You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 557 (In Imminent Danger)

Chapter 557 (In Imminent Danger)


Qing Ya's painful wailing stopped, causing Ye Hua's gaze to freeze. Did she give birth?

The door to the bedroom suddenly opened, and Qing Yutong walked out with a serious expression. "Brother-in-law."

"What's wrong? Did my wife give birth?" Ye Hua asked excitedly. He didn't expect that there could be something in this world that would make him so nervous.

"My sister..." Qing Yutong's eyes turned red as she spoke.

Seeing Qing Yutong like this, Ye Hua rushed into the bedroom. He saw all the women present constantly delivering spiritual energy to Qing Ya, who was still lying in bed with a big belly wrapped in a thick aura.

"What's going on!" Ye Hua shouted, his eyes shining with red light.

Wei Chang and the others felt that Your Honor was very unstable, so they also rushed in. When they saw their lady lying in bed, being fed spiritual energy, they were a bit surprised. How could giving birth become like this? This shouldn't be happening!

Donghuang Baizhi's face looked particularly heavy as she said in a deep voice, "Ye Hua, the child... the child is absorbing Qing Ya's spiritual energy!!!"

Ye Hua was stunned!

"Why is this happening!?" Ye Hua angrily questioned. How could a good child absorb its mother's spiritual energy?

Donghuang Baizhi said in a low voice, "I originally thought it was just a legend, but I didn't expect it to be true! When a child of the Nuwa clan is born, it will absorb all of its mother's spiritual energy and become the next Nuwa. And the mother will age rapidly... then..."

Donghuang Baizhi didn't finish her words. The cost of giving birth in the Nuwa clan was one life for another.

But no one expected it to be true, and everyone was careless.

However, Ye Hua also underestimated the huge bloodline power of the child. He not only had Ye Hua's bloodline, but also his mother's bloodline. The combination of the two would make the amount of absorbed spiritual energy even greater. Therefore, spiritual energy had to be delivered to Qing Ya urgently, or the child would unwittingly kill her.

Of course, this was not the child's intention. It was the bloodline that was causing this, and the child saw its mother in so much pain that it wanted to share the burden, but its body couldn't help but absorb.

Ye Hua took a deep breath, and his hands emitted a golden light. A huge spiritual pressure instantly spread and rushed into Qing Ya's delicate body.

Qing Ya suddenly glowed with golden light, and the wrinkles on her forehead gradually relaxed.

But, the delicate golden light disappeared at an eye-blurring speed, and Qing Ya's elegant eyebrows furrowed again.

The crowd was shocked!

The suction speed had reached a terrifying level, even the magic cast by Your Honor was sucked away!

Wei Chang and the others standing behind couldn't believe it. What kind of child was in Madam's belly? This was too terrifying!

Ye Hua was unwilling, and a golden light condensed in his left hand, while his right hand emitted a strange color that was blue and green, like fire but without heat.

However, Ye Hua's expression tightened as he melted the golden light into the strange color in his right hand. Suddenly, three colors emerged, and a fierce aura spread out, causing Wei Chang to immediately isolate the room from the outside.

Ye Hua pushed the strange substance in his hand towards Qing Ya's body.

With a soft "pu" sound.

The three colors covered Qing Ya's delicate body like smoke. Qing Ya's face gradually relaxed, as if she had been soothed!

However, Wei Chang and others behind were shocked. Couldn't Your Honor solve it? Could only soothe it?

Ye Hua's eyes were sharp as he stared at Qing Ya on the bed, as well as the child in her belly. How could this be?

The combination of Nuwa's bloodline and his own was so terrifying that he couldn't control it, he could only delay the speed of being sucked away!

There were actually things that his original body couldn't do in this world!

This effect was already beyond Ye Hua's control range. The fusion of the two bloodlines was terrifying.

Fortunately, the Donghuang bloodline was not so domineering and did not have to absorb the mother's spiritual powers to inherit.

No! There are still many elixirs in his ring.

"Ye Hua..." Qing Ya on the bed softly called out, and her slender palm slowly lifted up, her beautiful eyes looking at the panicked man.

This was the first time Ye Hua had seen himself in such a panic, without that calmness.

Ye Hua's mouth twitched, as if he wanted to smile and comfort Qing Ya, but he couldn't even force a smile.

"It's okay, take these pills, you'll be fine soon." Ye Hua handed over the god-element pill, life-prolonging pill, mixed-element ten-thousand-year pill, nine-heavens revitalizing dew, and other auxiliary pills.

But these things could only delay the problem and couldn't solve it.

Qing Ya obediently ate this and felt much better.

"Ye Hua, no matter what, protect our child, okay... that's my only request." At this moment, Qing Ya looked particularly weak, her beautiful eyes devoid of their usual color, and with a resolute plea.

When Ye Hua had just come in, Qing Ya's face was as white as a sheet of paper. Despite going through years of bloodshed, Ye Hua had never been afraid before, but this time he was truly scared โ€” scared of losing Qing Ya!

Ye Hua looked at Qing Ya's large belly in silence. Now he could only save one, either the mother or the child!

Seeing her husband's hesitant gaze, Qing Ya felt heartbroken. In fact, she knew what the situation was, but for the sake of her child, Qing Ya was willing to make sacrifices. After all, what mother doesn't love her child?

"Ye Hua, I haven't been listening to you all this time. Let me not listen to you for the last time, okay..."

Ye Hua held Qing Ya's bloodless slender hand and said in a deep voice, "Don't say anymore. I'll find a way. From now on, you must listen to me. I'll make decisions for you!"

"That little brat, if he comes out, I'm going to spank him to death!!"

"Ye Hua, that's our child. You can't hit him," Qing Ya smiled softly, and the suppressed atmosphere eased a bit.

Suddenly, the colorful mist swirling around Qing Ya was absorbed again at a jaw-dropping speed, and Qing Ya's face instantly began to look painful.

"Ye Hua, is there any other way? This can't go on!" Donghuang Baizhi anxiously shouted. The speed of absorption was too fast! This child was too terrifying.

Donghuang Li, standing aside, even cried, slowly walking to the bedside and softly saying, "Little brother, don't keep sucking on Aunt Qing anymore. If you need to suck, suck on your sister instead."

Sure enough, Donghuang Li's words made the little guy calm down a bit, and the speed of absorption slowed down.

Ye Hua grabbed his hair and looked very irritable.

"Your Honor, I have a way!" Jue Tian suddenly spoke up!


Jue Tian said in a low voice, "Your Honor, do you remember the Fa Lian Overlord?" [The name fวŽ liรกn can be interpreted as "Lotus of the Law" or "Lotus of Buddhist Teaching". It is a name that is often given to girls and has a spiritual and meaningful connotation.]

Ye Hua's gaze focused, and he bellowed, "Explain!"

"The Fa Lian Overlord has a lotus flower. It was said that it can produce all things in the world and can also eliminate the side effects of the bloodline. But this Fa Lian Overlord..." Jue Tian did not continue.

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