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Chapter 178 - Secret Weapon

Chapter 178: Secret Weapon

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He immediately took out his semi-automatic rifle and swept it in the direction of the enemy.

The remaining six people from the blue team didn’t expect to actually meet the Red team. Each and every one of them immediately used their spiritual power and retreated.

He planned to first avoid the attack and hide before making any plans.

Captain Shen Qing shot a burst of bullets, but because he opened fire in a hurry, all of them missed. The rest of the team members only reacted at this moment and took out their weapons one after another, surrounding and intercepting the blue team.

Of the two, one ran and one chased. The six blue team members fought as they retreated, but the assault team’s trajectory was like a large net.

It kept tightening, narrowing the area they could move in.

At the same time, as the gunshots rang out, the six members of the blue team not only had to run away as fast as they could, but they also had to Dodge the attacks from behind. This was not realistic at all.

Not long after, two of them were hit by bullets. The moment the smoke rose, the remaining four people were completely disheartened.

They had already become turtles in a jar. Their escape routes had been cut off, and it was even more unrealistic to fight their way out.

Just as the remaining four felt that they were going to be completely defeated by the red team …

The sound of a cannon suddenly rang out.

Everyone in the assault team was shocked. They were originally happy that two blue team members had been eliminated, but a burst of cannon fire completely woke them up.

A pink ion light instantly engulfed the surrounding forest.

The reactors on the chests of the three assault teams that were closer to the battlefield were instantly activated, and thick smoke filled the air.

Seeing this scene, the rest of the people were also stunned.

Three team members were eliminated in an instant. This was clearly the work of the blue team’s second team.

They just couldn’t understand how these team two members could arrive in such a short time when there were three snipers helping to intercept them.

However, there was no time for them to think.

After Shen Qing saw such a scene, her eyes almost popped out.

Of the three Red Team members that had been eliminated, one of them was a five star xiuzhe.

In their entire team, there were only three people who had reached the five-star level.

At this time, they had actually lost one person. This was undoubtedly a heavy blow to the red team.

Originally, the red team had 13 members left, but after this cannon, only 10 were left.

At present, one person was arranged to guard the camp, and the two Scouts had also been changed to combat personnel to meet up with them. As for the other two snipers, they had not been contacted so far.

He was afraid that they had already been wiped out.

In other words, there were only seven people who could directly participate in the battle!

On the other hand, the four people from the blue team who were surrounded had already found cover. If they wanted to attack again, they would no longer agree as they had before.

In comparison, their situation was much worse.

They were attacked from both the front and back, and their advantage in numbers was gone. It was simply terrible to the extreme.

Through the screen, seeing Captain Shen Qing’s slightly pale face, everyone in the command room could not help but feel sorry for the red team.

it seems like this is really going to end. What a pity. I was one step behind.

that’s right. There are enemies in front and behind them. They have nowhere to run now.

it’s already very exciting. To be able to see two outstanding teams fight against each other, we’ve already achieved our goal of watching this, haven’t we? ”

“Although that’s what you say, if this battle ends just like that, it’ll still make people feel like it’s not enough.”

The surrounding people said one after another.

Wu mo also felt that the blue team was going to win this time.

The red team had lost because he had arranged for two people to be Scouts and four snipers at the same time. They wanted to accurately kill the blue team’s soldiers.

It was a pity that doing so would only disperse his own forces, giving the blue side an opportunity to take advantage of.

Of course, the Cannoneer called Lin Zhe also played a huge role in the blue team’s victory this time.

He had been eliminated many times because of his psychological tactics and his strong sense of space. He was able to accurately land the ion Cannon near the red team every time.

He had eliminated four Red Team members by himself and could be considered the individual MVP of this exercise.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Even among those soldiers, there were still super strong talents.

As long as one was able to Polish their abilities to the extreme in a certain field, they would still be able to display their strength that would not lose to those experts.

On the big screen, the second team from the South had arrived.

Under the pincer attack, the red team’s main assault team lost two more people.

As for the blue team, they were surrounded by four people in the center.

One of them was hit in the arm because he couldn’t Dodge in time.

They were also eliminated.

At this moment, the battle situation had already become one-sided.

Other than one person from the camp, there were only five people left in the red team.

The blue team still had eight people left. Whether it was the number of people or the battle situation, the red team was already unable to hold on and was beaten to the point where they didn’t dare to take half a step out of their cover.

Captain Shen, Yingluo, what should we do now? ”

One of the team members came to the reverse slope in a panic and said in a hesitant tone.

The few people around him were already in a sorry state.

In order to avoid the attacks, they had fled in a panic.

Now, not only were they disheveled, but their faces were also covered in dirt.

And his physical strength was almost at its limit.

Facing the black muzzles, they didn’t even dare to show their heads, for fear that the plasma devices on their chests would be activated the next second and they would be eliminated.

“Damn it, let’s just rush out and fight them to the death!”

that’s right, he’s such a bully. I’ve been in the Army for so long, but I’ve never been treated like this!

The remaining soldiers were all furious and wanted to rush out immediately and fight to the death with them.

After all, even if he stayed here, he would still be eliminated. He might as well be a man and be glorious in defeat.

“Cut the crap and give me my bag. We haven’t lost yet!”

Shen Qing angrily shouted and immediately interrupted the words of the surrounding team members.

The four soldiers “faces turned red and finally turned into wilting eggplants under Shen Qing’s gaze.

One of them opened the bag on his back and passed it to the captain, Shen Qing.

“Captain, why do you want a bag at this time?”

The team member who handed over the bag asked curiously. He knew that he might be reprimanded for saying this, but he still couldn’t resist the doubts in his heart.

Under such circumstances, the ion cannons were no longer of any use. The reason why they had kept them was because they were afraid that they would be snatched away.

“Don’t be so noisy, I have a secret weapon.”

As Captain Shen Qing spoke, she immediately opened the zipper of her bag and took out a camouflaged shirt.

The camouflage suit was very light and looked similar to the overalls that cost 99 Yuan on shopping websites.

But Captain Shen Qing’s attitude towards this dress was very serious and careful. He took it out very carefully, afraid that it would be damaged.

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