Dragon Ball God Mu

chapter 47

“Who are you? The Snake Charmer Legion is on business, so those who know better shouldn’t interfere!”

Seeing that the mission was about to be completed, but then a troublemaker suddenly appeared, Lusha’s brow furrowed.

His heart was already full of fire, but seeing someone floating in the air, he couldn’t help but become annoyed.

Lusha thought to himself. Ideally, he’d have the initiative to back off on his own accord when he heard the name of the Snake Charmer Legion.

But this one was clearly impossible.

“Tsk, the Snake Charmer Legion… “Muyang shook his head lightly and slowly landed next to the little girl and the blue dinosaur.

Upon taking a glance at the little girl, her brown hair was a bit messy, and her face was covered in smudges, which made it hard to see her face, but her azure eyes were as spiritual as sapphires.

She was somehow familiar. Muyang looked at it a couple more times, but he still didn’t recall.

He sneered at the Snake Charmer Legion’s officers, “Honestly, I don’t have any affection for you guys. The few times I’ve met you, you’ve either burned and killed or bullied orphans and widows. I think you’re polluting the world by living in it.”

“Boy, you’re looking for death!” Upon seeing the young man’s outburst, Lusha’s heart sank. He had made it clear that he was going to interfere. Suddenly, Lusha’s inky blackface was even darker and filled with a murderous aura.

Muyang shook his head and said, “It’s not that I’m looking for death; it’s just that I’ve never taken you guys seriously.”

After saying that, a compelling cold light suddenly burst out from his eyes. Muyang’s entire body then became blurred, and before anyone on the Snake Charmer Legion’s side could react to what was going on, Muyang had already flashed a few steps and circled them.

The difference in strength between the two sides was too high. Muyang was considered one of the top ranks of martial arts practitioners on the planet.

At the same time, Boss Lusha’s crew, aside from having guns in their hands, was simply a bunch of reckless people who were considered ‘okay’ among ordinary people.

However, once they faced martial arts practitioners, they would be at the mercy of the opponent side.

In just a split second, all that could be heard was the crackling of a fight, and the flinging of figures across the field made the scene a very messy one.

“Shit, fire!” A hint of panic appeared in Boss Lusha’s eyes as he stubbornly gave his orders. However, as soon as he finished giving the order, he was horrified to find that there was no one left to command around.

This demon had actually killed all his subordinates in the blink of an eye!

In order to be sure of his safety on this trip, he brought a lot of people with him, and they were all killed!

Lusha swallowed his saliva, his whole face becoming even more hideous with fear. He then directly pulled out his pistol and opened fire towards Muyang.


The bullet came out of the shell and flew quickly towards Muyang. Muyang dodged the bullet directly with a sideways glance, then stretched out his finger and pointed it at Lusha.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!!!”

With a cold shout, a small ki beam flew out from his fingertips, and with a flash of light, the ki beam directly hit Lusha’s skull.

“Poof,” as if a watermelon had exploded, azure beams of light shot out from the other end of the skull, and there was a sudden splash of blood.

With a clatter, Lusha’s pistol dropped to the ground, and his body limped against the car seat. Both of his eyes dilated naturally, and his face was frozen with the horror he felt before he died.

“Ahhhh, the boss is dead.”

The newly arrived convoy at the back just happened to see the scene happening in front of them, and hurriedly turned around to escape.

However, since they had come, how could Muyang let them leave? So, to avoid creating trouble in the future, it was necessary to cut the roots and clean the ground before going.

Cutting the grass and not getting rid of the roots, the spring breeze will blow and grow them again, leaving the tail on wouldn’t be good.

So, with a swoosh of a shadow of light, Muyang reopened his killing spree and directly slaughtered the whole group as well.

After killing all the Snake Charmer Legion’s officers, Muyang changed his former cold face and appeared next to the little girl in a flash.

At this point, April jumped over the young blue dinosaur and wailed, “Ooooh, Growlie, don’t die.”

“Squeak…” the blue dinosaur stuck out his tongue. It was panting weakly.

Muyang shook his head; sometimes, animals were more humane than humans. He squatted down and took out a Senzu Bean and handed it over, “Here, let it eat this, it’ll be fine after this.”

“Really, there is hope for Growlie?” April stopped sobbing and picked up the Senzu Beans doubtfully.

“Let it eat, and you’ll see what will happen. This bean is so precious, so if you doubt it, I won’t give them to you.”

“Don’t do that; I don’t doubt it.” April quickly wiped her tears away and shoved the Senzu Beans into the young blue dinosaur’s mouth.

The young blue dinosaur’s eyes rounded up, and the muscles in the wound squirmed a few times. The young blue dragon squeezed out a few bullets, and all the wounds were healed.

“Owm! Owm!” The young blue dinosaur puffed his wings, and his ebony eyes were returning to their brightness.

“Wow, wonderful, Growlie is fine now.” April cheered happily.

“Thank you, senior brother, if it wasn’t for you… Growlie would be dead.” April bowed gratefully to Muyang, then tiptoed around and took off the small backpack behind her.

She pulled out the candy jar and raised her hands. “Senior brother, this is April’s, favorite honey. There’s a little bit left, so I’ll give it to you.”

“April?” Hearing this name, Muyang was slightly stunned, feeling somewhat familiar.

He took a closer look at the little girl in front of him. Her brown hair, pretty eyes, and the way she acted as if he had seen her somewhere before.

“Senior brother, these candies are for you, they’re sweet.”

“Well, April loves candy.”

–The scene that happened on the train half a year ago overlapped with the present. Only then did Muyang realize that the little girl in front of him was actually the one he had met on the train.

“You are April, do you have a younger sister…” Muyang asked.

April’s eyes widened, and her mouth opened, “Senior brother, how do you know? April has a sister, but Sipriel and my parents are all gone…”

April cried out in sadness as she spoke intermittently about what had happened to her.

At this point, Muyang already knew what was going on. Upon seeing April’s sad appearance, a cold, stern light flashed in his eyes. “Those guys in the Snake Charmer Legion, they deserve to die!” The eyes that looked at April were also filled with pity; the little one was now an orphan.

Sighing softly, Muyang said to April, “This place is not far from senior brother’s school. Why don’t you come with me?”

“Well, can I bring Growlie with me?” April whispered.

Muyang looked at the young blue dinosaurs, it had a round, bulbous head which was quite cute, “Of course, you can.”


April cheered happily.

Muyang smiled slightly and bent down to pick April up. He then soared into the air and flying towards the Great Azure Mountain.

At the same time, the young blue dinosaur followed behind, constantly flapping its wings.

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