Big Shot’s Reincarnation Sweeps the World

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: A Bolt from the Blue

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“I heard that your mother is looking for a tutor for you so I submitted an application, but I was rejected.” Yi Juncheng laughed and said meaningfully, “Auntie has very high requirements.”

Sheng Yang looked at him silently. She had seen the credentials of those candidates and none of them was qualified to teach her, but if it was Yi Juncheng, that would be another story.

But she didn’t understand why her mother rejected him.

Of course, in front of Yi Juncheng, she couldn’t say that.

She didn’t want to spend any extra time on high school courses since she had almost obtained full understanding. It would be a waste of time to have someone tutor her.

The man’s gaze seemed to be shifting, moving from her beautiful face to the open book on the table, and he smiled. “I happen to know some of the ciphers.”

“Really?” Sheng Yang’s eyes lit up, looking at him with shining eyes.

Master Yi cupped his cheek with a hand, smiling bitterly. “Then am I qualified to be your tutor?”

“Sure.” Sheng Yang nodded hard, as cute as a little bunny, and Yi Juncheng was almost tempted to stroke her hair.

Yi Juncheng suppressed the urge and placed his itching hand on the open book. “Come, look here.”

He said some numbers and English words because Beale Ciphers originated from abroad. His standard London accent sounded so sexy and the syllables he uttered seemed to be dancing in the air, but Sheng Yang just listened attentively, her amber eyes so calm that she looked like a docile kitten.

They were very close to each other. Sheng Yang looked at the strings of numbers in the book earnestly, and a wisp of her shiny black hair fell on her snow-white neck, creating a sharp visual contrast.

She had just showered so her body had a fragrant floral scent which wasn’t as seductive as perfume but it was longer-lasting with a refreshing and attractive feminine aroma.

From this angle, he happened to see her rosy lips, crystal clear and sexy, and his sexy Adam’s apple couldn’t help bobbing.

“Why did you stop?” She turned and their eyes met. He caught her clear, watery eyes and fair and tender cheeks, but she didn’t flush as he hoped.

Yi Juncheng couldn’t help but feel frustrated. Little thing, you messed up my heart but pretend as if nothing happened?

He couldn’t help but frown. “Am I not good-looking enough for you?”

Sheng Yang stated the facts expressionlessly, “You are, but you’re not as attractive as the ciphers to me.”

“…” Frustrated, Master Yi could only continue to explain the ciphers to her.


The next morning, a sumptuous breakfast filled the large table.

Sheng Yuxi was drinking milk slowly. Since he talked to his second brother, he started to return home more frequently.

Sheng Yang suddenly turned her head and looked at Kang Weizhen. “Mom, I want to ask your permission for one thing.”

“Huh?” Kang Weizhen cut some steak for Sheng Yang and looked at her with a smile. “Honey, you don’t have to be so polite. As long as it’s not illegal, you can do whatever you want. Even if you wanted a star in the sky, I’d buy you the naming rights.”

“It’s not that dramatic; it’s just a trivial matter. Now that you agree, that’s great.” Now that Kang Weizhen had agreed, Sheng Yang continued to eat the scone she was holding.

Kang Weizhen asked curiously, “Yangyang, what is it?”

“I want to hire Yi Juncheng as my tutor.”

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