Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2667 Crashing

Chapter 2667 Crashing

"Certainly not."

Davis couldn't help but laugh lightly at Ellia's diplomatic way of convincing him, "However, my heart still covets your mother. Since that's the case, whether she'll listen or not would come after I managed to make her fall for me and not before."

"I don't want that." Ellia rebelled adorably, "You can't let her go after you conquered her heart. That's betrayal. You can't betray her~"

"Why would I do that?" Davis narrowed his eyes, wondering why Ellia would think that way.

Did he set precedence for leaving the women he made love with? He didn't think so.

"Because she's stubborn and arrogant, I'm afraid that she'll easily anger you. It is also one of the reasons I'm not sure what would happen if you really do manage to make her your woman. I'm afraid that the both of you will not be on the same term, causing you two to grow distant."

Normally, a person would laugh at this matter, saying that she was worrying too much. However, Davis knew what she was talking about as the two of them were originally fated to battle it out for Fallen Heaven until death. It was only through Ellia's existence did they made up and could look forward together, so if he made a move on her, then that balance might collapse.

But regardless of what their logical concerns may be, Davis could only sigh.

"Ellia, I gravely understand your concerns. But what can I do? I fell in love with her. Even if I want to deny it, I can't, not after I realized it. Perhaps, if she slapped me or attacked me, my ego might want to forget her, but until that, I'm both mentally and physically attracted to her in a deep way."


After Davis said all this without denying or shying away from it, Ellia could only clench her fist, now knowing what to do. She didn't want to leave or offend either of them and always wanted to be together. For that, she wished that her mother would also become his but no matter what, no matter how deeply she was in love with Davis and blindingly believed his charisma and power, she couldn't see it happening.

For all she knew, even if her mother had feelings for him, she would most likely bury them within a second. She knew that was the kind of person she was because to place trust was one thing, but to love was becoming vulnerable in the deepest sense.

Ellia knew Myria wouldn't make that decision as long as she had revenge on top of her priority list.

Nonetheless, she couldn't understand what Davis meant by physically attracted. It was true that Myria was a peerless beauty like her but was more valuable due to her unapproachability and innate elegance, unlike her sweet unruliness, but since they practically possessed the same figure and same face except for their hair color and countenance, she wondered how much of a difference that could make physically and hence, doubted what he meant.

Could it be that he wanted them on the same bed together because he tasted her?

Ellia didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or not.

However, little did she know that he was talking about his Everlasting Samsara Tribunal Soul Physique, which was after her Eternal Life Soul Physique.

Although Davis was attracted to Myria, he really couldn't tell if the other party held the same attraction to him or not, but it didn't matter as he was mentally attracted as well.

Nonetheless, he didn't tell Ellia of the former as that would make her think that it was the physique's fault that he was after Myria when in truth, he truly found her like a cold cat that needs to be kept and provided with full of love and care. She wasn't a bad person. In fact, he would go as far as to say she was kinder than anyone he had seen.

That was his gut feeling.

"Then... try getting near mother under my gaze once."

Ellia suddenly spoke, causing him to turn to look at her.

"If she doesn't slap you back or attack you, then I'll support your love. After all, mother doesn't play games. She really will slap you!"

She deepened her voice by a few octaves as though warning Davis, but he couldn't help but laugh at her.

"Jeez, what kind of daughter are you, wanting to set up your own mother?"

"The one that wishes mother the very best! If she wants to be alone, then you should absolutely leave her alone, but if you could break her restrictions, then you have my full support!"

Ellia declared but suddenly, Davis grabbed her wrist, pulling her naked body to his embrace as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"More than that, I want to focus on you right now, so can we leave talking about your mother after we finish our lovemaking dance?"


Ellia's cheeks went red. She was serious, but he was serious too, causing her to blush to deepen before she silently nodded her head.


Remembering all this and even further than that, Ellia's cheeks turned red again. However, she took a deep breath and gave her answer.

"I saw that mother didn't react to you either way. She didn't berate you nor beat you up."

"Indeed, that's a pity. I wanted to see her face redden, at least blush in embarrassment, but she's a tough nut to crack. But, she didn't slap from pure reaction and even held herself back as I saw her fingers twitch. That's a beautiful start."

Davis seemed to be prideful over this, blatantly smiling, which made Ellia pout.

"Fine. I will support you, but if I see anything going south... I..."

"What? You will kill me?"

Davis raised his brows daringly as his voice deepened. However, his expression quickly changed.


Ellia's lips quivered, her limpid black eyes becoming teary.

"..." Davis cursed himself before reaching out his hand smilingly, gesturing for her to come.

"I was just kidding, as I know you would be stuck between us. Come here. I won't put you in a difficult situation to the best of my ability."

Ellia sniffled as she stared at him, but her feet still listened to him and moved. As he patted his lap, she sat on him, holding his shoulder as she appeared to need consoling. But then, she suddenly grinned like a mischievous woman.

"But maybe I'd like to be stuck between you two if you're both okay with it?"


Davis became shocked as he saw this woman's reaction. She successfully managed to use a woman's innate weapon against him, causing his expression to churn.

"Naughty Ellia. You're thoroughly corrupted by me already?"



His hand moved in an arc, striking her butt, and caused a wonderful sound to echo in addition to a lewd, intentional moan that caused his lower body to shiver.

Ellia grabbed his robe, her expression quivering.

"Don't act like you don't crave us together when I know you took Natalya, Tanya, and Iesha together."

Davis instantly thought that it must be Natalya who leaked this information, causing him to grin.

"Oh, I really do. I'm such a sinful person, so if such a chance presents itself to have my beauties together above the bed, how can I let it go?"

"Hehe~" Ellia giggled, "You're too greedy. Mother won't accept such a thing."

"We'll see."

"Who won't accept such a thing?"


Ellia reacted like a cat that had its tail stepped on, jumping from Davis's embrace as she flew a few meters away from him. Davis was also astonished as he saw the door open, and Myria entered with a cold expression on her face.


Did she hear all the things they said?

His expression went blank, waiting for her words to escape her mouth.

Myria turned to look at Ellia, who seemed mortified. Her eyes flickered, suddenly realizing something that her brows couldn't help but twitch before she turned around and left.

"Hurry up and come out. Our fleet has been blocked by an Immortal Emperor from the Godwin Family."

Davis's brows narrowed. He didn't even realize the construct was slowing down. Was it a super construct of the highest end or something?

He chuckled to himself with some anger as he stood up.

It wasn't even twenty minutes since they left, but an Immortal Emperor had already visited them from the distant Godwin Family's Domain. Looks like they wouldn't be having a quiet life and a regulated environment to grow before they become strong enough to counter most threats after all.

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