Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 12

“Where are you heading today?”

“To the brothel.”

“Sorry? Are you going there again?”

This is the 2nd brothel that Taesan has raided completely. Afterward, he invaded more brothels.

Taesan laughed.

“There is a lady I want to challenge.”

The word challenge made Gyeongwan sigh without realizing it.

As Taesan said challenge, a lady came to the Golden Wall residence the next day.

There were already three ladies who came to the residence and there was going to be one more lady.

Yoo, who was listening to two people having a conversation made a sad face.

She recalled what Harin reminded with a concerned face in her head.

‘Lady…You may have to stop liking this person.’

As Yoo thought that, Taesan all of sudden stopped in his steps.

“What’s wrong?” Yoo asked and looked at Gyeongwan in surprise.

Gyeongwan was holding a sword and there was a force all over his body that was strong like a blade.

‘What’s going on……’

Yoo couldn’t continue speaking. She felt a strong force from afar in the darkness.

A vibe mixed with aggressiveness and hatred was approaching while showing its existence.

Yoo held the sword tightly with a serious face.

She looked very confused.

‘No, I must have been mistaken.’

Taesan stopped after realizing the hatred before Gyeongwan just now.

However, that couldn’t be it.

Someone slowly appeared from the darkness.

There were four people instead of one person.

‘Three look weak and one looks a bit dangerous.’

Three people could be seen everywhere in the Black Union. The vibe they had was just like their commonness.

However, the other one who was looking over while standing behind with sharp eyes was different.

He wasn’t just an ordinary person in the Black Union.

It was strong enough that she wasn’t sure if she couldn’t win fighting against him.

While Yoo was trying to analyze information about the opponent, three ordinary people from the Black Union were goofing around and took a few steps closer.

As they seem intimidating, they only moved two steps.

“Hey you three, you need to be with us.”

That made Taesan laugh.

“Why are they so polite?”

Taesan turned his head and spoke while looking at Gyeongwan.

“Hey, there is another weakling.”

‘I shouldn’t fall for nicknames. I don’t want to look a fool.’

“Estimate their power.”

There was a sudden comment by Taesan and Gyeongwan replied immediately.

“I’m at least three notches ahead.”

“What are you doing?”


“If you’ve estimated the power, go, and find out.”

Gyeongwan then nodded his head and looked at Yoo.

“Please take good care of the prince.”

Gyeongwan left such a comment and went forward.

“Hold on!”

Yoo panicked and called Gyeongwan but Gyeongwan didn’t reply and focused on his task.

As Gyeongwan approached, three thugs from the Black Union were panicking. However, they had one task. Then, they stepped aside.

Gyeongwan passed between them. However, no one dared to attack Gyeongwan.

Soon, Gyeongwan stood in front of a guy who looks risky.

It was a guy dressed in red and black clothes where his clothes smelled like blood.

“Why don’t you follow me instead of trying to show off?”

The guy spoke and swung the sword at the same time. It was a subtle attack that didn’t even make a wind sound.


Gyeongwan dodged the sword aiming for his neck by pushing his upper back towards the side.

I was sweating on my back.

If he wasn’t careful, he may have been injured. It was a counterattack that was subtle and was aiming for the gap while taking a breath.

However, since Gyeongwan dodged it, now Gyeongwan has a chance to win.

Gyeongwan’s sword appeared with a strong violent vibe.


The blades were colliding and gave wild energy all over the place.

The guy and Gyeongwan both have great abilities.

Crossing swords!

The blade fight continued.

In the beginning, it seemed that both are equally strong. However, soon one could find who is stronger.

The man who blocked Gyeongwan’s sword for five times frowned and stepped aside.

Of course, Gyeongwan didn’t let him stay aside.


The man’s arm left blood all over and he fled.

He gave up his arm while saving his life.

Gyeongwan shook the blade to remove the blood.

As Yoo saw everything that happened, she was surprised.

It was beyond her imagination.

She knew Gyeongwan went a step ahead by breaking his limit but she didn’t know there would be a huge difference.

Yoo heard Taesan mumbling while she looked Gyeongwan dumbfoundedly.


That made Yoo wake up. Then she looked at Taesan.

Three ordinary thugs from the Black Union lost the urge to fight and were shaking while staying afar.

“What are you doing? Capture them.”

Taesan’s words made Yoo jump, thinking she had missed out.

Then, she completely captured the three guys from the Black Union.

It was really simple for Yoo to grab the enemy’s heartbeat while they lost the urge to fight.

While doing so, the guy who lost his arm disappeared again into the darkness.

Gyeongwan tried to chase him but the guy was running away too fast.

The guy had a great skill of hiding in the dark so it was impossible to catch him as he was desperate to run away.

Also, Gyeongwan shouldn’t chase the guy too far. His priority was Taesan’s safety.

While he is away, if something happens to Taesan, he would never forgive himself.

Gyeongwan went back to where Taesan was and saw three guys who were on their knees while putting their heads down.

“I’m sorry, My Prince. I missed a guy.”

Taesan just looked at Gyeongwan and moved his head.

“I’m also lame.”

Cheonma would never forgive anyone who made such a mistake.

He wouldn’t kill but he would make Gyeongwan not able to stand.

Well, Taesan wasn’t that angry somehow.

“It’s a dilemma of what to do in order to act like a human being.”

Taesan whispered and laughed.

He thought he had really changed a lot.

Gyeongwan was standing while putting his head down. He had nothing to say.

“Then, how should we deal with these guys? Isn’t it best just to kill them?’

Such a comment made guys from the Black Union become pale.

It felt like Taesan would really kill them.

Taesan’s honesty in his speech made them feel desperate.

“Please save me!”

“I will answer anything if you don’t kill us!”

Taesan laughed while feeling pathetic.

“They are still out of their mind. It’s better to kill them.”

The guys from the Black Union strongly shook their heads.

“No! We are normal!”

“I will tell you everything!”

Taesan just looked at them.

The guys in the Black Union didn’t know what to do so they were just looking at each other.

Taesan spoke while feeling suffocated.

“You said you will tell everything. Why aren’t you telling me? What, you really want to die? That’s the easiest way.”

“No! No! I will tell you!”

“We are from the Red Dragon group!”

“We are here because we have been ordered by the vice owner!”

“This morning, we beat someone who wasn’t paying the tribute!”

The person who spoke last closed his mouth while appearing intimated. Then, the other two looked at him.

They were criticizing him. ‘Why did you add an irrelevant comment?!’

Taesan laughed.

“That’s interesting. You can do it like that. I will let you live while you speak.”

Taesan gave a signal to Gyeongwan.

“Carry on and follow me.”

Gyeongwan asked while looking surprised, “Are you bringing them to the brothel as well?”

“I told you. I will let them live for as long as they speak. Write everything they say by hiring someone to record them from the brothel. If they stop, just kill them.”

Gyeongwan responded while putting his head down.

“I understood.”

Yoo looked at Gyeongwan, Taesan, and the Black Union guys who were on their knees once each time, looking terrified.

Her eyes look confused and panicked.

“At this moment, you are heading to a brothel?”

Taesan looked at Yoo wondering what she was talking about.

“Then should I give up because of these thugs?”

Yoo just looked at Taesan.

She wondered if it was the Taesan she used to know.

Yoo just looked at Taesan.

Taesan went inside the room with a lady he had picked already.

It was pathetic to see the lady actually.

‘I was curious how pretty the lady was as Taesan picked her.’

‘When I looked at her, I didn’t understand why he picked such a lady.’

‘It was impossible to compare with Harin and she looked the least attractive out of ladies I have encountered.’

What made it worse was that Gyeongwan was doing the task of bringing people who knew how to write inside the brothel and to write down what the thugs were saying.

‘I didn’t know he would literally do what he was asked to do.’

Was there any point in doing this?

‘I saw the thugs in tears trying to talk while using their brains.’

If they stopped talking for a moment, Gyeongwan would put his sword near their neck.

Just putting a sharp threatening knife on the neck made the thugs fear death and words gushed.

Then, the people who were there wrote down what they said.

They shared their activities.

They also talked about what they did on a daily basis and the plan of the Red Dragon group in the future.

They were talking while literally putting their life at risk.

They couldn’t dare to lie.

‘Until when are they going to do this?’

Yoo looked at Gyeongwan who was holding a sword.

‘Too complicated.’

Yet, she didn’t seem to hate the complicatedness.

At that moment, there was a scream coming out of a room.


Yoo became surprised and looked at the room. She was about to run into the room but Gyeongwan stopped her by standing in front of her.

“What’s wrong? What was that just now?”

“That’s why it was awkward to come together.”

Yoo looked at the high arched room and Gyeongwan with a shocked face.

Still, the sound that sounded like a moan or scream continued to come out of the room.

Yoo was getting shocked.

“So, so, that’s…..!”

Yoo’s eyes darted between the room and Gyeongwan.

She turned pale.

‘Lady, you really need to think again.’

To Yoo, it sounded like someone was expressing pain.

However, other people, especially three thugs, didn’t think like that.

They were nervous and moved their bodies.

Makeup smell from everywhere and the sound from the room stimulated their senses.

‘Damn it, just torture me!”

From the people here, only Gyeongwan knew that this sound would last for another 45 minutes.

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