Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2090 - Li Muyang's Regret

Chapter 2090 - Li Muyang's Regret

Could Tianming’s Plundering Eye emit sounds? He was startled. But soon, he froze and his eyes turned red. He was extremely excited, because the voice was all too familiar to him. It was the voice of his father, Li Muyang! The father and son had had a brief chat in the alternate world within the Divine Moon Realm through the Cyclic Map, then never saw each other again. Without his parents, Tianming was like a headless chicken, wandering around by himself. He needed his father to point out a clear path regarding his future, as well as the Primordial Chaos Beasts. His lifebound beasts and cultivation path originated from Li Muyang. He had many questions that required an explanation from his parents.

"Father." Taking a deep breath, Tianming intently looked into his Plundering Eye, only to see a face vaguely emerge from the black and white taiji diagram. However, he knew that it was his father. It didn't matter where he was or what methods he used to talk to him; the important thing was that Tianming could finally speak to him again.

"It’s been a long time, Tianming." Li Muyang still looked the same, serious, gentle, and respectable. He seemed to be the standard gentleman.

"Long time no see, father." Tianming smiled.

"I don’t have much time, so I'll get straight to the point," Li Muyang said. He wouldn’t appear without reason. There must be something.

"Before that, I want to know if you’re doing well. Are you and mother safe?" Tianming eagerly asked.

"We’re alright, apart from running for our lives like street rats. Everything else is fine. Your mother misses you all the time and cries sometimes. She’s crying now because she hasn’t seen you today…. Ah, ah! Well, she said she’s very happy and can’t wait to carry her grandchild." He was obviously beaten halfway through his speech.

"So you know my current situation?" Tianming asked. They must know that he had found Feiling again to be mentioning grandchildren.

"Yes. Through this eye, I can see you sometimes. After all, I’m the patriarch of the sky plunderers.... Of course, talking to you is a little more difficult. We’re lucky to have this opportunity and there isn’t much time, so listen to what I have to say," Li Muyang said.

“Okay!" Tianming sat up straight and listened attentively.

"You’re currently in the Infinitum Mundus," Li Muyang said.


"In the Infinitum Mundus is the Infinitum Bodhimanda," Li Muyang said.

"Yes." Tianming nodded.

"There’s an Infinitum Stele in the Infinitum Bodhimanda. This sword-shaped stele is the real core component of the Grand-Orient Sword. Once you get your hands on it, you can unlock the nine great cosmic impulses. When that happens, the Grand-Orient Sword will be powerful enough to split a nova source world with just one strike," Li Muyang solemnly said.

"What the hell? What class are we talking about?" Tianming asked.

"At least a deific-class world," Li Muyang replied.

"Are you kidding?" Tianming asked speechlessly. He had thought the nine-star Grand-Orient Sword was already perfect, but according to Li Muyang, it was still missing its core component. After obtaining the Infinitum Stele, he could destroy a deific-class world with a single strike. Tianming hadn’t even seen a deific-class world yet, but knew that a deific-class nova source would be more than ten times larger than the current sun. Even with the power of a trillion believers, Tianming couldn't destroy the Divine Moon Realm. He couldn't imagine what it would mean to split a deific-class world with one strike. It was absurd. Even if the words came from Li Muyang's mouth, he couldn’t help but think that it was all nonsense.

"My child, the cosmos is boundless. It’s easy to believe in misconceptions about the limitations of human strength. But after experiencing the rise of the decapath era, we can shake and move worlds. You can’t imagine the vastness of the future, so just listen to me," Li Muyang said, his tone solemn, not at all like he was joking.

"Can a human move worlds?" Tianming was at a loss. Because he was now in the Infinitum Mundus, Li Muyang was there to show him the way forward, and that way was the Infinitum Stele. If Tianming hadn’t gone there, perhaps Li Muyang wouldn’t have appeared.

"With the Infinitum Stele, I can be that strong on my own?" Tianming was filled with yearning. He wasn’t sure of the limits of human strength but he believed in Li Muyang.

Li Muyang continued, "The Infinitum Stele is only part of your goal."

"Oh? Are there other treasures?" Tianming asked.

"Yes! There’s something buried under the Infinitum Stele. I don't know what it is, but the Cyclic Reflector was drawn to the Infinitum Bodhimanda because of it, which was why this was where I began my eighth life. My eighth life was the one before Li Muyang of the Divine Capital. In that life, I tried everything I could to explore the artifact beneath the stele, but unfortunately failed. But I’m certain it can change our fates!" He seemed to be thinking of the past and his expression was slightly regretful.

"Your eighth life was spent in the Infinitum Bodhimanda?" Tianming hadn’t even known about it. All he knew was that Li Muyang would be hunted down every time he was reincarnated. When he eventually reincarnated in the Chaos Skyjail, his ninth and tenth lives were slightly better. But because the lower he went, the thinner the spiritual energy of heaven and earth grew, his lifespan had naturally become shorter.

"Yes! My eighth life was very special. Because of the artifact under the stele, the Cyclic Reflector’s aura was concealed and there was little chance of exposure. I would’ve solved everything in that life, if it weren’t for dying unexpectedly," Li Muyang explained.

"It concealed the Cyclic Reflector’s aura? You weren’t exposed?" Tianming noted the information in his heart and continued silently listening to Li Muyang.

"Tianming, now that you’ve reached the Infinitum Mundus, head to the Infinitum Bodhimanda! Go and get the Infinitum Stele. Once you have it, you’ll be able to realize the dream that I failed to accomplish. Go and see what lies beneath the stele!" Li Muyang looked at him with fiery eyes.

"Okay! Anyway, the sun has the star-cloaking formation now, and there’s many things waiting to be done. It’ll take a long time to build this new world. Staying here would affect my cultivation progress, so I might as well visit the Infinitum Bodhimanda!" Tianming said. Now that they had the star-cloaking formation, the sun was completely hidden. Thus, he planned to move the invisible sun close to the Infinitum Bodhimanda and hide it there. He didn't think that the mysterians could catch up to them, or even find them!

"I'm not finished, Tianming." Li Muyang took a deep breath, his gaze profound.

"Speak! You’re my daddy, you’re the greatest!" Tianming rolled his eyes.

"Haha.…" Li Muyang sounded a little more relaxed. "The thing is… I was afraid to unseal my memories due to certain things that happened before. Because of that, I lived a relatively useless life and felt guilty toward many people. I didn’t contribute to anything, and my death was even more ridiculous. I left with a lot of regrets that still haunt me. I hope you can help me make up for them."

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