Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 43 - A Message from Callie

Chapter 43: A Message from Callie

Peter looked incredulous.

Why was the Thunder God’s will here?

Could it be that the will of the Thunder God was sealed in the object ahead?

Previously, after Peter extracted the Thunder God genes for the first time, he specifically went to learn about the Thunder God.

It was said that in ancient times, the Thunder God’s skills were very domineering.

He could summon the power of thunder.

Could it be that the Thunder God’s skill that was mentioned here was referring to the power of thunder?

However, he was unable to extract the Thunder God’s skill now.

Thus, Peter could only guess.

The object in front of him was still glowing faintly.

Peter walked forward and reached out to move it.

However, he was unable to move at all.

One had to know that his current power had reached 120,000kg.

What object was impossible for him to move? Only materials used by the gods could not be moved by him.

However, this trip was not wasted. After all, this trip was mainly for those students.

He had only accidentally discovered the cave later on.

Peter was not in a hurry. After all, this thing could not run away from here.

The most important thing was to extract the Thunder God genes quickly after returning.

He would strive to reach a progress of 10% in extracting the Thunder God genes within a short period of time.

Only then could he return here and extract the Thunder God’s skill.

Peter followed his original route back to the entrance of the cave.

Beck was resting with the other students. When they saw Peter coming out, they all smiled.

“Big Boss Peter, you’re finally out…”

“Big Boss Peter, are we going back now?”

These students were all injured. For those who were severely injured, their entire arm had been broken.

From this, it could be seen how terrifying the attacks of the giant snake were!

However, the giant snake had now become a corpse.

Peter took out his communicator and planned to contact the Federal Genetic Command.

It would be best if he could send more people to transport the mutated creatures that he had killed back.

After the short call ended, he received a new message on his communicator.

It was from Callie. Peter immediately clicked on it.

“Peter, after I returned to New York Base City, I tried to convince Grandpa, but I didn’t succeed…”

“Most of the Mecha Warriors currently serving in the Federation have been sent out to fight mutated creatures.”

“There are only four Mecha Warriors units stationed in New York Base City now.”

“However, it’s not like Grandpa doesn’t believe you at all. He promised to set up the railgun first.”

Peter frowned slightly after reading Callie’s message.

He knew about the railgun. After all, the attack power of that big fellow was indeed terrifying.

It was also the most powerful weapon developed by the Federation so far.

However, no matter how powerful a railgun was, it had a cooldown time.

If they encountered a powerful mutant creature, a railgun would indeed be very useful.

However, if there were a large group of beasts attacking the city, the railguns would be almost useless.

It seemed like the people from the Federation still didn’t believe him.

Peter sent Callie a message immediately.

When the morning light appeared in the sky…

Peter led the 14th group and prepared to return to the starting point.

After a day and night of training, there were only six students left in this group.

Furthermore, all six of them were injured.

Peter looked down at the time. There was still an hour before the aircraft arrived.

This aircraft was sent by the Genetic Command to transport the corpses of the mutant creatures.

It so happened that Peter planned to let the severely injured students take this flight back first.

The test had only gone on for a day, and there was still a bit of time before it ended.

However, Peter ordered all fourteen groups to return to where they had previously landed.

It was mainly to tabulate the number of injured people.

On the way back to the landing area, Peter received a voice call from Professor Eugene.


Why was this old fellow contacting him?

Peter eventually chose to answer the call. Then, he heard Professor Eugene’s urgent voice.

“Master Peter, the S-Grade queen insect has issued an order. All the mutated creatures have been deployed.”


Peter instantly felt a chill travel down his spine.

As expected!

The S-Grade queen insect had launched an early siege on New York Base City.

Then, Peter thought of why the A-Grade queen insect he controlled had not sent him a message.

This was because the A-Grade queen insect was. too far away. Thus, its brain waves could not reach Peter.

In the end, Peter obtained the precise time when the mutant creatures would attack from Professor Eugene.

According to the current timeline, the mutant creatures would arrive at New York Base City in about half an hour.

However, it would take at least three hours for Peter to return to New York Base City in an aircraft.

What should he do!

He ran to the landing spot on the island as quickly as possible.

There were already six aircrafts parked there.

Then, Peter informed all the students to rush back as quickly as possible.

Then, Peter saw a Lieutenant Colonel get off the aircraft.

He was the captain of this aircraft squadron.

The Lieutenant Colonel looked puzzled when he saw that Peter was alone.

He had come to transport the corpses of the mutated creatures, but he didn’t see any corpses.

“General Peter, where are the corpses of the mutant creatures? Didn’t you prepare them in advance?”

Based on his understanding, Peter should have tied the corpses of the mutant creatures up in advance.

However, he didn’t see the corpse of a creature here.

However, Peter’s subsequent words frightened him.

“Hand over your command! I want to take over your flying squadron!”

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