A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 830 - 830 Chapter 830 finale (15)

830 Chapter 830 finale (15)


It turned out that Rong Yu was jealous. Moreover, he was jealous of his own son.

Under Gu Qingchen’s coaxing and coquettishness, Rong Yu still let Gu Qingchen take a look at the kid, and then let Butler Qin carry the kid away.

Gu Qingchen looked at her son, feeling a little pitiful.

Lying in Rong Yu’s arms, Gu Qingchen listened to Rong Yu’s heartbeat. She felt very satisfied and safe.

“How did we leave? I remember hearing the sound of an explosion,”gu Qingchen asked.

When she opened her eyes on the plane, she was woken up by the sound of the explosion.

“Lily planted explosives on the island. She had a detonator in her body, so she didn’t kill her directly. Instead, she killed her after we left.”

Gu Qingchen listened to Rong Yu’s casual words, but she was a little confused. “Why did we kill her after we left?”

Did someone stay there?

No, definitely not.

Rong Yu slightly curved his lips and drew a ruthless line. “Since she likes to hide the detonator in her body so much, I’ll get someone to install another bomb in her body.”


In other words, after they left, Rong Yu detonated the bomb in Lily’s body and killed her. Then, the detonator in Lily’s body detonated the bomb on the small island.

Therefore, that was how the explosion sound Gu Qingchen heard came about.

However, thinking about Rong Yu’s methods against Lily, it was quite ruthless. He was giving her a taste of her own medicine.

“Where’s your poison? Is it really cured?”

Although Rong Yu had already told her once, Gu Qingchen was still worried. Rong Yu nodded and kissed Gu qingchen on the forehead, “It’s done. So, dear wife, you must take good care of your body and accompany me for the rest of my life.”

Gu Qingchen smiled and nodded heavily. It was great that everything was over!

The mysterious organization that had been troubling her for a long time had finally been completely destroyed. Thinking of the mysterious organization, Gu Qingchen thought of something.

“Rong Yu, there’s something I should tell you.”


Gu Qingchen felt that she should tell Rong Yu about her rebirth. However, when she met Rong Yu’s eyes, she did not know why she did not want to tell him.

Yes, Rong Yu had experienced the moment when he almost lost her. It was not easy for her to wake up, so why would she say something that would make Rong Yu scared at this time.

Seeing that Gu Qingchen did not speak for a long time, Rong Yu pinched Gu Qingchen’s nose and said, “What do you want to say?”

Gu qingchen shook her head, “Nothing. I will tell you in ten years.”

Yes, she would tell him after ten years. At that time, if she was not reborn again, she would tell Rong Yu.

Rong Yu did not force Gu Qingchen. Whenever Gu Qingchen wanted to tell him, he would be by Gu Qingchen’s side.

After that, Gu Qingchen asked her about her friends. Rong Yu patiently told Gu Qingchen. Gu Qingchen listened to Rong Yu as if she was listening to a story. Rong Yu slowly told her about the time when she was away, what happened around her.

Listening to Rong Yu’s description, Gu Qingchen suddenly felt that although she was not here, after listening to it, it was as if she had seen it with her own eyes.

Nestled in the arms of such a man, she would not feel bored for a day, a year, or even ten years.

The spring breeze blew ten miles, and ten years passed in the blink of an eye.

“Rong Chen, our composition is my mother. Look at what you have written!”

In the classroom, there were rows and rows of students. Every student was wearing a uniform. Only Rong Chen’s uniform was worn inside out.

This was his usual style. The reason was simple. Rong Chen said that this uniform was too ordinary and that it would be better if it was worn inside out. Thus, there was only one Rong Chen in the entire school who wore the uniform inside out.

In the end, unexpectedly, many students began to follow the trend. They imitated Rong Chen’s attire and felt that it was a trend.

Rong Chen’s homeroom teacher was the most powerful homeroom teacher in the entire school, and only the students in his class did not dare to imitate Rong Chen. They only dared to silently admire the school uniform that was worn inside out.

“Mr. Meng, I’m naturally writing about my mother.”

Mr. Meng facepalmed. She really had no way of dealing with this student.

Mr. Meng held Rong Chen’s composition in his hand. He glanced at it and said, “To be able to turn my mother into a fantasy novel, you can be considered the first person since ancient times! What does it mean that your mother was reborn? What does it mean that your mother has a superpower? Does your mother know that you wrote this? !”

Rong Chen stood there and said without batting an eyelid, “Yes.”


Mr. Meng was so angry that he nearly vomited blood. “I think you’ve read too many novels! Rewrite it!”

Rong Chen frowned slightly, “Teacher, if you want me to go to du Niang and randomly search for an article to copy, I’m more willing to insist on being original. “Moreover, this is the story my mother told me. Even if I’ve read too many novels, it’s because my mother has read too many.”


Mr. Meng vomited three liters of blood again.

“Rong Chen, ask your parents to come to school tomorrow. I think I need to meet your parents to discuss your education.”

Rong Chen nodded and said, “Mr. Meng, please tell my mother to stop poisoning my sister with her novels and stories.”. “My sister is still young, and she keeps asking me when she will be reborn. I am very worried about this.”


Mr. Meng felt that he was becoming anemic.

Should she look for Rong Chen’s parents? Mr. Meng was actually a little hesitant. Holding Rong Chen’s composition in her hand, she looked troubled.

If it weren’t for the fact that Rong Chen’s IQ was 197, she really didn’t want this troublesome student.

Outside the classroom, Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu, who were inspecting the school, were led by the principal. The principal was a little embarrassed. Others might not know about Rong Chen’s identity, but the principal did.

Hearing Mr. Meng’s words, the principal felt that his forehead was covered in sweat. He prayed that Mr. Meng would speak less.

Gu Qingchen tilted her head and looked at Rong Yu. “What do you think this kid is planning?”

Rong Yu still looked at Rong Chen with disdain. “He thinks he’s smart and doesn’t want to go to school.”

Gu Qingchen nodded. Of course, she could see through Rong Chen’s thoughts. It was normal for Rong Yu to see through Rong Chen’s thoughts.

Therefore, Gu Qingchen sighed. “Sigh! It seems that our son’s IQ is still too low.”

So low that he did not know that his parents had already seen through his little thoughts.

When the principal heard this, he was really speechless. He felt that this family was all non-human and could not think through their thoughts in a human way.

A 197 IQ was too low. It was really unreasonable.

After school, Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu picked up Rong Chen. The family of three walked on the road, forming a beautiful scenery.

The Sun was setting. The Shadows of the three of them were intertwined.

“Let’s see who is the first to arrive at Rong Xiaomei’s kindergarten and the last to wash the dishes!”

Gu Qingchen suddenly opened her mouth and ran away. Fortunately, the kindergarten was not far away and was only at the corner of the street.

Rong Yu did whatever his wife said, so only Rong Chen looked at his parents helplessly.

Only they could do such a boring thing.

However, although it was boring, Rong Chen still ran away, thinking that he did not want to wash the dishes, did not want to wash the dishes, did not want to wash the dishes!

The three of them briskly ran towards their beloved Rong Xiaomei.

Rong Xiaomei, we’re here..

(end of story)

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