A Sweet Marriage Is Worth Billions: Mysterious Young Master Moh's Cute and Sweet Wife

Chapter 8 - Is He in Love With Her?

Chapter 8: Is He in Love With Her?

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After being pushed away, Shen Ziqian panted heavily in fury, and her chest heaved continuously. She stood up and cat walked over before throwing her arms around him from behind.

“Qiang, are you truly in love with her?”

“No way. She’s not on your level. I will never lower myself to love someone like her,” Mo Yongqiang said in a deep voice despite his frustration.

Shen Ziqian’s eyes glinted in victory and arrogance when she heard his words.

“If so, how about we get married?” she said charmingly and bent to kiss his back, but he pushed her away in irritation.

He walked to the side and lit a cigar before taking a vicious pull on it. “Get married?”

Looking at him, Shen Ziqian was more determined to marry him.

So long as she defeated Shen Chengjing, everything would be fine.

Besides, she had talked to her father last night at home. Once she married Mo Yongqiang, they would be on the same boat. She would be Mrs. Mo, and Shen Chengjing would be in no position to compete with her.

Last night, she and her father discussed this situation. They would be merciless if Shen Chengjing didn’t listen to them docilely. Other than the plan of getting Shen Chengjing’s properties after she married Mo Yongqiang, they thought of a better solution. Therefore, she didn’t need to use Mo Yongqiang as a chess piece in her plan.

“Get married? I’ll marry you after my career gets on track,” Mo Yongqiang said in a deep voice that was devoid of any emotions.

For some reason, he kept remembering the scene when Shen Chengjing turned away from him.

“Are you thinking of Shen Chengjing? Don’t forget that she cheated on you with another man but refuses to sleep with you! We’ve been together secretly for so long, and I’m tired. If you don’t marry me, I’ll consider breaking up with you,” Shen Ziqian said quietly; she felt so frustrated and wronged that she squatted down and cried with her arms around her head.

She mentioned that incident on purpose. As expected, Mo Yongqiang’s expression changed drastically.

That video he received had blurry images, but he didn’t doubt the sender’s words when this person said that the woman in it was Shen Chengjing. He had been respectful to her in the past year, but she had cheated him. At this thought, he hated her more than ever.

“If you can arrange it so that I could sleep with her for one night, I’ll marry you,” he said greedily. After all, he had been Shen Chengjing’s boyfriend for more than one year.

Shen Ziqian’s expression changed a little as she clenched her fists. But after thinking about the title of Mrs. Mo, she could only suppress her frustration.

The College of Arts in A City was full of talented and good-looking young people, and it was the entrance to the entertainment industry. For outsiders, this was a paradise and a place to make big money. But for most of the students, it was a living hell with many unspoken rules.

“Shen Chengjing, how come you are only here now? The director has been waiting for you,” the mentor hurried over to her and said while pushing his glasses up on his nose.

“Something came up and delayed me. I’m going over now,” she said with a little panting.

Thinking back to Mo Yongqiang and Shen Ziqian’s astonishment when she burned those gifts, she was in a great mood now.

Humming a tune, she ran toward the rehearsal room.

It was quiet inside the rehearsal room with only the director in it. In the dim light, the atmosphere felt eerie. Shen Chengjing inhaled deeply.

“Director, I’m Shen Chengjing. Did you ask me for the audition?”

“Chengjing, you’re finally here. Come on and get changed. I’m busy with another audition this afternoon,” the director said and gave her a few pieces of clothes. “Put these on.”

Shen Chengjing smiled and pouted her red lips. “Okay. I’ll do it now.”

“Where are you going? I’m in a rush. You can change clothes right here.” When she turned around to leave the room, the director walked up and blocked her way.

“Right here? It doesn’t look right,” Shen Chengjing blinked and asked with a faint smile.

“Not right? Do you think I have other intentions?” Displeased, the director grabbed the clothes from her hands and shook them out.

She was stupefied. What clothes were these? Then,she looked back at his fat face and felt sick.

“Director, I thought it was a teen drama, not a role like this. Maybe you got the wrong person for this audition?” Shen Chengjing curled her lips and thought that this might be the case.

“You’re only a student who is about to graduate; do you think you have the power to pick roles? One word from me, and you’ll never get any roles in the entertainment industry,” Lin Hong said in a deep tone as he looked at her with lust and greed in his eyes.

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