Awakening The Weakest Talent: Only I Level Up

Chapter 473 - 473 Chapter 473 Group Attack

473 Chapter 473 Group Attack

Chapter 473 Group Attack

Lu Yu’s words made the few people present gulp nervously.

“In other words, we don’t have to continue hiding anymore? We’ll start a direct battle from the next stronghold?”

Han Xuefei asked with uncertainty.

Lu Yu nodded. “That’s right. Do you have a problem with that?”

Han Xuefei shook her head. “You’re the captain. I’ll listen to your orders.”

“If we’re late, your family might be in trouble.”

Hearing this, Han Xuefei quickly nodded. “Then let’s go now!

Xu Yuan pulled on Lu Yu’s arm and asked, “Isn’t it too risky?”

“As long as we’re fast enough, it’s completely possible. We’ll enter in a straight line, staying away from the other strongholds.”

“There are less than 300 people in all the strongholds along this line. We’ll be able to reach the headquarters once we’re done with them.”

Lu Yu opened the map again.

Xu Yuan frowned. “Three hundred people… this…”

“Don’t worry. As stronghold after stronghold is taken down, our forces will grow stronger. It will be fine if we can catch them off guard.”

Hearing Lu Yu’s words, Xu Yuan suddenly remembered that Lu Yu’s Undead Fire could turn his enemies’ corpses into puppets, increasing their fighting power!

“That’s possible. Our strength will greatly increase if we can collect 300 undead warriors along the way.”

“Moreover, their headquarters must be huge. With these undead warriors, it will be much easier for us to break in.” Xu Yuan analyzed and gradually gained confidence.

“It seems like our chances of winning are high.”

Lu Yu continued to walk forward. “We’re almost there. Get ready!”

Not far ahead, Lu Yu could see five or six wooden houses surrounded by a wooden fence.

These buildings were considered simple in this era. Moreover, they were just meant as temporary residences, so the quality wouldn’t be too solid.

It would be easy to attack this stronghold.

Lu Yu picked up his pocket watch. With a flash of light, 20 undead warriors appeared around him.

Their team of six people increased tremendously. Looking at them, the huge group brought about an oppressive feeling.

Moreover, the undead warriors around Lu Yu looked terrifying from the outside. If these undead warriors surrounded one, the mental pressure alone would be huge, disregarding everything else.

“Alright, let’s attack directly. Don’t do anything else!”

Lu Yu controlled these undead warriors with his mind and charged toward the stronghold.

At that moment, two guards were standing in front of the stronghold. The two of them were on guard duty, equivalent to a sentry’s role.

The guards looked at the rustling in the grass before them and were worried.

“There’s movement in the grass. What’s the situation?”

“Don’t overthink. It should be some kind of animal passing by.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. If this movement is really an animal, it would be a wolf pack!”

“Sound the alarm and inform everyone to get ready.”

The two guards were cautious. When they saw any movement, they were ready to alert everyone else.

However, before they could do anything, a figure suddenly sprang out of the grass and leaped toward the two of them.

One of the guards immediately cried out in surprise, “Team leader, have you returned?”

After speaking, he quickly knelt on one knee and respectfully lowered his head.

However, the guard next to him did not do so. Instead, he pulled his arm and said, “Are you blind? This guy isn’t our leader!”

“He’s not our boss. This isn’t right!”

The guard kneeling on the ground quickly stood up and looked at Zhang Jianlong.

Upon a closer look, he was shocked to find that Zhang Jianlong’s face was pale and dull, and his eyes were lifeless as if he were dead.

Most importantly, there was a massive hole in his chest! With two fist-sized holes, a normal person shouldn’t be alive.

“That’s impossible! How is he dead?”

“Wait, no. Why is he still standing and walking toward us if he’s dead?”

The two guards retreated, their bodies trembling in panic.

The two of them had no idea what was going on. They didn’t understand what had happened to Zhang Jianlong.

In their eyes, Zhang Jianlong was the strongest leader ever. No one could kill him, yet he had become like this.

“Look, his body is burning. He’s been burned to death!”

“That’s not right. This flame is blue-green in color, and the flame is weak. There’s a problem, a big problem!”

“Could it be that the reason he could still move after death is related to the flames on his body?”

“Why don’t we try to put out the fire?”

“You’re crazy! Boss is much stronger than us, and look what happened to him. Besides, we don’t know what will happen if we touch that fire!”

As he spoke, the guard took out a megaphone and shouted, “Everyone, gather! There’s a situation here!”

With the shout, everyone resting in their rooms was called out.

After they all came out, they gathered at the guards’ station. They also saw Zhang Jianlong walking towards them.

“Isn’t that Boss? What’s the situation?”

“What’s going on? What happened?”

“Something’s not right. Is Boss already dead? ”

“Huh! What happened?!”

Everyone started to panic, and everyone was at a loss.

Zhang Jianlong rushed toward one of the guards and pounced on him.

The guard hurriedly blocked his body. He still didn’t understand the situation, so he didn’t dare to make a move. After all, this was their team leader.

However, the moment he raised his hands to block, the flames passed through his arms and began to burn his body.

“Shit! I’m on fire! What kind of fire is this?!”

The guard’s expression, burning with the Undead Fire, was distorted in extreme pain. This pain was not from his skin being burned, but from his soul being burned. It was so painful that he couldn’t breathe.

The others around him wanted to come up and put it out for him, but they soon realized the danger and stood by the side, not daring to go forward.

Soon, the guard was dead.

However, the flame did not die out. Very quickly, he stood up again.

“What’s going on? Wasn’t he dead? How is he standing up again?”

“What’s going on? Let’s run! This isn’t looking right!”

These dozen or so people panicked and planned to escape from this place.

In the face of an unknown monster and enemy, their first thought would be to escape, even if they were stronger than these undead warriors.

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