Becoming The Business Magnate's Spoiled Wife

Chapter 26 - Transfer Agreement

Chapter 26: Transfer Agreement

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In the Shang Group headquarters, Mr. Ling personally led a team of lawyers to sign the transfer agreement with Shang Yan.

In the meeting room, the management managers were all surprised.

The Ling family had always liked to snatch hot projects from other companies. Why the sudden change? They all wondered how Shang Yan forced the Ling family to transfer a hot project to their company. Their eyes were filled with admiration.

Li pushed Shang Yan away and they were about to leave when Mr. Ling called out to them.

Mr. Ling narrowed his eyes and stared at Shang Yan. He lowered his voice and asked, “Everything has been settled. About the police station…”

Shang Yan looked at him disdainfully. “I will inform them to release him.”

Mr. Ling stood up and tidied his tie. He looked at Shang Yan’s back and mocked, “Qu Xiao’s relationship with Ling Chi is not as simple as she said. She betrayed Ling Chi for you today. Aren’t you afraid that she will backstab you tomorrow?”

“The people closest to you will always be the scariest! They know your weakness the best.”

“Qu Xiao is a smart woman. Is she sincere towards you? CEO Shang, let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t let her deceive you…”

Shang Yan listened to his instigation and his eyes flashed with contempt and dissatisfaction as he looked at Mr. Ling. “No matter what, before the divorce, Qu Xiao was mine.”

“Regardless, it’s not up to you to discipline and comment. If you feel bored, spend time taking care of Ling Chi and telling him to stop causing trouble for you outside. Otherwise, when your company collapses, I’ll be happy to take pity on you and buy your company with a sum higher than the market price.”

After Shang Yan said those harsh words, Mr. Ling was so angry that his entire body was trembling. He gritted his teeth and roared at him, “We’ll see!”

In the living room of the villa, Qu Xiao carefully and seriously flipped through Shang Yan’s medical records.

The Butler sat opposite her and told Qu Xiao everything he knew in detail, “CEO Shang once did half a year of rehabilitation training. A foreign professor had helped him develop a rehabilitation plan, but it didn’t have any effect…”

“During that time, CEO Shang’s mood was very bad. He suffered a lot of pain. Later, he chose to give up on the treatment.”

Qu Xiao could imagine the pressure Shang Yan was under during the recovery process. The disability was a fatal blow to him.

The Butler saw that she did not speak for a long time and asked worriedly, “Madam, do you have any ideas?”

Based on the analysis of the medical records, Qu Xiao believed that Shang Yan had a chance to regain his mobility, but the treatment process would definitely be long and painful.

First, she needed to find a way to get Shang Yan to accept and be willing to cooperate with her treatment plan. Secondly, Qu Xiao needed to find a good reason to explain why she was proficient in medicine. Reading a few medical books was far from reaching such a level.

Qu Xiao covered her face with her hand and let out a long sigh.

In the evening, Shang Yan came back with a cake shop’s cardboard box. Qu Xiao heard the movement and ran out of the room to welcome him.

When she saw the strawberry cake on the dining table, her eyes widened in surprise. “You bought this specially for me?”

Shang Yan’s hand that had taken off his coat paused for a moment before he said softly, “Li bought it for me. I don’t like sweet things…”

Qu Xiao pursed her lips and teased that Shang Yan was not good at lying.

As his personal assistant, Li would not do anything that Shang Yan did not assign him to do.

Qu Xiao used her fingers to scoop up a small piece of cream and put it into her mouth. The cream that the tip of her tongue tasted was refreshing and smooth.

She hummed a tune as she swayed her body. Feeling Shang Yan’s gaze on her, she scooped up a piece of cake with a spoon and brought it to his lips. She raised her hand to signal for him to open his mouth.

Shang Yan frowned and wanted to refuse, but Qu Xiao raised her arm high and refused to put it down. She urged him silently.

He could only open his mouth to compromise, and an unfamiliar taste instantly spread in his mouth.

Qu Xiao raised a brilliant smile. Looking at the cream foam hanging on his thin lips, she very naturally used her fingertips to pinch it off and conveniently put it into her mouth.

Shang Yan’s body stiffened, and let out a dry cough.

Qu Xiao turned around and grabbed the entire piece of cake, like a child protecting their food. “This whole thing is mine, I’m not sharing!”

Shang Yan could not help but laugh. He took a deep breath and told Qu Xiao about the contract with the Ling family.

“Ling Chi should be back home by now…”

Shang Yan thought about Mr. Ling’s words. He carefully looked at Qu Xiao’s expression, trying to detect any subtle changes and emotional fluctuations.

However, Qu Xiao acted as if she did not hear him. She focused all her attention on the cake. She took out her phone and took pictures continuously. She posted them on her WeChat moments with the caption: My husband bought this for me. It’s especially sweet!

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