Beast Armorer: Infinite Evolution

Chapter 71 - Ice Breath Ape, Wolf Shadow

Chapter 71: Ice Breath Ape, Wolf Shadow

As Stellar Wolf successfully broke through to high-grade bronze-level, this silver-level magical beast had already arrived in front of them. It raised its huge palm and slapped down.

A terrifying heat wave emerged from its body. The heat wave hit the ground in circles, and even the temperature increased by several degrees.

“Wolf Shadow!”

Lin Tian tried to use his new skill. Then, his body turned into a black liquid and melted on the ground, becoming one with the black shadow on the ground. His aura also disappeared instantly.

However, Lin Tian could still clearly see this silver-level magical beast and the other magical beasts on the ground.


The silver-level magical beast slapped the ground and the magical beasts on the ground were blown into the sky.. The entire ground split open and countless rocks flew out. Following that, bolts of lightning came out from its palm.

Within a radius of 200 meters, a pool of electricity was formed. The magical beasts inside of it were directly struck by the lightning and began to tremble violently.


Zhang Wei was unable to dodge in time and was directly struck by the lightning. Following that, a bolt of lightning descended and struck the ground in front of him. It instantly blew him away and his body began to tremble slightly.

One had to know that the Green Rock Bear’s defense was extremely strong. Even after Zhang Wei had transformed into armor, he was unable to block it. One could imagine how powerful the lightning was. Unfortunately, it was unable to do anything to Lin Tian.

Under the shadow, Lin Tian wasn’t affected at all. On the contrary, he could quickly approach the silver-level magical beast. After his aura entered the shadow, it completely disappeared. He was basically invisible.

“Where’s Lin Tian? Lin Tian!”

After Zhang Wei retreated more than ten meters, his feet stepped on the ground. A ten-meter-tall mound of soil rose up. He had a worried look on his face. Lin Tian, who was still there a moment ago, but he suddenly disappeared. This wasn’t good.

Some bad memories flashed through his mind, and his eyes gradually turned red. He clenched his fists.

“I’ll fight you to death!”

Zhang Wei roared angrily, waving his fists as he charged towards the silver-level magical beast. At this time, Lin Tian revealed his head from the huge shadow of the silver-level magical beast on the ground. He checked the silver-level magical beast’s attribute.

[ Magical Beast ] : Ice Breath Ape

[ Level ] : Silver-level (low-grade)

[ Grade ] : Rare

[ Talent ] : Brute Force (Rare) , Berserk (rare)…

[ Skills ] : Earth-shattering (silver) , Lightning strike (mutation) , world of ice and snow (silver)…

After Lin Tian took a look, he could not help but be stunned. He saw that that was a “mutation” written on the skill of the Ice Breath Ape. This was the first time he saw such a strange magical beast.

Actually, the reason for the mutation was because of the Thunder Abyss’s thunder and lightning. After years of tempering by the thunder, the Ice Breath Ape, which was originally had the ice attribute, had acquired the thunder attribute skill.

This allowed its strength to rise to another level. However, the possibility of a mutation occurring in such a natural environment was too low. The Ice Breath Ape had only undergone a mutation by chance, and it was precisely because of this that it was more powerful than an ordinary low-grade silver-level magical beast.


The Ice Breath Ape saw that Zhang Wei had already come over. It growled and extended its palm. The ice-blue flames on its body started to burn, and ice started to form on its palm.

The surrounding air instantly dropped by a few degrees.

“Wolf King Bomb!”

At the critical moment, Lin Tian condensed six energy bombs behind the Ice Breath Ape and shot them into the sky. Then, he quickly merged into the shadows again. After that, he shot our six energy blades from the underground.

These energy blades quickly broke through the ground and slashed towards the Ice Breath Ape’s legs. Before the Ice Breath Ape could even react, the six energy bombs landed on its head.



The Ice Breath Ape’s head was instantly hit the energy bombs, and the terrifying explosive energy directly exploded in the next moment. The Ice Breath Ape roared in pain, its body swayed and smoke rose up. Its palm didn’t even manage to grab Zhang Wei.


Zhang Wei was surprised by Lin Tian’s attack. However, he quickly seized the opportunity and charged towards the Ice Breath Ape. An earthen yellow light emitted from his body, and he smashed towards the Ice Breath Ape like a small mountain.

At this moment, the energy blades also cut into the Ice Breath Ape’s legs. As Lin Tian’s Stellar Wolf had already broken through to high-grade bronze level, the power of the crystal blades had also received an increase in power. Following the explosion, the Ice Breath Ape’s body tilted even more severely.

“Wolf King Bomb!”

“Crystal Blade!”

Lin Tian hid in the shadows, he continuously shot out energy bombs and energy blades from the ground. All of his attacks were focused on the head of the Ice Breath Ape. It would definitely not be such a good opportunity to face it head-on. After all, the Ice Breath Ape’s defense was very strong.

However, with the help of the Wolf Shadow, he could easily attack the head of the Ice Breath Ape without it noticing him.

“Quick, let’s take this opportunity to clear out the magical beasts!”

When the other team members saw that Lin Tian and Zhang Wei were dealing with the silver-level magical beasts, they didn’t just stand there, they quickly cleared out the magical beasts around them.


At this moment, the Ice Breath Ape let out an indignant roar. Frost appeared within a radius of 200 meters. Following that, ice crystals began to form on its body. Many magical beasts were instantly frozen into ice cubes. At the same time, its body began to turn slightly red.


Zhang Wei had hit the head of the Ice Breath Ape. The terrifying impact knocked the Ice Breath Ape down. The countless pieces of soil behind him smashed into the Ice Breath Ape’s body, preventing it from going berserk.

“Moon Howling Strike!”


Lin Tian and Zhang Wei attacked almost at the same time. Two full moons hung high in the sky. Under the moonlight, Zhang Wei was particularly eye-catching.


“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Following that, a huge explosion occurred, along with countless pieces of soil flew in all directions. Within a radius of 100 meters, all the energy from the explosion sent many magical beasts flying. At the same time, some ice cubes flew out from within.

[ Ding… ]

As the system’s pop-up window lit up, the Ice Breath Ape was completely annihilated under the combined efforts of the two of them.

“Not bad!”

Zhang Wei looked at Lin Tian and raised his hand. After Lin Tian and him high-fived, their elbows collided with each other, and then they charged towards the magical beasts once again.

“Pa, pa, pa, pa!”

Mandala Flower’s vines bloomed, flapping at the magical beasts in all directions. The number of magical beasts became fewer and fewer, and as the Ice Breath Ape was successfully killed, these magical beasts had lost their leader.

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