After Being Forced to Marry a Tyrant of the Enemy Nation

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Offended The Little Tyrant

Su Nuan wanted to say that it didn’t matter what she wore, but she was really too tired and couldn’t even be bothered to speak. She wanted to use the opportunity to sleep a little more.

As she squinted her eyes, Zhen Zhu reminded her, “Your Majesty, your makeup is done. Let’s go to the library now.”

Su Nuan opened her eyes and saw sunlight shining in through the window. Her heart skipped a beat. F*ck, I’m late!

She shot up and hurried out. On the way, she asked, “What time is it?”

Su Nuan walked faster than Zhen Zhu, so the latter jogged after her and whispered, “Your Majesty, please slow down. You’re already late anyway…”

She was a punctual person and hated being late, but she was not used to waking up early for school after lazing around for a few months.

Su Nuan followed Zhen Zhu and some eunuchs to the library and saw that the Princes and Princesses were already seated neatly..

She had met the Third Prince before. When he saw her, he covered his face with a book and greeted her secretly.

The next person to greet her was the Eldest Princess, who smiled at her gently. Su Nuan was at a loss, lifting her dress as she entered. She sat behind the Eldest Princess, who had gestured for her to sit behind her.

A teacher stood frowning before her. He was past his prime, and his white beard grew to reach his chest. When he saw her, he said, “Don’t be late next time.”

Su Nuan nodded with a big smile, only to notice movement outside the door. It was Feng Junyi. He was also late today.

Feng Junyi strode in, and she immediately welcomed him with a smile. To her surprise, he sat next to her without sparing her a glance.

She did not prepare anything for this lesson. However, it was fortunate that this was the Imperial Palace, and there was no shortage of materials.

A eunuch prepared a set of books, brush, ink, paper, and inkstone for her. The teacher resumed teaching.

The oldest person in the room was the Eldest Princess. Other than the Eldest Princess, there were two other people she didn’t know. One of them was a girl who looked like she was around 12 years old. Next to her was a five-year-old boy. The little boy appeared shy and timid when he looked at her. He only took a glance before quickly behaving himself.

Su Nuan was extremely bored listening to the teacher, who was reciting classical Chinese. She tilted her head and rested on the table. She had intended to listen to the teacher in a more comfortable position like this, but she soon drifted off to sleep.

Feng Junyi was still listening to the teacher’s lecture when he caught a glimpse of Su Nuan, who had fallen asleep with her head tilted sideways.

She happened to be facing him. Her chubby little face was squished against the table. With her mouth squeezed, it looked like a little chick’s mouth. Her pink and plump lips sparkled, and when he took a closer look…

Eh? It’s saliva.

When Feng Junyi saw this, he was a little disgusted, but he also wanted to laugh. However, as the ruler of the nation, he could not express his emotions openly, so he held the laughter in.

The teacher also noticed that Su Nuan was sleeping, but there was nothing he could do about it.

He knew that she was the young Empress as he had seen her during the morning audience. The young Empress was innocent and cute. She was supposedly sent here to learn to read and write, but he knew that she was only here to make up the numbers.

But that was fine. The innocent and cute Empress reminded him of his granddaughter at home. He was in a better mood after thinking of his granddaughter.

Su Nuan slept through the class.

She only opened her eyes groggily after she felt a breath on her cheek.

She was greeted by a chubby face in front of her.

When the little boy noticed that she had opened her eyes, his mouth was slightly agape. He immediately took a step back, looking horrified.

He suddenly tripped over a table nearby and fell backward.

When Su Nuan saw that he was about to fall, she immediately rushed forward to help him. The little boy immediately turned red and quickly pushed her away as he retreated.

“Are you afraid of me?” Su Nuan blurted out.

The little boy shook his head and bowed to her politely. “You’re the Empress. Mother said that since I am an official in court, I cannot be discourteous.”

When Su Nuan heard this, she felt that it was weird for a five-year-old child to say these things.

That seasoned and mature expression was not befitting of a five-year-old.

Feeling rather amused, she said, “This isn’t the royal court, it’s the school. Why are you acting like an old man? You don’t have to be so polite when you see me here in the future.”

After she finished speaking, Feng Linche winked at her, signaling that there was someone beside her.

When the little boy noticed, he was shocked. He obediently overlapped his hands before his chest and hurried back to his seat.

She turned around and saw Feng Junyi with a dark expression.

Su Nuan realized that Feng Junyi was a little angry and immediately smiled ingratiatingly. “So there’s such a young prince in the palace. Big Brother Emperor, which palace is he from?”

“Zhaolu Palace,” Feng Junyi replied flatly.

Su Nuan thought it sounded a little familiar, and her eyebrows twitched suddenly.

Doesn’t the Eldest Princess’ mother reside in Zhaolu Palace?

It was rumored that when the Empress Dowager was still a concubine, she and Consort Xiao were already at each other’s throats.

In fact, Consort Xiao held a higher status than the current Empress Dowager because the Empress Dowager was born from a songstress. Su Nuan did not dare to ask Zhen Zhu to confirm the validity of that rumor.

It was a pity that Consort Xiao could not give birth to a prince. The Eldest Princess was her firstborn. It was said that there was fetal damage during Consort Xiao’s pregnancy, and she almost couldn’t keep her. The Eldest Princess was weak and sickly after she was born.

The other concubines were killed with the previous Emperor when he died. Even those who had given birth to princes and princesses were not spared. Thus, the two of them were the only ones who remained in this vast palace.

In reality, they were all very young. The Empress Dowager and Consort Xiao were only 35 years old this year. There would be greater disputes with more women. Su Nuan couldn’t begin to imagine how intense the fights between Consort Xiao and the other concubines were back then.

She was quite satisfied with the current situation. She was the only one in the Emperor’s harem.

Su Nuan carefully concealed the complicated emotions she was experiencing and said softly, “So you’re the Eldest Princess’s younger brother. It’s no wonder you’re so cute. Big Brother Emperor, I accidentally fell asleep during teacher’s lesson…”

Her heart was pounding against her chest. The Empress Dowager and Consort Xiao were not on good terms. Although she did not know which side the Emperor was on, she felt that it was best to change the topic.

Unexpectedly, Feng Junyi said, “In that case, copy Internal Training once when you return to your palace.”


Is he making me copy books? Seriously? What did I do to offend him?

Su Nuan couldn’t believe it. She looked at Feng Junyi and asked, “Big Brother Emperor, do I have to copy it?”

“You’ll copy it three times.”

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