Combat Maid Harem

Chapter 6 - The Healer Natasha And Her Price

A 2-floored red building with exquisite roofs can be seen from afar. It was the shrine of this city which is mostly inhabited by healers.

"It looks beautiful, Big Sister!"

Ella was in awe at the beauty of the shrine. The streets around it were quiet. Unlike the streets that they passed earlier where there were people and carriages moving about, this place was much more deserted.

Aleshia was silently admiring the shrine. She never had any mission in this part of the noble district so it was also a first for her.

"The Healer Natasha should be inside."

The city guard stopped just in front of the shrine's entrance. Aleshia and Ella entered inside.

They entered the dark hall of the shrine and were greeted by the fragrant smell of incense.

There was an elderly woman bowing in front of a small shrine. Incense was lit upon it.

"Good morning, is Healer Natasha here?"

Aleshia asked quietly. The silent atmosphere of the place made speaking especially loud.

"Oh, you arrived, huh."

The elderly woman turned around and looked at Aleshia. Her hair was fully white from old age.


Aleshia was confused at her response. Did she get discovered!? Aleshia raised her arms to prepare for an attack.

"Don't be afraid. The God Almighty has given me an oracle about your arrival."

The elderly woman was not fazed by her reaction. There was a knowing gaze in her eyes as she looked at Aleshia. Aleshia relaxed when she realized that she didn't know that she was an assassin.


Aleshia asked in confusion. As someone who was from the slums, missionaries usually frequent their place to spread the word of this so-called 'God'. She didn't like wasting time on believing someone she doesn't know herself so she just ignored all of their attempts at converting her. And now, she was told that 'God' has predicted her arrival.

"Yes, God. She told me to help you."

The elderly woman answered. There was a mysterious aura around her as she sat there.


Aleshia was befuddled. She doesn't know who this elderly woman is.

"God works in mysterious ways, even I, do not dare to assume anything."

The elderly woman spoke with a fervent gaze.

"I'm sorry, but I'm looking for Healer Natasha."

Aleshia shook her head. She doesn't want to deal with these religious freaks again. She had enough of them knocking in front of their home in the slums.

"Look elsewhere, you will not find her. Look in front and you will find her."

The elderly woman spoke mysteriously. There was a hidden meaning in her words.

"Look in front? What do you mea- !!! You ARE Healer Natasha!?"

Aleshia thought that this elderly woman was just spouting bullshit, but realization appeared on her face as she looked in front of her. The only one in front of her is this elderly woman. That could only mean that she is Healer Natasha!

Aleshia was speechless. She didn't expect that Healer Natasha was one of those religious freaks. As someone who relied on her own efforts to raise herself and her little sister, religion is just a joke to her.

"Indeed, I am."

The elderly woman, or rather, Healer Natasha, smiled in satisfaction after seeing her shocked face.

"I-I'm sorry for being rude!"

Aleshia quickly bowed together with Ella. Even if Healer Natasha was one of those religious freaks, her little sister's healing is within her hands.

"I did not take offense, child. So what is it that you need help with?"

Healer Natasha shook her head generously and asked.

"T-thank you! My little sister here has been very ill since she was a baby. Every once in a while she will collapse and feel weak. It slowly got worse each passing year. As her big sister, I feel worried for her."

Aleshia stuttered as she explained. These past few days Ella would be okay, but after a few more days pass, she will once again collapse and feel weak. It was a vicious cycle that slowly gets worse over time.

"Let me hold her hand."

Healer Natasha stood up from her position and walked towards Ella. She picked up Ella's hand and held Ella's palms with both of her hands. She closed her eyes as she sensed the state of Ella's body.

A few moments passed and Aleshia's palms were already sweaty from the tension. What if her little sister has an incurable illness? What if her little sister is doomed to die? What if there is nothing she could do? Such thoughts passed inside Aleshia's mind.

"A curse?"

After a few minutes of silence, Healer Natasha finally talked. There was a look of surprise on her face as she gazed down at Ella.

"Curse? What do you mean, Healer Natasha?"

Aleshia immediately asked. She never heard anyone saying that her little sister was cursed. From the day she started living in the orphanage, her little sister was already ill. So it was impossible for her to be cursed by anyone.

"Your little sister is cursed by a powerful magician."

Healer Natasha explained. Aleshia's mouth was opened wide in shock. She never heard anything about her little sister getting cursed!

"How could that be!? We don't have any enemies!"

Aleshia screamed in denial. Who would curse her little sister? Who is so cruel!?

"You should not ask me. But good news for you, this curse is weak. I can remove it."

Healer Natasha shook her head at Aleshia's outburst. She immediately gave a solution to calm her.

"How much?"

"3000 gold."

Aleshia was overwhelmed by the price of healing Ella's curse. All of her life savings and the money she got from Lawrend all put together only amounts to about 2400 gold.

"I thought your God said to help me!"

Aleshia asked desperately. Her little sister's health now relies on this healer in front of her. If she couldn't pay her sooner, who knows what would happen to her little sister?

"I don't just accept anyone's request of healing, young girl."

There was suppressed anger in Healer Natasha's face as she replied. For someone who is reputed to be the best healer in the Lanshia province, her healing services are very much priced and sought after. She just doesn't heal anyone just because they need it.

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