Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 39 – Giving A Treasure Away

Chapter 39 – Giving A Treasure Away

The heavens and the earth spun around him. When Yang Ye opened his eyes next, the scene before his eyes caused his expression to turn grim. There were over 10 brown bears around the size of the grey wolf that were staring fixedly at him, and there were a few Darkbeasts that were still bleeding and hadn’t breathed the last breaths in between Yang Ye and the brown bears. Obviously, these brown bears were enjoying the fruits of their victory.

“How misfortunate!” The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and then he didn’t even give it a thought before pulling Su Qingshi behind him. After that, he withdrew the low-grade Profound Rank sword and laughed embarrassedly as he said, “It’s an accident, a coincidence, a real coincidence. All of you go on ahead….”

A wisp of a strange expression flashed in Su Qingshi’s eyes when Yang Ye pulled her behind him, and when she heard Yang Ye’s words, the corners of Su Qingshi’s mouth curled up slightly to form a wisp of a moving smile. Unfortunately, only the brown bears remained in Yang Ye’s eyes now, and he didn’t notice this gorgeous scene.

It was fine when Yang Ye remained silent, yet as soon as he spoke, those brown bears instantly stood up before slapping their cattail leaf sized paws on their chests. After that, they leaped and pressed down towards Yang Ye and Su Qingshi like mountains.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. Right when he was about to fight desperately, a sword light flashed, and then Yang Ye watched, to his astonishment, as those ninth rank Darkbeasts instantly transformed into a few pieces, causing fresh blood to spray like a fountain from all the brown bears. It was a rather magnificent scene.


The brown bears fell to the ground and caused a huge cloud of dust and dirt to rise into the air. Yang Ye was jolted back to his senses by this, and he turned around to look at Su Qingshi. He saw Su Qingshi standing proudly with the green sword in hand, and she had a carefree expression while she’d recovered the confident imposing aura that she had that day.

“You… you’ve recovered your strength?” Yang Ye instinctively took two steps back as he spoke.

Su Qingshi nodded.

“When… when did you recover?” Yang Ye was puzzled. He remembered that she’d told him that if she didn’t return to the Sword Sect, then it would be utterly impossible for her to recover from the Divine Ability that Bloodhand utilized on her.

Su Qingshi looked towards the direction of Death Abyss, and she said in a low voice, “It was probably that old man who did it for me.”

Yang Ye nodded when he heard this. It was understandable if it was that old man. Yang Ye didn’t know how strong that old man was, but since the old man had casually gifted away an Earth Rank technique and was living at the bottom of Death Abyss, such a person was definitely not a frail and weak old man.

Suddenly, Su Qingshi turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, and she casually waved the green sword in her hand. Even though she didn’t reveal any killing intent, Yang Ye’s eyes still twitched, and he took another few steps back before he said, “You… you wouldn’t go back on your word, right?”

“What do you think?” Su Qingshi spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he shook his head and said, “You won’t.”


Yang Ye smiled and said, “Even though I’ve only known you for a short period of time, my instinct tells me that you’re not someone that’ll go back on her word. If you wanted to kill me, then you ought to have been able to while we were still at the bottom of the abyss, and even if you were unable to accomplish that, you would have at least been able to take me down with you. Since you didn’t kill me down there, then you probably wouldn’t after we’ve come back up here.”

Su Qingshi gazed at Yang Ye, and Yang Ye refused to show weakness and met her gaze as well. After a short while, Su Qingshi waved her hand, and the green sword transformed into a wisp of green light that appeared beneath her feet. She said, “Remember, I’m sparing your life because you’re valuable to the Sword Sect, and if you don’t display proper value, then I won’t show mercy!”

Yang Ye smiled lightly when he heard this. This woman is all bark on the outside but soft on the inside.

Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something, and he withdrew the pair of bracelets the old man gave him and walked over to Su Qingshi before passing it over to her while he said, “This is yours.”

Yang Ye didn’t determine the quality of the bracelets, but he knew that this pair of bracelets was definitely not ordinary.

Su Qingshi glanced at the bracelets before she said, “He gave it to you!”

“Then I’m giving it to you now!” Yang Ye smiled as he spoke.

Su Qingshi gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before her gaze descended onto the bracelets. After a long time, she said in a low voice, “This pair of bracelets are at the mid-grade of the Earth Rank. Even our Sword Sect doesn’t have many treasures at the Earth Rank, and this is even a pair of them. Are you sure you want to give them to me?”

How precious were Earth Rank treasures? No one in the southern territory knew because Earth Rank treasures were treasures that only existed in legend to most of the cultivators in the southern territory. Just as Su Qingshi had said, even large sects like the Sword Sect didn’t possess many Earth Rank treasures, and that was why she asked this question.

Yang Ye was shocked as well when he heard Su Qingshi because he’d never expected that this pair of bracelets were actually at the Earth Rank! But so what about that?

In next to no time, his expression recovered his calm, and he directly grabbed Su Qingshi’s hand and placed the pair of bracelets in her hand. He said. “Truthfully speaking, I’m extremely shocked in my heart, but so what? They’re yours now.”

Su Qingshi gave Yang Ye a deep glance before she wore the bracelets. Instantly a wave of dazzling light erupted from her hands, and then the scene before Yang Ye’s eyes changed. In the next moment, he’s suddenly appeared in a world that was covered in golden icy crystals, and sharp golden ice crystals were everywhere within his field of vision.

Suddenly, the ice crystals moved, and this scene shocked Yang Ye.

In the next moment, those ice crystals suddenly transformed into numerous sharp blades that shot violently towards him, and Yang Ye was astounded as he watched this occur. However, right at this moment, the scene before his eyes changed once more, and all the ice crystals vanished while he returned to reality.

Yang Ye shook his head, and then shot his gaze at Su Qingshi, and his expression immediately changed when he saw her. Because at this moment, Su Qingshi’s body was actually covered in a layer of multicolored light. The multicolored light seemed like a set of tight-fitting clothes that tightly covered her graceful body, and it flickered with an illusory glow under the rays of sunlight.

“What… what’s going on?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

Su Qingshi glanced at the bracelet in her left hand, and a wisp of fondness flashed in her eyes. She explained. “Earth Rank treasures usually possess unbelievable abilities. Amongst these two bracelets, one is offensive while the other is defensive. That illusion formation from before was created by the offensive bracelet, and the environment within that formation isn’t an illusion. If you’re injured within there, then your Spiritual Energy and the energy of your soul would suffer a heavy injury in reality.”

When she spoke up to here, she glanced at the bracelet on her right hand and continued. “This is the defensive bracelet, and it’s able to form an energy armor on my body with a single command in my heart. I tested the energy armor earlier, and even with my strength, a full forced strike of mine was actually unable to harm it at all. With this pair of bracelets, I’m confident in my ability to go against experts at the Exalt Realm! Moreover, these two bracelets also contain space within them like spatial rings, and when combined, the two spaces within them covers an area of around 300m!”

Yang Ye was extremely shocked when he heard this. In the past, he’d heard that Earth Rank treasures were extremely abnormal, yet he’d never expected that they would be so abnormal. Not to mention anything else, just that illusion formation from before was absolutely able to crush him without giving him any room to resist if Su Qingshi didn’t stop it in time. Moreover, the bracelets even had spaces of their own within them, and an area of 300m was a few tens of times larger than his spatial ring!

When she saw the shock on Yang Ye’s face and the admiration in his eyes, Su Qingshi said indifferently, “What? You regret given them to me?”

Yang Ye’s expression changed when he heard this, and he took a deep breath and gazed at her as he said in a serious manner, “I admit that Earth Rank treasures are extremely tempting. But so what about that? Fairy Su, you underestimate me, Yang Ye!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked over to the pile of brown bears that Su Qingshi had dealt with, and then he dug up their Inner Cores because he’d wanted to do this since a long time ago.

Truthfully speaking, was Yang Ye regretful? Actually, he wasn’t at all. An Earthly Rank treasure was tempting indeed, but he really wasn’t regretful. In any case, he didn’t regret giving it to Su Qingshi. He didn’t know if this could be considered as affection, but in any case, he didn’t regret it in his heart! Moreover, the bracelet was obviously for women. So, not only would it be useless in his possession, it would even bring disaster to him.

As she watched Yang Ye dig the Inner Cores out, Su Qingshi suddenly started chuckling, yet she quickly returned to normal. For some unknown reason, when she noticed Yang Ye get angry because of what she said at the end, an unprecedented feeling had actually arisen in her heart, and for some unknown reason, she actually felt slightly happy.

She shook her head and raised her head to gaze at the horizon, and for some unknown reason, her heart grew more and more uneasy.

Yang Ye happily put all the Inner Cores away because these 10 plus Inner Cores were quite a huge amount of wealth to him. As for the bear skin and the other parts of the brown bears, with his current level of wealth, he didn’t value them at all.

“Let’s go!” Su Qingshi walked up onto the green sword, and then she gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke in an indifferent voice.

Yang Ye was delighted in his heart upon hearing this, and he didn’t hesitate to hurriedly run onto the sword. Flying atop a sword and looking down upon the world was something Yang Ye had dreamt of doing!

After Yang Ye stood onto the sword, Su Qingshi waved her hand lightly, and the sword instantly transformed into a strand of green light that charged up into the sky.

“AH!!!” Yang Ye was caught off-guard by the sudden flight of the sword, and he almost fell off from it. Fortunately, his reaction was sufficiently swift, and he held forcefully onto Su Qingshi. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Su Qingshi’s beautiful brows knit together slightly from being embraced forcefully by Yang Ye. She hesitated for a short moment, yet in the end, she didn’t kick Yang Ye down and just sped up instead….

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