Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1172: Eyes

Chapter 1172: Eyes

In the hexagram formation, the already weak galaxy suddenly shone brightly.

The 19 constellations, including the dimmest Rainbow Constellation, gradually overlapped as if they were going to be fully integrated into his body. In fact, this kind of attempt was not the first time for Chen Rui, but, in the usual training, he failed all attempts without exception.

Because the process was extremely difficult, painful, and too dangerous, and his soul might collapse at any time, he didn’t dare to try it casually. But now, he went all out.

The hexagram formation began to vibrate. Even the powerful breath of [Cosmos Annihilation] began to be a little uncontrollable.

Without the slightest hesitation, the 6 Main Elemental Messengers released the [Cosmos Annihilation]!

Intertwined colorful lights burst toward Chen Rui. The hexagram formation was like a huge mouth, opening and closing its sharp teeth, trying to bite Chen Rui in the center into pieces. This blow was obviously more powerful than before. The 6 Main Elemental Messengers should have gone all out.

The constellations around Chen Rui had almost overlapped by half. The momentum all over his body had also skyrocketed to an extremely terrifying level. Facing the turbulent and terrifying [Cosmos Annihilation], he did not avoid it.

The intertwined colorful light, that originally contained a huge elemental source power and would explode at the touch, actually solidified within a range of 6 meters around him. The 6 Main Elemental Messengers showed unbelievable expressions at the same time. They kept channeling, but the power couldn’t get any closer after all.

Soon, under the horrified gazes of the Main Elemental Messengers, the power of the [Cosmos Annihilation] was repelled bit by bit.

There were no longer golden pupils in Chen Rui’s eyes but dazzling starlights. He seemed to have turned into a dazzling sun. The degree of this kind of compression and fusion had exceeded the limit that could be tolerated during normal training. Although it might result in the annihilation of body and spirit if it continued, Chen Rui still did not stop. Amidst the roar, [Cosmos Annihilation] was completely crushed and the entire hexagram formation also collapsed. The Main Elemental Messengers were blown away one after another.

Chen Rui didn’t look at the 6 Main Elemental Messengers. In his vision, there was only the light cocoon in the sky— The woman whose butterfly wings were gradually becoming clear in the light cocoon!

It was a pity that even though the activated hexagram formation of the 6 Main Elemental Messengers was crushed, the light cocoon in the sky remained motionless.

Not enough……

Not enough to counter the terrifying will of the light cocoon.

Not enough to save Zola!

Her consciousness has begun to blur.

It’s almost time.

The butterfly wings on Zola’s back are almost fully formed.

However, my body and soul have already reached the limit.

I cannot force my way in again.


At this moment, Chen Rui suddenly felt that his precarious soul that was on the verge of collapse was wrapped up by something, and the trend of collapse stopped unexpectedly.

Chen Rui, who woke up suddenly, looked back subconsciously. He found that there was something behind him. Even at this moment, he couldn’t help but exclaim.

A cape.

It’s this thing!

1 of the 7 artifacts, the Dark Shadow Cape!

Chen Rui couldn’t believe his eyes. The Dark Shadow Cape was the last of the 7 artifacts that he couldn’t assimilate successfully.

Since entering this elemental world, no matter whether it was the God-Eating Mask, the Breeze Shadow Boots or the Sword of Fallen Angel, none of the 7 artifacts that had been successfully assimilated could be used. However, at this moment, the Dark Shadow Cape appeared behind him, protecting his soul that was about to collapse.

What did that mean?

Chen Rui’s surprise quickly shifted to another matter. His power was disappearing!

Originally, although his consciousness became more and more blurred, the power of the fusion of the [All Star Gods View] became stronger and stronger. But now, the immense power of that fusion was being absorbed by something uncontrollably as they began to fade quickly.

This made the danger of Chen Rui’s collapse disappear, but it also ruined his last hope of saving Zola.

Chen Rui tried his best to control this fading, but unfortunately, he couldn’t.

At this time, he suddenly felt a clear light shining from above. The light revealed a trace of soft and natural power. The injuries of his body and soul were recovering quickly while his stamina and spirit power were also replenished.

Not the Crown of Thorns, but another power!

This ray of light suddenly rose from his own body.

And the power of [All Star Gods View] was also devoured by this ray of light.

As soon as Chen Rui looked up, he saw the phantasm of a big tree in the light.

This tree is… Chen Rui’s eyes widened.

As [All Star Gods View] was absorbed, the big tree became clearer and clearer. Chen Rui felt that all his strength was drained. He completely lost his ability to move.

6 rays of light flew out from the dense canopy and landed on the 6 Main Elemental Messengers who had just recovered from the collapse of the hexagram formation. The 6 Main Elemental Messengers couldn’t move for a moment.

Immediately afterward, an immense light beam spread out from the canopy of the tree, piercing the sky.

The moment the light beam rushed into the sky, the light cocoon, which had been unmoved by the fusion force of [All Star Gods View] before, trembled suddenly.

This trembling became more and more intense. At the same time, the shape of the light beam was also undergoing a certain change.

The change of the light beam directly affected the light cocoon in the opposite cloud. The colorful light formed by the 6 element origin fragments around the light cocoon became more dazzling. They began to overlap. The 6 origin fragments merged into 1, changing from colorful to colorless. The light also became more and more crystal clear.

The Main Elemental Messengers in the distance were stunned. The original process should be that after Zola completely merged with the Elemental Goddess Robe and accepted the baptism of immortal will, she would become the carrier of the elemental goddess. Subsequently, the Elemental Goddess Crown that represented ‘faith’, the Elemental Goddess Staff that represented ‘soul’, and the Elemental Goddess Robe that represented ‘life’ would merge and restore Godhood.

This Godhood was actually incomplete, so it needed the 6 origin fragments (Godhood fragment projection) to repair the structure and reshape.

Once the Godhood was successfully reshaped, the Elemental Goddess Rafferty would be resurrected and truly reborn in the carrier Zola.

The power of the reshaped Godhood would definitely drop a lot, and Zola’s body was not a God body. But Godhood was Godhood after all, as long as she had enough time and faith, she could definitely grow to the original level step by step.

However, the current situation was that Zola had not fully integrated the Elemental Goddess Robe, so the 3 Elemental Goddess Armaments had not been integrated into 1 unit, yet the Godhood fragment projections of the elemental goddess had begun to reshape.

The reshaping of this form could only be regarded as the projection of Godhood at best. And the will of the elemental goddess would be resurrected based on this Godhood projection. This resurrection was naturally as short-lived as a bubble. The will pinned on the projection could not last and would soon dissipate.

The 6 Main Elemental Messengers were shocked and wanted to step forward to stop it, but they were imprisoned by the brilliance released by the big tree earlier, so they couldn’t move for a while.

The pair of colorful butterfly wings behind Zola stopped forming, and the light cocoon was gradually fading. After a while, the origin fragments of the 6 elements had intertwined and merged into a translucent gem-like object that faintly emitted a magnificent halo.

The moment the gem-like object solidified, the light cocoon completely dissipated into the colorful clouds. Above the clouds, something seemed to be slowly unfolding.

A pair of eyes.

These were a pair of incomparably beautiful eyes, and the depth contained in the pupils was comparable to the endless night sky.

Similarly, this was also a pair of cold eyes, because there was an indifference in the gaze that overlooked everything.

Chen Rui was now looking up at these eyes. Not just because of where he was, but because of the insurmountable oppression. Even though he was above the clouds now, he could only look up.

That pair of eyes looked down on everything below indifferently; Zola, Chen Rui, the 6 Main Elemental Messengers, and the big tree. There was no fluctuation in the gaze.

Chen Rui couldn’t help thinking of a sentence in his mind: Heaven and earth are impartial. They treat all of creation as sacrificial straw dogs.

The general idea of ​​this sentence was that there was no real benevolence in heaven and earth. They treat all things equally like sacrificial dog straws (dogs made of grass used in ancient sacrifices) and let them fend for themselves.

Whether it is said that the way of heaven is selfless, or that the way of heaven is impartial, it is ultimately ruthless.

So, does heaven and earth regard itself as a straw dog? Or is everyone except themselves a sacrificial straw dog? When Chen Rui was thinking quickly, the pair of eyes had already looked at the light beam above his head.

At this moment, the indifferent gaze finally changed.

In that light beam, a pair of eyes also opened at some point of time, staring at the eyes in the colorful clouds.

The 2 pairs of eyes looked at each other as if there was only heaven and earth in each other’s eyes. None of the others deserved a second glance.

At this time, in the colorful clouds and the light beam of the big tree, vague facial features and limbs had been condensed. They were as magnificent as heaven and earth.

The person in the clouds was obviously a woman. It should be the Elemental Goddess Rafferty that the 6 Main Elemental Messengers said.

There was a man in the light beam of the big tree. With Chen Rui’s position and the little power left, he could only vaguely sense that it was the outline of a man, but he couldn’t sense more.

At this moment, the 2 were still looking at each other. What Chen Rui could see clearly was the gaze of the elemental goddess. The seemingly indifferent gaze was always staring at the opposite side, flashing an indescribable emotion.

No matter what this emotion was, it was not as ruthless as before.

The man suddenly said something, but Chen Rui couldn’t hear it clearly. A huge hand slowly stretched out from above the big tree.

The elemental goddess still stared at the opposite eye as if she didn’t see that hand coming.

This hand slowly reached out to Goddess Rafferty’s face. The movement seemed gentle, but at the moment of touching, several cracks actually appeared on the goddess’ originally perfect face.

At the same time, the gem-like Godhood projection below also showed cracks.

The elemental goddess didn’t move. Her gaze remained the same.

The hand still did not stop.

The transparent colorless gem below was instantly covered with cracks. The next moment, it was completely shattered.

At the same time, something outside Zola’s body also shattered and disappeared as the pair of butterfly wings gradually disappeared.

Chen Rui was taken aback. When he looked up, the silhouette of the goddess in the clouds had dissipated. From the beginning to the end, until the last moment of annihilation, those eyes were still just watching the other side quietly.

The 6 Main Elemental Messengers could hardly believe what they had witnessed – The elemental goddess Rafferty was annihilated.

TL: Although there are no details between the elemental goddess and the big tree god, there seemed to be a loving relationship…

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