ve never experienced in my life!”     

His father furiously grabbed him and put him into his cradle, as the baby began roaring furiously, like a little demon.     

“Graaawwrr! GRYYYAARRR!”     

“I-I’ve given birth to a demon! It hurts… It has sharp teeth!”     

“That thing… He’s not our son… We have to burn it, quickly! It is a Hellspawn!”     

Due to his uncontrollable appetite, he went berserk since he was born, his parents desperately decided to burn him alive so they could purify his soul being trapped inside the body of a monster, a demon.     

“Wait… No! Stop! Don’t do it! Why are you burning your own child?!” He cried internally, while only groans of agony came out of his own mouth.     



The utterly demonic scream of the baby echoed across the entire village as the humans gathered to see the Hellspawn being burned alive.     

“It is screaming like a beast!”     

“A true monster…!”     

“Burn it quickly! Or this very village could be cursed!”     

“Burn it!”     

“BURNT IT!     


His soft skin was burned alive, agony shrouded his birth, flames welcomed his life in a new world.     

“It hurts! IT HURTS SO MUCH!”     

“MAKE IT STOP!”     



As he screamed internally, his own power answered his desperate call.     


An enormous wave of red energy erupted from his chest, turning off the flames in a single second.     

The people panicked, as the child they were burning suddenly began to regenerate his wounds in mere seconds.         


His eyes glowing bright red, filled with fury.     


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