Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 17

At first, a group entered the Golden Wall residence.

There were a total of 13 people and the manager in charge greeted them politely.

“We were waiting for you. I sincerely thank you for visiting.”

“We are lucky to be here. I want to see the patient first. Will you please guide me?”

“For sure… I will. I will guide you now.”

The manager of the Golden Wall residence thought that the reputation of the doctor from God wasn’t fabricated and politely guided him and his assistants.

“The residence is really outstanding.”

The doctor from God was impressed and looked around.

“The owner really did pay a lot of attention. Actually, this is a residence that shares its history with the Golden Wall Clan.”

The manager and doctor continued to walk while having a light conversation.

The residence was large so they had to walk quite a while.

At last, they arrived at a room where the second prince of the Golden Wall Clan where Taesan was staying.

The doctor was amazed once again after seeing the room and the surroundings.

“Wow. This place has a better atmosphere than other places.”

“It’s the top three rooms inside the residence.”

As he entered inside between a fence that surrounded the room, there was a large garden.

It was decorated well and it was a well-managed garden.

Also, he saw two men managing the garden and a lady who was giving instructions to two men.

It was Black Two, Three, and Danyoung.

The doctor saw them and they looked surprised.

To be exact, he was surprised by looking at Danyoung.

“Who is she?”

“Ah… she is a maid who serves the second prince.”

“I see. She doesn’t appear to be an ordinary maid.”

“Isn’t she pretty? She is from a famous brothel in Muhan. There are other ladies as well. They… all came to serve the second prince.”

The manager gave a strange look at the doctor.

That’s because the doctor couldn’t keep his attention away from Danyoung.

As the doctor behaved differently than the rumors, there was a bit of doubt.

“Ah, I wasn’t acting with manners. I’m sorry.”

“That’s fine. I understand.”

Isn’t it instinctual for a man to look at a beautiful lady?

“Ah… you misunderstood. I’m interested in her not because of the beauty.”


“That’s because of her physical type.”

“Physical type?”

“It’s a rare physical type. It’s really tempting.”

The manager thought there was greed in the doctor’s eyes.

However, he removed such thoughts. The doctor was well known to keep the ladies away. That was why there was no way.

“Because you are a well-known doctor, you are able to see someone’s physical type just by looking.”

“Of course, there was a limit by just looking at it. To find out in detail, I must measure the heartbeat. However, if it is visible like that, there is no point in measuring the heartbeat.”

The doctor didn’t even think about moving and stood at the same place while looking at Danyoung.

“It seems like… a newborn baby. She appears to be twenty years old and is very innocent for her age… It’s very surprising. It’s really tempting.”

“Sorry? Did you say tempting?”

“Sorry, if you don’t mind, can I make her become my student?”

The manager’s eyes became big.

“Does she have a character as a doctor? Can you find someone who is suitable for the doctor by physical type?”

The doctor laughed.

“That’s why I say she is worth it. She’s like a snowfield. Easy to color. It means she can bloom with her excellent skills in anything.”

The manager’s surprised look darted between Danyoung and the doctor.

“How is it? Can you give her to me? If you do, I will never forget your generosity.”

The manager opened his mouth widely.

The doctor mentioned generosity. It meant he could continue to maintain a relationship with the Golden Wall clan.

Having a connection with a doctor like him meant having a spare life.

Also, the doctor didn’t go alone.

Everyone who came with him was a doctor. They were his students and they also had great skills like him.

In fact, the doctor cooperated with them while curing patients.

There was no single insecurity in the doctor’s view. Of course, he had no doubt that his proposal would be accepted.

However, the response from the manager was way different than his expectation.

The manager gave a pitiful face and replied with an expectant face.

“That maid is the second prince’s exclusive maid. It’s someone who was accepted by the prince instead of the Golden Wall clan. Therefore, you need permission from the second prince.”

The doctor laughed.

“Can I request for your help when I get permission from him?”

“Absolutely. I will do my best. If such a chance is here, wouldn’t the prince give permission?”

The manager guided the doctor and provided his assistance while appearing happy.

The doctor looked at Danyoung while following the manager.

The doctor stopped and stood there as soon as he entered the room.

‘What’s this? What’s in here?’

When he went inside the room, the doctor saw three maids cleaning.

However, those three maids had extraordinary looks.

They were less pretty than Danyoung but it was hard to find.

The problem wasn’t the beauty.

‘There are three more people with the same physical type?’

It was the same physical type as the woman outside. The doctor named the physical type as purely physical.

First, they can bloom in any field.

Also, it can be used to change other people’s physical types.

“You should go this way.”

The manager gave a bitter laugh and woke the doctor.

It was surely understandable to see the doctor’s reaction.

Honestly, when he came here for the first time; he had the same reaction as the doctor.

“Did they… also rely on the second prince?”

“Yes, that’s correct. She isn’t here but there is one more maid and she is not from here. However, you can see her working for the second prince.”

“There is one more person?”

“She isn’t that pretty.”

“I mean is……”

The doctor moved his head while speaking.

If he says it is due to physical shape, what would that manager think?

He’d rather save his words and it’d be better to talk with the second prince.

“I want to meet the second prince quickly.”

“I hope so too. This way please.”

Taesan sat across from the doctor.

There were only two of them but the room was full of people right in front of them.

The person who spoke the most was the manager.

The manager gave so many compliments to the doctor and if someone were not familiar, they would think he was the doctor’s student instead of the Golden Wall Clan’s residence manager.

The reason why the manager did such a thing was explained in the last words he made before leaving the room.

“You are interested in my maids?”


The doctor gave Taesan a curious look.

Actually, strictly speaking, Taesan was rude. Nobody dared to talk to the doctor like that so far.

However, he didn’t feel bad.

It was obvious that Taesan was like that so he accepted the attitude.

The doctor was not familiar with such an experience.

‘There were a few times. Few times.’

Taesan asked again, “You came with more than ten students and you are trying to add four more. Aren’t you too greedy?”

“The doctors who came with me aren’t my students. They just came to help me.”

“I don’t think so.”

The doctor looked at Taesan with a serious face.

“I can see from the attitude. There is a clear hierarchy. It’s either a student or a subordinate. No?”

As Taesan spoke in a tone telling if you want to deny then deny it. It made the doctor become more serious.

‘It’s way different than the rumors.’

Actually, based on the doctor’s investigation; Taesan was nothing special.

Most of the people with disconnected heartbeats had special skills but he didn’t have any.

Reality and research always didn’t match but still, it was the first time encountering such a difference.

“Anyway, what’s important is if I can cure your symptoms.”

“No, that’s secondary.”

The doctor’s eyebrows moved upward.

Fixing a person with a disconnected heartbeat that can kill someone is secondary?

“What’s really important is that you want what is mine.”

Taesan laughed. That laugh seemed somewhat aggressive and the doctor kept his mouth shut not knowing what he did.

“It will be a good opportunity for them as well. Having an opportunity to learn my medical skills is very rare.”

Taesan moved his head.

“Why are they learning medical skills from you?”

The doctor wanted to argue but Taesan spoke faster.

“Honestly, you are not bringing them to teach medical skills.”

“What are you talking about? Don’t insult me anymore.”

Taesan laughed.

“They are my workers. Don’t you think I know their physical type?”

The doctor’s face became completely serious.

“Perhaps… you knew their physical type and admitted them in? I heard that they voluntarily came in……”

Taesan shook his head.

“Is that important right now? What’s more important is what you are trying to do with them. No?”

“I’m telling you again. If you insult me any more…..”

“Isn’t it a good ingredient?”

Taesan’s comment made the doctor completely shut his mouth. He was so surprised that his vision shook aggressively.

However, he became calm all of a sudden.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Ingredient? How can you use humans as ingredients?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about as well. When did I say you use people as ingredients? I just said if the ingredient is good.”

The doctor’s face became twisted.

“My Prince, there is a limit on joking around.”

“A joke? Do you think I’m making a joke right now?”

The doctor kept his mouth shut. He was nervous. What did Taesan know? What does he want from me?

Complicated thoughts filled his head.

‘I can’t kill him here. Should I kill him secretly at night? No. He would predict such things. If I get caught, there will be big trouble.’

He couldn’t predict it. Honestly, it was his first time experiencing such a thing so he never thought how to handle such a situation.

‘Why with this timing…..’

The timing wasn’t good. If something similar happened a year ago, he wouldn’t have to think much.

However, it was different now.

While the doctor was in a dilemma, Taesan spoke calmly.

“It’s getting on my nerves. Anyway, they became my people because I allowed them and it’s annoying to see people trying to poach them from me. I want to live quietly.”

Taesan spoke and looked at the doctor.

“Your energy is weak. People outside are weak as well… There is nothing useful other than medical skills.”

The doctor got goosebumps all over his body as soon as he heard Taesan whispering.

‘He is really dangerous.’

He is hiding something. I don’t know what it is, but I know that I shouldn’t act quickly.

“Then… can I leave?”

Taesan laughed.

“Why pretend to be sloppy? If you opened a drawer, you need to see the result.”

The doctor looked at Taesan nervously.

“What do you mean by result?……”

“The easiest way is to kill. It’s simple and easy. However, it’s hard to clean up.”

Taesan looked at his hand while tightening and relaxing his fist.

“Well… it’s enough to kill 13 people.”

Unless the opponent was a senior from the Murim association, there would be no big problem killing people with lower standards. The body became a bit better.

However, the problem was that there was a side effect after moving once.

The doctor couldn’t move. He felt like a dog standing in front of a tiger.

It wasn’t that hard to find out why.

‘Is this a murderous spirit?’

The doctor looked at Taesan.

He was alone while facing a murderous spirit that needed to kill thousands of people.

The doctor was oppressed by such a spirit.

He only felt such a spirit once in his life.

That memory filled his brain all of sudden.

The doctor went on his knees without realizing it.

“Please save me.”

Taesan scratched his cheeks.

“I never let anyone survive who was after my things……”

The doctor was sweating all over.

There was a similar memory left inside the doctor. The doctor almost peed himself while such an incident came up inside his head.

Of course, at that time, he was watching someone dying while standing next to him.

The guy died brutally. It was a scary scene. Just watching it would make them want to pee themselves.

However, the doctor didn’t want to die. He would do anything to survive.

Taesan appeared with a smile.

He gave a scary laugh that his recalled memory didn’t disappear.

‘What the hell. Even the laugh seems the same.’

The doctor repeatedly thought the intimidation inside his memory was making him feel like that.

Or else he would pass out.

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