Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction

Chapter 200 - A Sudden Event on Christmas Eve

Chapter 200 – A Sudden Event on Christmas Eve

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Peter followed Callie back to her room. He hadn’t gotten over the surprise yet. He was going to be a father.

“Callie, are you really sure? Are we going to have our own baby?”

Callie reached for Peter’s ear.

“How many times have you asked that? You haven’t stopped asking since we entered the room!”

Callie had confirmed that she was really pregnant after returning to the base city. Furthermore, it was a girl. This delighted Peter. Callie also knew that Peter liked baby girls very much.

“By the way, do you have to resolve many problems after coming back to the base city this time?”

Callie had been in the Federal Building for a long time. Thus, she had heard about the future plans of the base city. However, it was mainly about the ownership of the Mecha Warriors.

After the Federation was attacked by the mutated beasts, the status of the Mecha Warriors plummeted. The most obvious change was evident during this period, when the Mecha Academy was preparing to recruit new students for the next year. However, in the square of the base city, only a few students went to fill in their application for the Mecha College at the admission spot.

This change made the citizens of the base city realize a very realistic problem. Since the Genetic Warriors were much more useful than the Mecha Warriors in the beast attack, would the human camp not need Mecha Warriors in the future?

The people thought highly of the Federation’s decision. After all, this concerned the safety of the base city. After experiencing the beast attack, the people already felt that the safety of the base city was very unstable.

Peter stretched out his arm and pulled Callie into his arms. He had wanted Callie to run for the position of the newest President of the Federation.

However, Callie had given him a huge surprise in advance. Now that Callie was pregnant with their baby, she couldn’t run for the President of the Federation.

He had to face a very troublesome problem now. Who would run for the new President of the Federation? Peter kept seeing his familiar face in his mind.

The first person he thought of was Professor Eugene. With his qualifications, Professor Eugene was definitely qualified to run for the position of the new President of the Federation. However, he immediately rejected this idea. The reason was very simple. As the person in charge of the Genetics College, Professor Eugene had many things waiting for him to do. Furthermore, Professor Eugene was also the soul slave of the S-Grade queen insect, which was also what Peter was worried about.

After all, it was too absurd for a soul slave of a mutant creature to succeed in becoming the President of the human camp.

Locke was his last resort. However, as the soul slave of the S-Grade queen insect, Locke could not run for the President position either.

Besides Professor Eugene and Locke, there was also Barker, a Genetic General that Peter had nurtured. Most importantly, Barker was a very righteous person. Thus, Peter could consider letting him become the President.

The only thing that Peter was worried about was that Barker was too stubborn. He was the kind of person who couldn’t stand seeing anything dirty. It was good for the people in the base city for someone with such a personality to become the President, but it would be very uncomfortable for Barker himself.

In the end, Peter decided to choose Barker as a candidate for the Presidential elections.

Other than these few people, Peter didn’t have a better candidate for the time being. If that incident hadn’t happened to Anna back then, she would now be the first female President of the Federation.

“Peter, what are you thinking about? Why do I feel like you have something on your mind? Could it be because of our baby?”

Callie snuggled against Peter. She could feel that Peter was letting his thoughts run wild. However, Callie couldn’t be blamed for thinking otherwise. After all, she had only seen Peter for less than an hour.

Peter hugged Callie tightly in his arms again. He knew he owed her a lot. From Callie’s forehead, he could feel the warmth he could give her.

“Callie, don’t overthink this. I’m just thinking about the Federal candidates. My heart simply breaks when I think about you.”

It was because of Callie’s grandfather that the Federation had almost had its cities broken through by the mutated creatures. This was also Callie’s sore spot.

In the warm room, the two of them did not speak and hugged each other until night fell in the base city.

Today was Christmas eve. In the square of New York Base City, there was a spontaneous performance organized by the people. This was the first Christmas eve after the beasts attacked the city. Thus, many people who had lost their loved ones voluntarily built a platform to pay their respects in the square. The Federation also sent the upper echelons to pay their respects.

Hal had planned to go with the God of War Peter, but Peter had no intention of coming out after returning to Callie’s room. Thus, Hal could not disturb them.

At midnight, a large number of people were gathered in the square in New York Base City. Meanwhile, the National Guards who were responsible for security could only stand with the people in the cold night.

At this moment, a special formation began to gather from the southern district of the base city. This was an area filled with civilians and wanderers. A group of strong but badly dressed men were gathered together. Their identities were very special tonight.

This was because these people were all Mecha Warriors who had previously operated mechas. After experiencing the beast attack, the status of Mecha Warriors had plummeted, causing many Mecha Warriors to have difficulty surviving. Thus, they had no choice but to move from the comfortable middle-income residential area to the crowded and dilapidated civilian area.

This huge difference made the usually high and mighty Mecha Warriors unable to tolerate the change in lifestyle. However, this was not the most important thing. The final straw that broke the camel’s back was the attitude of the people of the Federation towards these Mecha Warriors.

Even though they had already moved into the civilian area, the people who had lost their families in the beast attack could not completely forgive them. Thus, there were constantly people venting their anger on them.

These Mecha Warriors were not like the Genetic Warriors, who had physical fitness that far exceeded that of humans. When Mecha Warriors operated their mechas, they were very powerful. However, once they left their mechas, they were no different from ordinary people. Thus, even if their physical fitness was slightly stronger than that of ordinary people, there was a limit.

When Christmas Eve was about to end, these former Mecha Warriors could no longer tolerate the lack of food, lack of heating equipment, and the mockery and scoldings of the surrounding people.

They had gathered together. At first, there were only a dozen people. However, as the team continued to advance, hundreds of people quickly gathered.

Furthermore, this formation was headed towards the Federal Building. When they passed through the other streets, many Mecha Warriors would join the formation.

When this formation was about to reach the square, there were already more than 2,000 people in the formation. Furthermore, the advancing formation was continuously strengthening.

At this moment, Peter was at Callie’s residence. He glanced at the time and saw that there were still two hours. Christmas Eve was about to end, and he knew that the people were gathered in the square to mourn their loved ones they had lost.

Just as Peter was wondering if he should go to the square, he received a message from Barker.

[God of War Peter, a formation of Mecha Warriors has appeared in the base city. They are about to reach the Federal Building.]

[Hal has sent out the guards to clear up this formation.]

[I also discovered that a small number of Mecha Warriors had left the formation and disappeared into an underground tunnel. I suspect that they are General David’s former trusted aides.]

Peter sat up from the sofa as soon as he saw the last message. This last message was simply too important. It meant that the hidden power that David had left in the base city was beginning to reveal itself..

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