Alternate World: I Started With Two SSS Templates

Chapter 561 - 561 Light Harmony

561 Light Harmony

Money was not a problem. The problem was whether it was worth it to offend an earth-rank master.

It was obvious that the Dust of Concealed Light was just an ordinary mystic-rank resource. The only special thing about it was the dual elements of light and earth. However, for an earth-rank master, this kind of resource was not rare at all. Let alone dual elements, even the rarer three or four elements could be found with time.

Why would this earth-rank master be so interested in this mystic-rank resource?

Did it have any value that they did not know about?

After bidding 12 million, the frivolous earth-rank couldn’t help but be cautious. For an ordinary earth-rank, tens of millions of fallen coins was a large amount of money.

Lin Xuan did not bid immediately. Instead, he was waiting for the auctioneer to strike the second hammer.

“Twelve million going once!”

“Twelve million going twice!”

“Eh? Why did he stop bidding?”

Suddenly, the earth-rank powerhouse with the frivolous voice came back to his senses. D*mn it, was this a trap for them to spend all their money and not have enough money to buy the last grand item?

“D*mn it, d*mn it, d*mn it! I didn’t expect an earth-rank master to use such a despicable method!”

Just as the earth-rank master was feeling resentful and felt that he had been deceived and fallen into someone’s trap…

“Fifteen million!”

Lin Xuan’s deep voice rang out from the private room and reverberated throughout the entire auction hall. For a moment, everyone was truly afraid of what this VIP could do.

10 million was definitely more than the price of a mystic-rank item. Only crazy people would be willing to spend money like that.

The earth-rank powerhouse who thought he had seen through the plot sneered, but no longer bid for the item.

Seeing that no one else was bidding, the beautiful auctioneer on the stage immediately smiled. She waved the small wooden hammer in her hand and struck it three times, announcing that the item was won by Lin Xuan.

The auction house was truly afraid now. If it was an ordinary battle, they wouldn’t care. However, it involved two earth-rank masters fighting over an unremarkable mystic-rank resource. In addition, the person in charge of the auction house had just learned that the two people sitting in Lin Xuan’s private room were members of the Evil Alliance who would be attending the meeting tomorrow. They were also powerful people from the Blacksky Alliance of Taixia Country.

The Blacksky Alliance could not be offended, let alone Taixia Country!

The Fallen Paradise Mountain was helmed by Lu Dongfa, who had the only two heaven-rank battle strength on the Blue Star. However, everyone in the world knew that Dragon King Aether, a heaven-rank powerhouse, had been imprisoned in the sky of Wudang Mountain for dozens of years by the Wudang Immortal. Everyone knew that Lu Dongfa had sneaked into Taixia Country many times but was driven away by force. Everyone knew that Io, the God of Catastrophe, had targeted Taixia Country many times and had to escape in defeat each time.

The experience of each heaven-rank powerhouse had already told everyone on the Blue Planet that Taixia could not be offended, and the people of Taixia could not be harmed!

In less than a minute, someone had already brought the Dust of Concealed Light out of the private room for Lin Xuan. The door opened automatically, and Lin Xuan looked at the Dust of Concealed Light that the auctioneer had personally brought up. The Dust of Concealed Light flew into the air and landed in Lin Xuan’s hand.

As soon as it landed on his hand, Lin Xuan’s body began to throb. He realized that the concealment techniques he had cultivated in his body a long time ago was echoing with the Dust of Concealed Light in his hand.

Was this a material for cultivating his great divine power of Light Assimilation?

Lin Xuan’s eyes revealed a hint of surprise. He had given up on looking for this material a long time ago. After all, there were too many materials related to light and earth. Even if he knew some of them, there were some materials that even Lin Xuan could not find.

He didn’t expect that he could buy it in the Fallen Paradise Mountain!


As soon as he said that, Lin Xuan crushed the glass bottle in his hand and absorbed the speck of concealed light. He then circulated his two great spell techniques, trying to fuse them into one.

The beautiful auctioneer came to the door to meet the earth-rank master. If she could build a relationship with him, it would naturally be beneficial. Of course, she also came to collect money. After all, 15 million was a large sum. It was not uncommon for an earth-rank master to rely on his strength to owe money and bid for a mystic-rank item…

The moment she entered, she was shocked. The Dust of Concealed Light was absorbed, and the earth-rank powerhouse entered a state of cultivation!

“This can help earth-rank powerhouses cultivate?’

Knowing this, the Dust of Concealed Light’s price would definitely skyrocket next time. In the next auction, this 15 million would be the starting price for Dust of Concealed Light!

Star Moon was sitting at the side. Seeing Lin Xuan unbothered by the others and entering a state of cultivation impatiently, how could she not know that he was about to break through? Human Emperor Lin Xuan was about to break through? This was big news!

However, under the starlight, no one could see his expression.

The auctioneer wanted to disturb Lin Xuan’s cultivation, but she changed her mind and did not make things difficult for him. It was true that one could make a lot of money by making a living in Fallen Paradise Mountain, but the rules here were also extremely strict. Any slight mistake would result in extremely severe punishment.

“You’re here to get money.”

Since they were both earth-rank fighters, those who joined the Blacksky Alliance were naturally just as strong. Although they were not as generous as Lin Xuan, who could easily exchange an earth-rank Demon King’s corpse for pocket money, they still had some valuable items on them, which were easily exchanged for about 100 million fallen coins.

After spending over 10 million fallen coins on an ordinary card, Star Moon did not seem to be distressed at all. It was just money. To earth-rank powerhouses like them, it was no different from a number. Whether they had more or less did not affect their mood at all.

Furthermore, Lin Xuan would definitely return the favor.

Wait, where was Fifth King?

Wasn’t he supposed to be around as well?

Something’s wrong, what’s happening?

“Thank you.”

Suddenly, a voice came from beside her, causing Star Moon, who was sitting still and deep in thought, to jump up like a little cat and turn to look behind her.

That’s right, there were three people in their group. It was Fifth King, Lin Xuan, and her. She seemed to have forgotten about Lin Xuan just now!

“What’s going on?”

“I was just lucky enough to cultivate a divine power!”

Star Moon squinted her eyes.

It was a mystical power that could even affect an earth-rank powerhouse. This mystical power was not simple!

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